All the PvP things!

I did all the lovely things for Love is in the Air and wrote a blog post about it. Other than that, I had a lot of PvP action this week.

I was doing random bgs and was lucky enough to get a great group for a Temple of Kotmogu and earned two achievements, Powerball for holding an Orb in the center of the Temple of Kotmogu for 90 seconds (it was even twenty seconds longer than that) and Temple of Kotmogu All-Star for holding four orbs and killing four Orb carriers.

It’s always surprising when I get an achievement in a battleground because I’m usually not very good at PvP and I’m a mage so I rarely go for a flag or an orb because it’s too easy to kill me. I only do those things if I’m completely sure we’ll win even if I screw up and that doesn’t happen often. And it was  Temple of Kotmogu, the worst battleground for Alliance (at least in my experience). I’ve been there 14 times and only won 3 times. That’s pitiful. And I know it’s not (just) my fault because I have much better win rate on other bgs.

I also got Mine Mine Mine! for killing 150 enemies while I was defending a cart in Silvershard Mines. I really like this bg. It’s pretty and defending carts is fun. Much more interesting than flags.

I finished Mission Accomplished. I’ve been doing the free-for-all PvP quests only when I felt like it (which isn’t very often) and I’ve been using my class hall ability to instantly finish one of them every morning. What an awesome thing! It would take me much longer without it. Black Rook Rumble is the worst but I only need to do it 2 more times and Saddle Sore once for Free For All, More For Me and the mount. So close!

I am now at prestige level 3! There’s a mount at prestige level 3 + 50 honor levels. The mount is beautiful and I can’t wait to have it. I’m now at honor level 13 which means it’ll still take some time to get it but at least I’m finally at the right prestige level. And I’m having fun 🙂





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