Advantages and disadvantages of being a new player

WoW is a huge game with a lot of options and many, many years of content and if you start playing now, it can be really hard.

Other players have memories of Vanilla questing, their first time flying on Outland, running Karazhan, killing the Lich King, being annoyed with Thrall for stealing the Deathwing kill,  being stuck in Siege of Orgrimmar for months, being stuck in their garrisons for months and as a new player, I´m sitting there thinking “That all sounds so awesome! I wish I was there with you!” But I wasn´t. For most of that time, I didn´t have my own computer or knew English well enough to play the game properly. Even when I was an adult, it took me some time to be able to pay the subscription (when you´re a librarian in a post-communist country and you pay for something in £ or $, it can be expensive).

I can´t ever catch up to people who´ve been playing longer than me. I hear about people getting achievements for collecting 300 mounts and I have “only” 123. I´m working on What a Long, Strange Trip It´s Been and barely anyone is doing the achievements required. If there was a new reward added in the last few years, people are doing some of the things, but for you, it means you´re not able to get all the rewards in one year.

Basically, I feel lonely. I listen to podcasts, read blogs, talk to people but how many times have you heard someone say “Hi, I´m XY and I´ve been playing since WoD”? I´m sure there are people like that but I´ve never met one. To be honest, I´ve never really looked for them but it feels like we don´t exist. Other players don´t realise we exist which sucks sometimes, I even made a forum post about it (and got lovely responses).

It does have its advantages though.

I don´t get nostalgic. I´m not stuck in the past that probably wasn´t as good as people say it was. Nostalgia is evil and I think it keeps some of the veterans from enjoying the game now. I also don´t get salty about things like class changes because I´ve only played my class in two expansions. Part of it is my personality but I´m more flexible because I don´t compare latest class changes to all previous versions of a class. (I want to see myself in five years. I´m sure I´ll be making forum posts like “bring 7.1 arcane mage back!” because that´s what us people are. But for now, I can work with whatever Blizz gives me.)

I´m not saying the game is perfect now but overall, I believe it´s better because Blizz had years to learn how to make a great game. Not enough quests for leveling in a zone? No transmog? No flying on Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor? Mounts in bags? Nope. All fixed before I started playing.

I don´t get bored. I have only 50% of achievements points so it will take me years to finish everything I want. And it´s not just the boring stuff, like 94 days of doing daily quests in Argent Tournament just for the mounts (I did the math, I really need to spend 94 days in that place). I don´t even have Loremaster yet. There´s so much content in Pandaria I´ve never experienced! And that´s just one class on the Alliance side. So many things to do, so little time.. But I´ll get them done all eventually. At least the fun things 🙂


3 thoughts on “Advantages and disadvantages of being a new player

  1. Hi, I’m Zee and I’ve been playing only since Cata. Regardless of how long or how short you’ve been playing, it’s always awesome to find players who love this game (and there’s huge love there if you’re blogging).

    Are you playing on EU or US realms? I read through your posts and didn’t seeyou mention it but I might have missed it?

    Looking forward to reading more of your adventures 🙂


  2. Hi Zee, I´ve been reading your blog for a while 🙂 I´m on EU, I should add that somewhere, thanks for mentioning that..And welcome to my blog 🙂



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