Dig! Dig! Dig!

It happened. Finally. The quests we’ve all been waiting for since Legion launched. The Right Path and Laying to Rest, which reward.. *drumroll*

Spirit of Eche’ro!


You need to get 600 Bone Fragments of Eche’ro by digging in Highmountain which took me less than 2 hours. I think I was lucky because it took some people longer. On Wednesday, a lot of people were doing it so I didn’t even need to kill mobs on the digsites. When you’re finished with that, you observe a burial ceremony for Eche’ro,  Huln Highmountain’s mount and companion, and then he joins you as a spirit. It was very pretty. I’m so excited to finally have it!

I also got A Keen Eye for obtaining all rare archeology finds and last two pristine Highmountain solves I needed for Legion Curator. I’m only missing two Demonic ones. I need to finish No Stone Unturned too by completing 69 more Legion digsites but there are some archeology changes in 7.2 so I’ll probably wait.

I was holding on to Restored Artifact boxes in case I need them for any of the quests but they’re all done now so I used them for Pandaria archeology. I’m still missing Collector: Pearls of Yu’lon (need 2 more) and The Seat of Knowledge (need pristine Pearl of Yu’lon). Pearls are a girl’s best friend now.

I got Off the Top Rook and I don’t need to do that awful world quest ever again. Thank Gods! Bareback Brawl is not that bad but it wasn’t up very often lately so I got Saddle Sore later than the others. But it’s all done now and I have Free For All, More For Me and the gorgeous Prestigious War Mount with it!


I still can’t believe I’m doing PvP and even getting rewards for it. Legion changed my playstyle so much!

I’m getting quite a lot of gold from class hall missions so I decided to spend some. I’m poor now but I have Grand Expedition Yak achievement and a yak! I should get the Portable Yak Wash to keep it clean when the MoP timewalking is up.

The vendor also sells two other mounts I didn’t have, only for 3k each. I always feel silly when I find a mount I could’ve owned for months so I decided to do something about it. Reins of Azeroth have a very helpful spreadsheet with all the mounts on their website (I think only some new Legion mounts are missing). I made a copy, went through it and deleted mounts I already have or can’t get anymore. This way, I know which raids and dungeons I should run and which reputations to prioritize. It will help a lot. Thank you, Reins!

I also bought Mosshide Riverwallow, Shadowmane Charger and Stormpike Battle Charger (this one comes with an achievement as a bonus). I’ve run out of gold but I’ll get it back eventually. I have 143 mounts now so I’m itching to get to 150.

I finally decided to get the Falcosaur pets and start raising them. I’ve managed to complete the first quests to battle critters all around Broken Isles and now I’m doing world quests with them. I only do the PvP WQs these days so it will take me a while.

I played Heroes of the Storm for the promotion mount. I didn’t hate it but I’m glad it’s over and I have my flame kitty.


I’m still running the love dungeon. I got Love Boat on Saturday so at least I don’t need to do the dailies anymore, they were getting slightly boring. I’m sure Anduin doesn’t need more bracelets. He knows I love him even if I don’t bring him gifts. I mean.. love and respect him as my king and commander. I definitely do not have a huge crush on him. I also do not write any fan fiction about him and my character. Nope.

2 thoughts on “Dig! Dig! Dig!

    • From what I heard from other people, the digging takes 1,5-3 hours, so it’s not that bad. And the mount is amazing so definitely go get it if you have the time.
      This week has been especially successful and fun 🙂

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