Showing off my alts

Lovely ladies Z and Cinder are doing a blog challenge and anyone can join! This weeks topic is “Show off your alts”. You can find other people’s thoughts and alts on their website.

My main is Anniy, a human mage, and I do everything on her, but I have a few alts.

My only Horde toon is Enniy, undead mage. She was my lvl100 boost and the only thing I did with her was the Broken Shore scenario, right after I finished it on the Alliance side. I had to see if Horde was really evil or if they had a good reason for abandoning us. It turned out they weren’t evil but my king was still dead so in the end, it didn’t really matter to me that much. I want to take her to Stormheim but I’m still busy on my main. My plan for 2019 is to get Loremaster on her to see all the stories from the Horde side (my WoW plans for 2017 and 2018 are already full, mostly because I give myself a lot of time to finish everything I want to do and failing plans stresses me out).

She doesn’t have a lot of clothes in her wardrobe and I couldn’t make her look pretty so I just made her look awful and green. Sorry, Enniy.


My second highest toon is Aniy, draenei retribution paladin. She was my lvl90 boost and I leveled her through WoD by only doing dungeons and bonus objectives. She’s done some leveling in Legion and she’s 101 now. I want to level her eventually to see the paladin order hall campaign. I chose a paladin because they can tank and heal too. I doubt I’ll ever try tanking but I want to try healing, at least in normal dungeons . We’ll see if I’m any good at that.


I always liked gnome rogues (cute but deadly) so I got Gannyi. She’s still a baby (lvl25) but I quite enjoy playing her in dungeons so she’ll get leveled one day. And I want to try PvP because rogue is the most annyoing class in bgs to play against. I’m not good at melee even in PvE so I think I’ll suck but it could be fun.


A friend rolled a new character a few months ago and asked me if I wanted to level with him. He’s a gnome warlock so I got Hanniy, a gnome hunter, lvl40. We don’t have time for them now but we’ll probably get back to them at the end of Legion, if there’s some time before a new expac. I love her mechanical bunny. Our corgis are also keeping us company so we’re quite a big group. We kill mobs mostly with our cuteness.


I recently rolled a new character because I wanted to try something. WoW has a lot of incredibly cute animals and you often have to kill them for quests. I realise that they’re just pixels and not real animals, of course, but it still makes me sad sometimes. So I came up with “vegetarian leveling.” This character will not kill animals.

I didn’t want to determine what counts as “animal” (because for example murlocs don’t seem very intelligent when you first meet them but in Legion, we found out they get married! I don’t want to kill some murloc’s husband or wife) so she’s allowed to kill only playable races, both players and mobs.

It’s a not a challenge like Iron, Pacifist and Bloodthirsty, so she’s wearing normal gear (no heirlooms though) and dying as much as she wants. Dungeons are allowed in theory but I don’t know if there’s a lot of dungeons where you only kill playable races, I’ll need to do some research. Battlegrounds are allowed too but again, only those where you don’t kill anyone who’s not a playable race. I’m still finalising the rules so this all might change a bit.

I imagine she’ll get leveled mostly by bgs, professions (mining and herbalism) and occasional quests (if they don’t have any evil prerequisites). I want to write posts about her adventures, maybe in RP style (in my headcanon, she’s Anniy’s younger sister and wants to do things differently than her), but it’s going to take a lot of time and I don’t have that now. But I’m looking forward to it, it could be fun 🙂

And this is her, Pannyi, human monk.


So those are all my alts. Give our readers a wave, ladies!



8 thoughts on “Showing off my alts

  1. Ok firstly, I am so impressed you have plans laid out for 2017 AND 2018 already!! You are remarkable!
    Secondly, your “vegetarian” monk is such a creative idea – I love it! I understand the being too busy part, but if you do end up getting the chance, I’d love to read about her adventures. It’s a really great idea. 🙂

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    • I didn’t even think about pet battles but yeah, those are not allowed. We’re keeping those cuties in cages and have them fight each other. It’s really messed up if you think about it.. 🙂



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