Saddles, pet battles and healing

After last week, I had 142 mounts. So close! I went through my helpful speadsheet to see how I could quickly get eight mounts. Guess how many mounts you can buy from Kurenai at exalted? Yep, eight. And I was already at revered. After that, you get rep for killing ogres and collecting their warbeads, 500 rep for 10 and they have about 50% drop chance. It took me about three hours and I spent some of that time helping low level players with the arena that’s nearby. So I got Oh My, Kurenai and We’re Going to Need More Saddles! And this beauty, Jade Pandaren Kite.


It felt so great! And I was tired so I took it slow for the next few days. I still managed to get a lot done though.

On Thursday, it was Hatching of the Hippogryphs micro-holiday so I picked my hatchling and spent a few hours flying around Azeroth, showing the hatchling our beatiful world and doing Field Photographer. I don’t really like the S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera and the way my character looks while taking selfies but I wanted the achievement so I just went with it.

Here is me and my hatchling in Karazhan.


Here we are in old Dalaran listening to shouting Rhonin.hatchlingdala

And this is me accidentally electrocuting my hatchling by arcane power. Disclaimer: no animal was hurt while taking this selfie.


I also did the second wing of Nighthold on LFR and got Royal Athenaeum. Star Augur Etraeus is a very interesting fight. And I always wonder if you can fall off the platform and die but I obviously don’t want to try..


I went to a random store in Dalaran to sell some crap from my bags and someone opened a secret door and disappeared in a corridor. I had no idea this was in game. It looked so cool! I like finding little things like that.


I’ll need a few 25 level pets to raise my felcosaur hatchlings into mounts so I did some pet battling. I’d only done maybe ten or fifteen before. I went and got a few easy achievements:

Take ‘Em All On!, Local Pet Mauler, Battle Master, Taming Eastern Kingdoms, Going to Need More Traps, That Was Close!, Taming the Great Outdoors, Taming Outland, Outland Tamer, Northrend Tamer, Traveling Pet Mauler, High Quality, Eastern Kingdoms Tamer

They are quite fun with Battlestar Galactica on the other half of the screen.


I’ve been wanting to try healing for a while time and today I finally got my courage up. Aniy, my 105 lvl paladin, has recently got her healing weapon so I put some AP in it, watched a guide on youtube, downloaded and set up Healbot and queued into a normal dungeon. I was scared sh*tless.

First dungeon was Halls of Valor. I wanted to type a warning that I was new and to please go slow but the tank just charged ahead. I should’ve known. I made a macro for that later. It went quite well. I’m sure I wasn’t using the right spells at the right time but we made it. One person died when they accidentally pulled mobs, the tank didn’t noticed, went ahead and pulled a boss so I went to heal the tank. I don’t know what’s the right thing to do in this situation but I can’t be at two places at the same time so I don’t think it was my fault. And no one said anything, we killed the boss, resurrected the poor dead played and finished the dungeon.

Second dungeon was Darkheart Thicket. The tank was going very quickly and it was very stressful. But we were doing well. I died at the evil dragon boss, that’s an awful fight. But they managed to kill it anyway so it didn’t matter.

Eye of Azshara was quite fun. We didn’t have the best damage so we went slowly but the tank was strong so we finished it eventually.

And Neltharion’s Lair was a piece of cake. I got grouped up with a guild group and they were overpowered af.. They were actually three 110lvl demon hunters helping a fourth level quickly. Everything was dying almost immediately. No healing was needed so I tried DPSing as a holy paladin.

I’m very happy. Now I know that I can heal normal dungeons with good groups. It’s a nice start 🙂 And I think I deserve this:


If you couldn’t play your main anymore, what class would you be?

Lovely ladies Z and Cinder are doing a blog challenge and anyone can join! Topic of week 8 was “If you couldn’t play your main anymore, what class would you be?” You can find other people’s posts on their websiteThis is an older topic but it’s an interesting one so I wanted to go back to it.

My main is a mage and that class is perfect for me. There’s arcane magic, books, knowledge, interesting lore characters like Aegwynn, Jaina, Khadgar, Medivh… I grew up on Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia and other fantasy books and I always wanted to be a witch.

But it’s not all epic and serious, we also get a lot of fun and goofiness and characters like Mllhouse Manastorm. WoW and especially Legion with so much of characters dying can get sad and grave and I need to keep my spirits up somehow. Transforming someone into a sheep really helps. That’s not the topic though so let’s go through all the classes and see which one I like the most.

As a new-ish player, I haven’t tried all classes yet so my decision comes to class fantasy (or as I see class fantasy without ever playing them) and some other random things. My main has always been my mage so this is mostly about just leveling them and then seeing if I like them on end-game content. They are somewhat listed by the likeness of me ever playing them.

Warlocks – They’re too evil. All those demons and draining souls don’t appeal to me. And having a succubus? No, thanks.

Priests – I wouldn’t be able to level a character only in a healing spec and I have mental health issues so the idea of playing shadow with “insanity” as a resource is a big nope for me.

Warriors – I might be unfair to poor warriors but they seem boring. Just hitting things with a huge weapon is not enough for me.

Hunters – I feel bad for killing cute animals in game, I couldn’t play someone whose class fantasy is all about that.

Demon Hunters – They seem too serious. All that “I’ve sacrifised everything” makes me roll my eyes. I know Legion is a huge threat but I’ve always managed to fight off bad people and still make it back home to Stormwind for dinner with my lovely Anduin. I’m too cynical. And a lot of people who like demon hunters have a huge lore crush on Illidan. I don’t have that. He’s an interesting character for sure, but not my favourite.

Druids – Meh. They seem interesting but I can’t think of a particular reason to play one.

Shamans – I know a few shamans in the WoW community and they are the nicest people out there (/wave Cinder). I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence but it’s interesting. As a class, I never found shamans to be very interesting. Splashing water on people to heal them is hilarious though.

Paladins – They’re too epic and good. All that kneeling and Light and sun shining into their epic class hall just makes me yawn. Again, I’m cynical, I know, but I need something fun and paladins are too serious. I have a 103 level paladin alt and I enjoy playing her but the class fantasy is not my favourite.


See? It’s epic! Is it fun though? Not really.

Monks – I have a baby human monk for vegetarian leveling and I think I’ll enjoy playing her. For some reason, I feel like I’m whitewashing/humanwashing monks by playing a human though. Hopefully, I’ll get used to it.

Rogues – I’m really bad at melee so playing a rogue is not easy for me but I want to learn. I think I’d enjoy being sneaky and stabby.

Death Knights – Leveling one is on my list. I’ve heard a few things about their class campaign and it seemed very interesting. They also have a great survivability which I sometimes miss on my squishy mage. They are a little evil but not as much as warlocks. I think.

Well, I didn’t expect to end up with melee classes but somehow, it happened. And now I want to go and level a DK. Fortunately, it’s almost weekend!















Dig! Dig! Dig!

It happened. Finally. The quests we’ve all been waiting for since Legion launched. The Right Path and Laying to Rest, which reward.. *drumroll*

Spirit of Eche’ro!


You need to get 600 Bone Fragments of Eche’ro by digging in Highmountain which took me less than 2 hours. I think I was lucky because it took some people longer. On Wednesday, a lot of people were doing it so I didn’t even need to kill mobs on the digsites. When you’re finished with that, you observe a burial ceremony for Eche’ro,  Huln Highmountain’s mount and companion, and then he joins you as a spirit. It was very pretty. I’m so excited to finally have it!

I also got A Keen Eye for obtaining all rare archeology finds and last two pristine Highmountain solves I needed for Legion Curator. I’m only missing two Demonic ones. I need to finish No Stone Unturned too by completing 69 more Legion digsites but there are some archeology changes in 7.2 so I’ll probably wait.

I was holding on to Restored Artifact boxes in case I need them for any of the quests but they’re all done now so I used them for Pandaria archeology. I’m still missing Collector: Pearls of Yu’lon (need 2 more) and The Seat of Knowledge (need pristine Pearl of Yu’lon). Pearls are a girl’s best friend now.

I got Off the Top Rook and I don’t need to do that awful world quest ever again. Thank Gods! Bareback Brawl is not that bad but it wasn’t up very often lately so I got Saddle Sore later than the others. But it’s all done now and I have Free For All, More For Me and the gorgeous Prestigious War Mount with it!


I still can’t believe I’m doing PvP and even getting rewards for it. Legion changed my playstyle so much!

I’m getting quite a lot of gold from class hall missions so I decided to spend some. I’m poor now but I have Grand Expedition Yak achievement and a yak! I should get the Portable Yak Wash to keep it clean when the MoP timewalking is up.

The vendor also sells two other mounts I didn’t have, only for 3k each. I always feel silly when I find a mount I could’ve owned for months so I decided to do something about it. Reins of Azeroth have a very helpful spreadsheet with all the mounts on their website (I think only some new Legion mounts are missing). I made a copy, went through it and deleted mounts I already have or can’t get anymore. This way, I know which raids and dungeons I should run and which reputations to prioritize. It will help a lot. Thank you, Reins!

I also bought Mosshide Riverwallow, Shadowmane Charger and Stormpike Battle Charger (this one comes with an achievement as a bonus). I’ve run out of gold but I’ll get it back eventually. I have 143 mounts now so I’m itching to get to 150.

I finally decided to get the Falcosaur pets and start raising them. I’ve managed to complete the first quests to battle critters all around Broken Isles and now I’m doing world quests with them. I only do the PvP WQs these days so it will take me a while.

I played Heroes of the Storm for the promotion mount. I didn’t hate it but I’m glad it’s over and I have my flame kitty.


I’m still running the love dungeon. I got Love Boat on Saturday so at least I don’t need to do the dailies anymore, they were getting slightly boring. I’m sure Anduin doesn’t need more bracelets. He knows I love him even if I don’t bring him gifts. I mean.. love and respect him as my king and commander. I definitely do not have a huge crush on him. I also do not write any fan fiction about him and my character. Nope.

Showing off my alts

Lovely ladies Z and Cinder are doing a blog challenge and anyone can join! This weeks topic is “Show off your alts”. You can find other people’s thoughts and alts on their website.

My main is Anniy, a human mage, and I do everything on her, but I have a few alts.

My only Horde toon is Enniy, undead mage. She was my lvl100 boost and the only thing I did with her was the Broken Shore scenario, right after I finished it on the Alliance side. I had to see if Horde was really evil or if they had a good reason for abandoning us. It turned out they weren’t evil but my king was still dead so in the end, it didn’t really matter to me that much. I want to take her to Stormheim but I’m still busy on my main. My plan for 2019 is to get Loremaster on her to see all the stories from the Horde side (my WoW plans for 2017 and 2018 are already full, mostly because I give myself a lot of time to finish everything I want to do and failing plans stresses me out).

She doesn’t have a lot of clothes in her wardrobe and I couldn’t make her look pretty so I just made her look awful and green. Sorry, Enniy.


My second highest toon is Aniy, draenei retribution paladin. She was my lvl90 boost and I leveled her through WoD by only doing dungeons and bonus objectives. She’s done some leveling in Legion and she’s 101 now. I want to level her eventually to see the paladin order hall campaign. I chose a paladin because they can tank and heal too. I doubt I’ll ever try tanking but I want to try healing, at least in normal dungeons . We’ll see if I’m any good at that.


I always liked gnome rogues (cute but deadly) so I got Gannyi. She’s still a baby (lvl25) but I quite enjoy playing her in dungeons so she’ll get leveled one day. And I want to try PvP because rogue is the most annyoing class in bgs to play against. I’m not good at melee even in PvE so I think I’ll suck but it could be fun.


A friend rolled a new character a few months ago and asked me if I wanted to level with him. He’s a gnome warlock so I got Hanniy, a gnome hunter, lvl40. We don’t have time for them now but we’ll probably get back to them at the end of Legion, if there’s some time before a new expac. I love her mechanical bunny. Our corgis are also keeping us company so we’re quite a big group. We kill mobs mostly with our cuteness.


I recently rolled a new character because I wanted to try something. WoW has a lot of incredibly cute animals and you often have to kill them for quests. I realise that they’re just pixels and not real animals, of course, but it still makes me sad sometimes. So I came up with “vegetarian leveling.” This character will not kill animals.

I didn’t want to determine what counts as “animal” (because for example murlocs don’t seem very intelligent when you first meet them but in Legion, we found out they get married! I don’t want to kill some murloc’s husband or wife) so she’s allowed to kill only playable races, both players and mobs.

It’s a not a challenge like Iron, Pacifist and Bloodthirsty, so she’s wearing normal gear (no heirlooms though) and dying as much as she wants. Dungeons are allowed in theory but I don’t know if there’s a lot of dungeons where you only kill playable races, I’ll need to do some research. Battlegrounds are allowed too but again, only those where you don’t kill anyone who’s not a playable race. I’m still finalising the rules so this all might change a bit.

I imagine she’ll get leveled mostly by bgs, professions (mining and herbalism) and occasional quests (if they don’t have any evil prerequisites). I want to write posts about her adventures, maybe in RP style (in my headcanon, she’s Anniy’s younger sister and wants to do things differently than her), but it’s going to take a lot of time and I don’t have that now. But I’m looking forward to it, it could be fun 🙂

And this is her, Pannyi, human monk.


So those are all my alts. Give our readers a wave, ladies!



I’m neat? I’m neat!

Lovely Z nominated me for Real Neat Blog Award! Thanks a lot, Z! 🙂



As a part of the award, you get to do 3 things:

  • Thank and link the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the seven questions your nominator has provided.
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers and create 7 questions for them

Let’s get to it, shall we?

If you couldn’t blog about WoW anymore, what would you blog about?

History of feminism and LGBTQA+ rights in my country, the Czech Republic. I listened to Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast and (among other things) they talked about American feminists and LGBTQA+ people and when I was looking for similar sources about people in my country, I didn’t find much. There are theses and research papers but nothing easy to read and access. And it mainly focused on presumably cis gay people, definitely not bisexuals, pansexuals, transgender people and other sexual and gender identities. It’s not like they didn’t exist, no one just talks about them.

For example, there was a painter, Marie Čermínová, also known as Toyen. I first heard about this person at school and teachers always used “she” to refer to Toyen and never mentioned that Toyen asked his friends to use male pronouns and wore men’s clothes. I can’t know what exactly was going on in his head but from everything I’ve read, Toyen was probably transgender. This word didn’t exist then and it took my country much longer to even acknowledge that not everyone is cisgender. It’s also interesting (and telling..) that English version of wikipedia page refers to Toyen as he, Czech version as she.

I was even considering going back to school to study it but that would just create another thesis and wouldn’t really solve my problem with no easy-to-read sources.

What’s the best and worst thing about blogging?

The worst thing is keeping a schedule. I try to write about my week in WoW every Sunday/Monday and Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge every week but then I come up with another topic or I start doing something else and it’s hard to go back and finish my post. But I want to! I’m also not very good at taking screenshots. Other blogs have such amazing screenshots and mine look quite awful in comparison.

WordPress is also not as easy as I thought it would be, but I think I just need more time to learn it. I’m not very happy with how my blog looks. Also English is hard and I’m sure I’m making mistakes all the time..

The best thing is all the love I’m getting from my fellow bloggers. When I started, I didn’t even expect anyone to read this but people are reading and commenting and nomitating me for awards and it’s awesome! Thank you, kind people 🙂 I especially appreciate it because I don’t always comment on other people’s posts myself. I’m shy even on the internet. I need to work on that.

What’s your favourite achievement in WoW?

Going Down? That feeling when you think you’re going to die but you don’t and you get this achievement instead is priceless.

How long have you been playing computer games?

It’s actually a very interesting question. I even e-mailed my family if anyone remembers when we got our first computer (as far as I know, consoles weren’t really a thing in my country when I was a kid). I’m the youngest so I don’t remember much but apparently, we got our first PC in 1997 so let’s say I’ve been playing computer games for 20 years.

I remember playing old MS-DOS games like Dyna Blaster (it was called Bomberman outside Europe), the Lion King, Prehistorik 2, Prince of Persia, Vlak (Train) and Commander Keen 4. Oh, the memories. Those games suck now but I loved them back then.

If you could have one day to do anything in, what would you do?

Does this mean what would I do if I had a day free, or does it mean what would I do if I had a day to do anything I wanted? Let’s do both.

Answer to the first question is that I would be playing WoW. That’s what I do on weekends and most of my free days from work.

If I could do anything I wanted (without actually getting there and back), I’d want to wander around in London, Rome or Florence. I love those cities. Or I’d want to go to space and watch the Earth. The view must be amazing.


Photo from

What’s your favourite food?

Veggie burgers with chips. I’ve never liked fast food much and since I’m a vegetarian, I’ve been trying to eat healthy. Once in a while, I like to reward myself by eating something that’s not very healthy. But it’s delicious.

Where do you prefer to go, Mountains or Beach?

Definitely mountains. I’m not a very active, adventurous person but I enjoy mountain walking and hiking and especially the view from the top of the mountains. I like to feel small in comparison with the world around me. It’s a reminder that even if I mess up something in my life, it’s not the end of the world and no one really gives a f*ck.


Most of the bloogers I follow have already been nominated (reminder to myself – find more blogs!) but there’s a list of neat blogs I enjoy reading (in no particular order):

Go check them out and thanks again to Z for the nomination! 🙂



All the PvP things!

I did all the lovely things for Love is in the Air and wrote a blog post about it. Other than that, I had a lot of PvP action this week.

I was doing random bgs and was lucky enough to get a great group for a Temple of Kotmogu and earned two achievements, Powerball for holding an Orb in the center of the Temple of Kotmogu for 90 seconds (it was even twenty seconds longer than that) and Temple of Kotmogu All-Star for holding four orbs and killing four Orb carriers.

It’s always surprising when I get an achievement in a battleground because I’m usually not very good at PvP and I’m a mage so I rarely go for a flag or an orb because it’s too easy to kill me. I only do those things if I’m completely sure we’ll win even if I screw up and that doesn’t happen often. And it was  Temple of Kotmogu, the worst battleground for Alliance (at least in my experience). I’ve been there 14 times and only won 3 times. That’s pitiful. And I know it’s not (just) my fault because I have much better win rate on other bgs.

I also got Mine Mine Mine! for killing 150 enemies while I was defending a cart in Silvershard Mines. I really like this bg. It’s pretty and defending carts is fun. Much more interesting than flags.

I finished Mission Accomplished. I’ve been doing the free-for-all PvP quests only when I felt like it (which isn’t very often) and I’ve been using my class hall ability to instantly finish one of them every morning. What an awesome thing! It would take me much longer without it. Black Rook Rumble is the worst but I only need to do it 2 more times and Saddle Sore once for Free For All, More For Me and the mount. So close!

I am now at prestige level 3! There’s a mount at prestige level 3 + 50 honor levels. The mount is beautiful and I can’t wait to have it. I’m now at honor level 13 which means it’ll still take some time to get it but at least I’m finally at the right prestige level. And I’m having fun 🙂





All the love!

Love is in the air this week!

On Monday, I listened again to the episode of Reins of Azeroth where they talked about Love is in the Air so I was ready (well, as ready as you can be if you’ve never seen the event). I always get nervous that I won’t finish the world event in time and I’ll have to wait another year to finish What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been and get the mount. It hasn’t actually happened yet but it would be disappointing. Unless it’d be the Children’s Week, because that sounds like a nightmare and I wouldn’t be surprised if it took me more than one year to finish.

The daily quests don’t give a lot of Love Tokens so I decided to farm Lovely Charm Bracelets. I tried to look up where was the best place to farm them but it changes every year so there wasn’t any information on that. I went to Tanaan Jungle and spent some time killing orcs. I wasn’t the only lvl110 player doing this so I guess it wasn’t the worse place. But it I still hate that place so it wasn’t fun. On Wednesday morning, I read on the forums that Everbloom on normal difficulty seemed to be a good place to farm Lovely Charm Bracelet so I tried that. Much, much better! I farmed the mobs in the beginning of the instance. There’s a lot of Dreadpetals and if you aggro a few groups of them, you get quite a lot of Lovely Charms very quickly. Charming was done in a few minutes.

Fistful of Love – I got most of the Alliance races in Stormwind and then moved to Dalaran. I was looking for a Blood Elf Mage and then I realised my class hall was always full of them. Not my brightest moment.. There were an Undead Warrior and an Orc Shaman AFK sitting in front of the Dalaran fountain. They obviously knew we needed to throw rose pedals on them and were making it easier for us. Thank you, random Orc and Undead! It took about 20 minutes to get everyone except for an Orc Death Knight and then 30 minutes to find an Orc Death Knight..

I Pitied The Fool – I queued for Arathi Basin and got sucked in a bg that was already in progress and Alliance was losing by a lot. There was a very unhelpful person telling everyone that we sucked and we should never queue for a bg again. It was a bit ironic to have someone like that when I’m doing something that has a “fool” in its name.. We didn’t even try to get the Blacksmith so I just went there on my own. A Horde warlock noticed me and started casting but they stopped when they noticed I dropped the Love Fool. They let me get the achievement and then killed me in a fair fight. Thank you, random Hordie!

The Rocket’s Pink Glare – The firework it creates is beatiful. It’s a shame you’re too busy to enjoy it because you’re shooting other rockets as fast as you can.


Flirt With DisasterNation of Adoration – Let’s not talk about these. These are creepy.

My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose – I went to the Stonecore and got Bouquet of Red Roses from the final boss, High Priestess Azil. I thought it would be funny if I got the mount from Slabhide when I wasn’t there to farm it, but I didn’t.

Shafted! – I shot ten people. It was fun.

Be Mine! – I knew I wouldn’t be so lucky to have all the sweets in one bag but I got the achievement after buying two which was nice.

Sweet Tooth – I actually was lucky with this one and only had to buy one Box of Chocolate. I got only one Buttermilk Delight so I finished it along with Lonely?

Lonely? – I went to old Dalaran and shouted if anyone would like to have a picnic with me. No one was there so I typed that in Trade chat and got a few responses (and only one was rude). Some people didn’t have the Buttermilk Delight and thought I would give them one but I only had the one for me. Eventually, cute gnome death knight sat with me and we got the achievement. It was quite nice.


Dangerous Love – This was the last achievement I was missing so I checked Wowhead to see how to get that. And found out that I should’ve had it already. I started panicking a bit and made a ticket but it was gettinglate so I went to bed and hoped that I’d find some info in the morning. And I did! It was a known bug and they were working on a hotfix. So I canceled the ticket and hoped for the best. It was already fixed by the time I got home from work so I just did the daily and got the achievement. And the meta with it!


I bought the Swift Lovebird from the Auction House because I wasn’t sure I’d have enough time to get 270 tokens and I didn’t want to risk it. On Wednesday, there were two, for 50k each. I have no idea what the usual price is but I had the gold so I just went with it. On Thursday, there was only one for 85k so I guess it could’ve been worse.



Are you having a lovely time getting all the stuff you need from this world event?






Ogres, the Betrayer and a lot of ugly stuff

I didn’t write my weekly update last week (oops) so this post is about my two weeks in WoW. I was actually very productive.

I want to get Loremaster of Outland done soon so I worked hard on that.

  • On the Blade’s Edge – I already had about 20 quests done so it took me 6 hours to finish. It’s visually interesting zone but it’s a huge pain the butt to navigate in. I had to constantly fly very high up and then down to avoid the spikes. And it’s not pretty. It’s grey and ugly and there’s even a dead dragon on one of the spikes (maybe more than one, I didn’t stay around long enough to find out). It reminded me of Vash’jir. The story is good, the quests are not terrible, but the way you move aroung the zone is bad and it spoils the whole thing. I’m glad it’s done. Although becoming a queen of ogres was interesting.
  •  Shadow of the Betrayer– also not a pretty zone. Random people kept sending me to Outland dungeons which was fine (transmog!) but I had to wait until next day a few times, because  I had already finished that particular dungeon that day. I like to do Loremaster in long gaming sessions and this was interrupting me.  But I finished it.
  • I started Terror of Terokkar. I did half of it but I need a break from the awful continent.

I feel bad for Outland. It’s the oldest questing zone now and it didn’t age well. Most of it sucks. I usually finish all the quests in a zone, not just the number needed for the Loremaster achievement, but I can’t be bothered in Outland. I’ll come back for all the reputations eventually though. One day.

I was going through my achievements and noticed that I had 49 reputations at exalted and there was an achiev for 50. I was very close to finishing Scale of the Sands rep so I ran The Battle for Mount Hyjal and got The Scale of the Sands and 50 Exalted Reputations! The raid bugged out for me the first few times I ran it so it took some time. I don’t know if I was killing the waves of mobs too fast or too slowly but now I’m more careful, I don’t run too far from the encounter and I always let the mobs come to me. That seems to do the trick.

I was really tired on Saturday but wanted to play so I was looking for something very easy to do. I Came, I Clawed, I Conquered is easy now, it just takes time. I don’t think I would want to do in any other mood so I’m glad I did it. I bought the mount, Bristling Hellboar. It’s ugly. Very ugly.


I doubt I’ll ever use it but it’s a mount and I need to have them all. Eventually. Right now, I’m aiming for 150. I’m currently at 132 so it will take some time.

I’ve been farming The Vitreous Stone Drake from Slabhide in Stonecore. Almost 150 kills and no luck yet. It’ll drop eventually.

I also got 2500 Daily Quests Completed (I don’t think I want to know how many dailies I did..), Thirty Tabards, The Long Riders in Silvershard Mines battleground (we were winning by a lot so I quickly opened my achievement tab and I figured I could try for this one) and The Dwarven Dream for helping Brann feed his titan obsession. Which means that the archeology quest for the pretty mount is next! Can it be 15th already?

This week is going to be busy. Darkmoon Faire is up and I still need to do the dailies for pets. I’m level 45 at prestige 3 and it’s so close to 4! But Love is in the Air is coming so I’ll need to concentrate on that. Let’s hope that my next week in review will be about getting all the things done 🙂

Favourite World Quest

Lovely ladies Z and Cinder are doing a blog challenge and anyone can join! This weeks topic is “Favourite World Quest”. You can find other people’s thoughts on their website.

I don’t think I’ve done all of them but so far, my favourite has been “Aw, Nuts!” The squirrels are the cutest animals ever and I like the sound the nuts make when you crack them.


Screenshot by Cassandrart from Wowhead because the WQ wasn’t up when I was writing this.

WoW can be very serious so I love when there’s something funny and heartwarming. I’m in a zone that’s corrupted and I need to fight againts evil but once in a while, I stop squirrel invasion instead.

The world quest can be frustrating if there’s a lot of people doing it because you run out of squirrels and have to wait for them to spawn. But for me, it’s worth it.

And the best thing about it: “That squirrel invasion was nuts!” I love puns. Even the bad ones. Especially the bad ones..