The shield.. Must..have..the shield..

I got the Draenor Curator achievement for finding all pristine versions of Draenor solves!

I know a lot of people hate archeology but I enjoy it. It´s an easy thing to do when I want to play but I´m too tired to do anything that requires thinking or planning or meeting other people. I don´t have all the MoP achievements yet so I´m usually digging in Pandaria and I rarely meet any other players there.

I got most of the Draenor Curator still in WoD and I was only missing the Pristine Gladiator´s Shield. It was frustrating. I didn´t want to spend more time digging on Draenor because the ogre digsites weren´t appearing for me often so I decided to dig in Pandaria and use the RestoredArtifacts to buy ogre fragments.

When Legion came, I didn´t have time for archeology because I was too busy enjoying new content. Things eventually calmed down and sometime around the beginning of December, I was back on Pandaria, digging for a several hours a week and buying Crates of Ogre Archaeology Fragments and still no pristine gladiator´s shield. I looked it up on Wowhead to see if I was doing something wrong. Nope, I just needed to keep trying. I even made a ticket to make sure it wasn´t bugged. Nope, I just needed to keep trying.

I don´t know the exact number but it must have been more than 400 crates until I finally got the pristine gladiator´s shield. There was some strong language. A lot of it. For several hours. I usually don´t mind when achievements take long to finish (they´re called achievements for a reason) but the RNG can be frustrating when I´m only missing one solve for months. Stuff of nightmares..

I really like archeology in Legion. You get rare solves by completing a quest every two weeks. They require you to dig but they don´t take too long (well, that´s how I feel but I got the Draenor Curator which took forever so.. other people might have a different opinion). I´m not very lucky when it comes to previous rare solves so I appreciate this. Some people say that it takes away the sense of accomplishment and exclusivity (one of the rares is a very cool mount) but I´m not competitive and I don´t feel the need to prove all the hours I put into this profession. If more people have a cool mount and it makes them happy, I´m happy for them!

Even Legion Curator is much less pain than the previous achievements for pristine solves. There´s only 15 of them, 5 for each race, and I already have 9 just from doing the quests for rare solves. And you can target them better because you can only dig for one race every two weeks so you´re not getting fragments  for a race you don´t need. It´s a good system. Good job, Blizz!

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