All the mounts!

I was playing a lot this week and I got cool stuff 🙂

I´ve been doing the Argent Tournament dailies and I finally had enough Champion´s Seal for a mount. I got Quel’dorei Steed. There´s a funny discussion on Wowhead page if it´s a unicorn or not. Someone called it “bicorn” which is either funny play on words or bisexual corn, whatever that would be.. Anyway, it´s pretty and I like it. I can´t ever have enough horses, with or without horns. Those dailies are getting really boring so I´ll probably get one more mount from there and have a break, at least for a few weeks.



I also finished The Molten Front Offensive (another daily quest hub) and got Flameward Hippogryph. It´s slightly on fire. If I ever switch spec from arcane to fire, this will be my favourite mount. Those dailies are not that bad but I´m still glad I don´t need to go back there. At least for now, there´s more to get.



I think I was the only player who didn´t have Azure Water Strider but I finally got around to finishing rep with The Anglers and bought it. Nat Pagle still thinks I´m a stranger though. He´s a bit stupid. Why were you in my garrison for months if you don´t know me? Someone should teach him about stranger danger.



Another great thing that happened was The Prestige. I reached Prestige level 1, level 50 and got a quest that sent me to the Stormwind Keep. There were leaders of Alliance and other important lore characters and Anduin had a lovely speech about me and everyone cheered for me and it was very heartwarming. I have a huge crush on Anduin which made the whole experience the best things ever! It felt so rewarding. Now I want to go and grind more prestige levels. Genn Greymane wasn´t there which is ironic because he gives the PvP WQs where I kill Undead and get a lot of honor. I should look up where he is now and report on my progress.

The achievement also gave me a new skin for Aluneth, my artifact weapon. It looks like someone took the base skin and smashed it on the ground. Very fitting for a PvP look.



Patch 7.1.5 came and slightly changed my gameplay. I was worried but it´s actually not that bad and I´m already getting used to it. And I feel stronger which is always nice.

You can now buy a new pet from Conjurer Margoss, Trashy, so I have my own raccoon. Hopefully, it won´t smell too bad. But it´s really cute so I´m keeping it anyway.



I also ran Stonecore about 30 times to try and get the Vitreous Stone Drake from Slabhide. You can farm it on normal but I keep getting the “You have entered too many instances recently” error which is annoying. I´ll keep trying and maybe I´ll tell you how I got it next week 🙂


2 thoughts on “All the mounts!

  1. Wow.. all the mounts is not wrong… grats 🙂

    I absolutely love the Quel’dorei steed and it kills me Horde can’t get it.. especially as blood elves are also decendants of the Quel’dorei!

    And huge grats on your pvp progress, that’s awesome! Z only just got level 25 so a long way to go.

    What an awesome week 🙂

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    • Horde can´t get it? That sucks, it´s so pretty!
      Thanks 🙂 I´m enjoying PvP atm but it definitely takes time. Good luck on your progress 🙂

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