Crashin’ legendary pet battling

I got my third legendary, Rhonin’s Assaulting Armwraps! The effect is “Arcane Missiles has a 18% chance to make your next Arcane Blast cast within 6 sec cost no mana”, which is great. I’m often running out of mana during long fights and this helps a lot. I also have Shard of the Exodar which prevents me from getting Temporal Displacement/Exhaustion so I have Time Warp effect every five minutes (or more often if someone else casts it), which is also a very strong legendary. I’m swaping them with Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus, if I’m not taking too much damage.

I was close to having 200 toys so I looked up some easy-to-get toys and earned Crashin’ Thrashin’ Commander (btw I’m glad I have a blog and not a podcast, I wouldn’t be able to pronounce that..). The last two were from a vendor who also sells “Gigantique” Bag so I got My Sack is “Gigantique” too. Yey for random achievements!

I did the third wing of Nighthold on LFR and got Nightspire. I  was in a good group so it was enjoyable and not frustrating. Krosus is an amazing fight, I had so much fun! I don’t know the fights before I zone in and only read the Adventure Guide for basic strats so I get surprised with how the fights actually look like and I loved this one. In comparison, Elisande was a bit boring but it was still nice to finally kill that evil woman. Get ready, Gul’dan, me and bunch of other LFR noobs are coming soon. I hope you are prepared..

I’ve been slowly making progress on raising my falcosaur hatchlings into mounts. I need to do pet battle WQs which is not easy because I’m a pet battle noob but once in a while, I find one or two I’m able to finish. I was frustrated when I started but now I’m taking my time, reminding myself that the mounts are not going anywhere and I that don’t need to stress about it. And I’m having much better time. I also realise that I obviously can’t catch up to years of pet battle content in a few weeks so now I’m doing lower level content and slowly going up.

I spent most of Sunday afternoon working on Continental Tamer, I was missing Kalimdor and Pandaria. I like that while I’m working on a big achievement like that, I’m also getting bunch of others, this time Family Reunion, Master Pet Hunter, Going to Need More Leashes, World Pet Mauler and Ultimate Trainer. It reminds me of my the first few months playing WoW, I was getting achievements all the time and it felt good.

I ran some more dungeons on my holy paladin and damn, is healing hard or what? It went well most of the time but I got really frustrated when a frost mage decided to be a tank, kept pulling and almost dying. Silly mage, you’re wearing a dress and don’t have a lot of health, you’re not supposed to tank! Trust me, I’m also a mage! And your healer! I asked them not to do that several times but they didn’t stop so I let them die twice and they left. No one said anything bad to me so I guess it was fine. I need to learn to breathe and stay calm and not rage when a random DPS is doing sh*t. I never rage on my mage. But I’m still having fun overall 🙂 And the short queue times are great!


















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