About me

I’m AnnInWonderland and I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since WoD. I’m on Aggramar (EU).

My main is a female Kul Tiran mage Anniy, Archmage, Farmer, Kingslayer, heroine of the Alliance and a total badass, who dies quite a lot but doesn’t really mind. That’s what the spirit healers are for.

If you start WoW now, you have an unlimited amount of content to experience (well, not unlimited, but it definitely seems like that). I’m a bit of an achievement hunter (and that might be a bit of an understatement..) and I want to get as much of them done as I can. So I think I’ll be finished with everything sometime around 2030..

My favourite thing to do in WoW is.. well.. it changes. The first few months, it was questing. I took a long time to level my mage, often stopped getting XP to finish a zone and I almost got Loremaster of Eastern Kingdom done in the process. I also had times when I really enjoyed dungeons, daily quests, mount farming, reputation grinds and even PvP and pet battling and most recently, mythic+ dungeons.

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