All the love!

Love is in the air this week!

On Monday, I listened again to the episode of Reins of Azeroth where they talked about Love is in the Air so I was ready (well, as ready as you can be if you’ve never seen the event). I always get nervous that I won’t finish the world event in time and I’ll have to wait another year to finish What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been and get the mount. It hasn’t actually happened yet but it would be disappointing. Unless it’d be the Children’s Week, because that sounds like a nightmare and I wouldn’t be surprised if it took me more than one year to finish.

The daily quests don’t give a lot of Love Tokens so I decided to farm Lovely Charm Bracelets. I tried to look up where was the best place to farm them but it changes every year so there wasn’t any information on that. I went to Tanaan Jungle and spent some time killing orcs. I wasn’t the only lvl110 player doing this so I guess it wasn’t the worse place. But it I still hate that place so it wasn’t fun. On Wednesday morning, I read on the forums that Everbloom on normal difficulty seemed to be a good place to farm Lovely Charm Bracelet so I tried that. Much, much better! I farmed the mobs in the beginning of the instance. There’s a lot of Dreadpetals and if you aggro a few groups of them, you get quite a lot of Lovely Charms very quickly. Charming was done in a few minutes.

Fistful of Love – I got most of the Alliance races in Stormwind and then moved to Dalaran. I was looking for a Blood Elf Mage and then I realised my class hall was always full of them. Not my brightest moment.. There were an Undead Warrior and an Orc Shaman AFK sitting in front of the Dalaran fountain. They obviously knew we needed to throw rose pedals on them and were making it easier for us. Thank you, random Orc and Undead! It took about 20 minutes to get everyone except for an Orc Death Knight and then 30 minutes to find an Orc Death Knight..

I Pitied The Fool – I queued for Arathi Basin and got sucked in a bg that was already in progress and Alliance was losing by a lot. There was a very unhelpful person telling everyone that we sucked and we should never queue for a bg again. It was a bit ironic to have someone like that when I’m doing something that has a “fool” in its name.. We didn’t even try to get the Blacksmith so I just went there on my own. A Horde warlock noticed me and started casting but they stopped when they noticed I dropped the Love Fool. They let me get the achievement and then killed me in a fair fight. Thank you, random Hordie!

The Rocket’s Pink Glare – The firework it creates is beatiful. It’s a shame you’re too busy to enjoy it because you’re shooting other rockets as fast as you can.


Flirt With DisasterNation of Adoration – Let’s not talk about these. These are creepy.

My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose – I went to the Stonecore and got Bouquet of Red Roses from the final boss, High Priestess Azil. I thought it would be funny if I got the mount from Slabhide when I wasn’t there to farm it, but I didn’t.

Shafted! – I shot ten people. It was fun.

Be Mine! – I knew I wouldn’t be so lucky to have all the sweets in one bag but I got the achievement after buying two which was nice.

Sweet Tooth – I actually was lucky with this one and only had to buy one Box of Chocolate. I got only one Buttermilk Delight so I finished it along with Lonely?

Lonely? – I went to old Dalaran and shouted if anyone would like to have a picnic with me. No one was there so I typed that in Trade chat and got a few responses (and only one was rude). Some people didn’t have the Buttermilk Delight and thought I would give them one but I only had the one for me. Eventually, cute gnome death knight sat with me and we got the achievement. It was quite nice.


Dangerous Love – This was the last achievement I was missing so I checked Wowhead to see how to get that. And found out that I should’ve had it already. I started panicking a bit and made a ticket but it was gettinglate so I went to bed and hoped that I’d find some info in the morning. And I did! It was a known bug and they were working on a hotfix. So I canceled the ticket and hoped for the best. It was already fixed by the time I got home from work so I just did the daily and got the achievement. And the meta with it!


I bought the Swift Lovebird from the Auction House because I wasn’t sure I’d have enough time to get 270 tokens and I didn’t want to risk it. On Wednesday, there were two, for 50k each. I have no idea what the usual price is but I had the gold so I just went with it. On Thursday, there was only one for 85k so I guess it could’ve been worse.



Are you having a lovely time getting all the stuff you need from this world event?






3 thoughts on “All the love!

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  2. I like this holiday. I didn’t know you could do it on Normal (Everbloom) I’ve been doing the same as you on Heroic on my 110 and it is quick! With the gifts for the leaders of the major cities and the Chem. Bros, we get 25 tokens a day … so, I’ll make my 270. Now, if only The Heartbreaker would drop for me!

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    • Normal Everbloom works too. I got lucky with The Heartbreaker, it dropped yesterday 🙂 I won’t get 270 for the Love Boat in time just from the dailies so I’ll have to farm at least 40 Love Tokens in Everbloom. It’s not much fun but at least it’s really quick.
      Good luck on your farming!



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