If you couldn’t play your main anymore, what class would you be?

Lovely ladies Z and Cinder are doing a blog challenge and anyone can join! Topic of week 8 was “If you couldn’t play your main anymore, what class would you be?” You can find other people’s posts on their websiteThis is an older topic but it’s an interesting one so I wanted to go back to it.

My main is a mage and that class is perfect for me. There’s arcane magic, books, knowledge, interesting lore characters like Aegwynn, Jaina, Khadgar, Medivh… I grew up on Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia and other fantasy books and I always wanted to be a witch.

But it’s not all epic and serious, we also get a lot of fun and goofiness and characters like Mllhouse Manastorm. WoW and especially Legion with so much of characters dying can get sad and grave and I need to keep my spirits up somehow. Transforming someone into a sheep really helps. That’s not the topic though so let’s go through all the classes and see which one I like the most.

As a new-ish player, I haven’t tried all classes yet so my decision comes to class fantasy (or as I see class fantasy without ever playing them) and some other random things. My main has always been my mage so this is mostly about just leveling them and then seeing if I like them on end-game content. They are somewhat listed by the likeness of me ever playing them.

Warlocks – They’re too evil. All those demons and draining souls don’t appeal to me. And having a succubus? No, thanks.

Priests – I wouldn’t be able to level a character only in a healing spec and I have mental health issues so the idea of playing shadow with “insanity” as a resource is a big nope for me.

Warriors – I might be unfair to poor warriors but they seem boring. Just hitting things with a huge weapon is not enough for me.

Hunters – I feel bad for killing cute animals in game, I couldn’t play someone whose class fantasy is all about that.

Demon Hunters – They seem too serious. All that “I’ve sacrifised everything” makes me roll my eyes. I know Legion is a huge threat but I’ve always managed to fight off bad people and still make it back home to Stormwind for dinner with my lovely Anduin. I’m too cynical. And a lot of people who like demon hunters have a huge lore crush on Illidan. I don’t have that. He’s an interesting character for sure, but not my favourite.

Druids – Meh. They seem interesting but I can’t think of a particular reason to play one.

Shamans – I know a few shamans in the WoW community and they are the nicest people out there (/wave Cinder). I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence but it’s interesting. As a class, I never found shamans to be very interesting. Splashing water on people to heal them is hilarious though.

Paladins – They’re too epic and good. All that kneeling and Light and sun shining into their epic class hall just makes me yawn. Again, I’m cynical, I know, but I need something fun and paladins are too serious. I have a 103 level paladin alt and I enjoy playing her but the class fantasy is not my favourite.


See? It’s epic! Is it fun though? Not really.

Monks – I have a baby human monk for vegetarian leveling and I think I’ll enjoy playing her. For some reason, I feel like I’m whitewashing/humanwashing monks by playing a human though. Hopefully, I’ll get used to it.

Rogues – I’m really bad at melee so playing a rogue is not easy for me but I want to learn. I think I’d enjoy being sneaky and stabby.

Death Knights – Leveling one is on my list. I’ve heard a few things about their class campaign and it seemed very interesting. They also have a great survivability which I sometimes miss on my squishy mage. They are a little evil but not as much as warlocks. I think.

Well, I didn’t expect to end up with melee classes but somehow, it happened. And now I want to go and level a DK. Fortunately, it’s almost weekend!















4 thoughts on “If you couldn’t play your main anymore, what class would you be?

  1. I 100% support you making a DK. Mine is so much one of my favourite alts and def had the best class campaign in my opinion.

    But….you cant think of a reason to play a druid /sob…what about the gorgeous kitty form or getting to be a bird or raining stars down on people’s heads :p and you get to heal by throwing leaves on people lol

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    • Those things sound cool but I think it’s part of my problem with druids. Too many options. Would I want to be a kitty? Or a bird? Or try healing as a tree? I know that you don’t have to use all options you get but I’m worried I’d feel like I’m playing the class wrong if I played just a bird all of time. I’m not sure I’m making much sense..

      As a new-ish player, I definitely struggle with too many options and too many things to do. That’s why I have trouble getting into pet battling. There’s so much content in front of me and I don’t even know where to start. So that’s why I feel meh about playing druids. I’m sure they’re awesome, but no class is worth stressing about for me right now.


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  3. awww you’re so lovely! We shamans are a good bunch. I adore my shaman and the class fantasy she has. When I play elemental there is nothing better than casting chain lightning and watching it make huge electric webs of destruction! I love it! But I agree – throwing buckets of water on people to heal them is just the best 😀

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