Saddles, pet battles and healing

After last week, I had 142 mounts. So close! I went through my helpful speadsheet to see how I could quickly get eight mounts. Guess how many mounts you can buy from Kurenai at exalted? Yep, eight. And I was already at revered. After that, you get rep for killing ogres and collecting their warbeads, 500 rep for 10 and they have about 50% drop chance. It took me about three hours and I spent some of that time helping low level players with the arena that’s nearby. So I got Oh My, Kurenai and We’re Going to Need More Saddles! And this beauty, Jade Pandaren Kite.


It felt so great! And I was tired so I took it slow for the next few days. I still managed to get a lot done though.

On Thursday, it was Hatching of the Hippogryphs micro-holiday so I picked my hatchling and spent a few hours flying around Azeroth, showing the hatchling our beatiful world and doing Field Photographer. I don’t really like the S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera and the way my character looks while taking selfies but I wanted the achievement so I just went with it.

Here is me and my hatchling in Karazhan.


Here we are in old Dalaran listening to shouting Rhonin.hatchlingdala

And this is me accidentally electrocuting my hatchling by arcane power. Disclaimer: no animal was hurt while taking this selfie.


I also did the second wing of Nighthold on LFR and got Royal Athenaeum. Star Augur Etraeus is a very interesting fight. And I always wonder if you can fall off the platform and die but I obviously don’t want to try..


I went to a random store in Dalaran to sell some crap from my bags and someone opened a secret door and disappeared in a corridor. I had no idea this was in game. It looked so cool! I like finding little things like that.


I’ll need a few 25 level pets to raise my felcosaur hatchlings into mounts so I did some pet battling. I’d only done maybe ten or fifteen before. I went and got a few easy achievements:

Take ‘Em All On!, Local Pet Mauler, Battle Master, Taming Eastern Kingdoms, Going to Need More Traps, That Was Close!, Taming the Great Outdoors, Taming Outland, Outland Tamer, Northrend Tamer, Traveling Pet Mauler, High Quality, Eastern Kingdoms Tamer

They are quite fun with Battlestar Galactica on the other half of the screen.


I’ve been wanting to try healing for a while time and today I finally got my courage up. Aniy, my 105 lvl paladin, has recently got her healing weapon so I put some AP in it, watched a guide on youtube, downloaded and set up Healbot and queued into a normal dungeon. I was scared sh*tless.

First dungeon was Halls of Valor. I wanted to type a warning that I was new and to please go slow but the tank just charged ahead. I should’ve known. I made a macro for that later. It went quite well. I’m sure I wasn’t using the right spells at the right time but we made it. One person died when they accidentally pulled mobs, the tank didn’t noticed, went ahead and pulled a boss so I went to heal the tank. I don’t know what’s the right thing to do in this situation but I can’t be at two places at the same time so I don’t think it was my fault. And no one said anything, we killed the boss, resurrected the poor dead played and finished the dungeon.

Second dungeon was Darkheart Thicket. The tank was going very quickly and it was very stressful. But we were doing well. I died at the evil dragon boss, that’s an awful fight. But they managed to kill it anyway so it didn’t matter.

Eye of Azshara was quite fun. We didn’t have the best damage so we went slowly but the tank was strong so we finished it eventually.

And Neltharion’s Lair was a piece of cake. I got grouped up with a guild group and they were overpowered af.. They were actually three 110lvl demon hunters helping a fourth level quickly. Everything was dying almost immediately. No healing was needed so I tried DPSing as a holy paladin.

I’m very happy. Now I know that I can heal normal dungeons with good groups. It’s a nice start 🙂 And I think I deserve this:


4 thoughts on “Saddles, pet battles and healing

  1. Congratulations! Once started, you are now on your way!
    I would never tell the group that I was new to healing or any role. I might say, “this is a new dungeon to me” or something like that.
    Tanks in LFG have a tremendous amount of pressure on them to stay ahead and grab aggro before it all quickly falls apart. The rule of thumb is to keep up and even with the tank as a healer, I even put a star on his head when we port into the dungeon. If he is blowing through mobs (think the first set of mobs in Maw of Souls) and leaving the group behind, then he is on his own and the poor huddled dps, yearning for relief get the healer’s interest.
    As a Paladin, I’d be tempted to beacon myself over the tank. Keeping yourself alive is everyone’s first priority.
    And, it will only get better and easier! What fun, fun, fun.


    • Thanks 🙂
      But if the tank dies, the mobs will come to us and kill us anyway, won’t they?.Isn’t it easier to keep the tank alive?
      I thought it was fair to tell them up front. As a dps, I would like to know if healer or tank are new to their roles so that I’d be more careful. But not everyone is me, obviously. And I think I won’t do it anymore in normal dungeons unless there’s a problem.
      I heard that it’s smart to beacon myself, I’ll try that, at least during boss fights.

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  2. yay grats on starting your pally healing 🙂 I usually go by – 1, keep yourself alive first because you’re usually the only one in there that can keep everyone else alive and even if one or two dps go you can normally still kill things. 2, then the tank because he’s the one that’s going to keep the mobs off your face so you can do 1, and 3, everyone else. Knowing who to stay with comes with experience, there’s times I’ll chase the tank even if the dps are miles behind because I know they can handle what’s there and there’s times I’ll let the tank go off on his own and I’ll keep the dps up because I know there’s nothing ahead of the tank he can’t handle until the dps catch up. If I have to make the decision because ppl are everywhere I go with the tank. Don’t be afraid to say in chat for adps to drag their mobs to the tank if you see someone off to the side letting an add hit on them and just standing their trying to do it by themselves, some ppl get blinders on and don’t think about bringing mobs to the person that can get it off them.

    I actually always tell people if I’m in there on a new role (or a class I haven’t healed on in ages), and yep I had a macro when I was learning because there’s no time to type lol. If they kick you because they’re idiots – hey you’re a healer you’ll get a new queue in no time. But the amount of times I’ve had ppl turn around and be really nice to me knowing I’m new outweighs the times ppl have been asses. This is especially important with gear,that can change stats as you might look quite geared but be new to that role so ppl will overestimate what you can do.
    Have fun!

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