An Azeroth Holiday (sort of)

Lovely ladies Z and Cinder are doing a blog challenge and anyone can join! Topic of week 4 was “An Azeroth Holiday”. You can find other people’s posts on their websiteThis is an older topic but it’s an interesting one so I wanted to go back to it.

I don’t RP but I do have a head canon (and write fan-fic) for most of my characters. It doesn’t always make sense (especially the timeline, I have no idea when certain things happened lore-wise) and I’m definitely a special snowflake (my main is dating a king..) which is why I could never seriously RP. But I still have fun with my stories.

Anniy, my main, was born and raised in Theramore. After it was destroyed, she moved to Stormwind and she fell in love with that place.


Anniy likes big towns and cities. Not only because of their convenience but because they’re loud and full of life. She’s an introvert so she mostly keeps to herself but the energy around her makes her happy and reminds her why she fights.


She loves those moments when she’s sitting on the stairs to the Cathedral of Light, watching people run around, have ordinary jobs and beautiful, ordinary lives in the most amazing place in Azeroth.


And Anduin Wrynn, her best friend and partner lives there.


So when she has time off, this is where she goes. Not some place in a distant land. She’s seen them all and some of them are beautiful too but they’re not her safe haven. They’re not Stormwind. They’re not home.



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