The week with all the falcosauring

I got to “Defeat 3 Pet Battle WQ with your hatchling and 2 Humanoid Pets” on Monday with my direbeak and managed to do 2 of them on the first day. I struggled at first but then I changed one of the direbeak’s abilities to defence and it went much smoother. I did the third one next day without much issues. All that was left at that point was to heal the matriarch and enjoy my Brilliant Direbeak.


I went back to Emerald Nightmare to kill Ursoc for snowfeather hatchling and Xavius for sharptalon hatchling. I’d only run it once or twice when it opened on LFR so it was quite nice to come back. And the fights were obviously much shorter because we were all overgeared, Ursoc almost too short, I was having fun.

I struggled with “Defeat 3 Pet Battle WQ with your hatchling and 2 Undead Pets” for snowfeather hatchling and I wasn’t able to do any of the 3 WQs on the first day, it was a bit discouraging. I obviously need to get Unborn Val’kyr because all the guides recommend using her. But the next day, I finished two so it was all good again and I managed to do the last one the day after that.


The sharptalon quest was “Defeat 3 Pet Battle WQs with your hatchling and 2 Magic Pets” and my magic pets are apparently quite good so this one was easy. And I got lucky and one of the WQ was to defeat/catch a regular pet which is much easier than battling pet masters. Thank you, RNG!


When I started doing falcosaur dailies, I was angry that I had to do pet battles for mounts. I hadn’t done them before and I suddenly needed a bunch of rare high level pets of specific families. I wasn’t even planning to get into pet battling this year, which was the thing I struggled with the most.

I was getting frustrated and considered it a very poor design. But I want to get all the mounts in the game so I read guides, watched videos, worked my way from the beginnings to higher level areas and after about a month and earning a lot of achievements, I finally got my first falcosaur mounts. And the rest followed soon.

I’m so proud at myself. I went from being miserable and whiny to being capable of pet battling. I’m not super good at it (yet) but that was not my goal. My goal was to be good enough for the falcosaur mounts. And I achieved it, even much sooner than I expected.

I also fell in love with pet battling in the process. I knew I would, it always looked like fun. That’s why I wanted to start in 2018, I had other plans for this year. But you know what? F*ck the plans. My love for pet battling is even stronget than my love for plans (and I love plans very, very much and it makes me anxious when I fail or have to change them).

The thought of getting into pet battles was also a bit scary because there’s so much content! I’ve barely scratched the surface but I’ve already got some easy achievements and I have a general idea how the whole thing works. I’m not scared anymore and I still have a lot of easy things to do before I get to the challenging ones.


It was battleground bonus weekly event thingy so I did a lot of BGs. I’d been stuck on lvl prestige 3 + 36 lvls for quite some time because I got burnt out of PvP but I got back to it, mostly because the weekly event and the fact that the next Reins of Azeroth episode in going to be all about PvP so I got inspired. It took some time but I finally got to prestige level 4 which gives this beautiful mount, Prestigious Bronze Courser. I love it.

prestige mount

I also killed Gul’dan on LFR again and this time, I survived it! Well, we wiped the first time, but the second time was successful and I was alive for the kill. And I caught Khadgar standing in fire. What a noob.



I started playing Assassin’s Creed II this week, after my flatmate finished the first game for me, I sucked at the combat so much I wasn’t able to do it on my own but I wanted to see the story. The combat is much easier and I’m enjoying the story so far. It has a similar effect on me as Overwatch – it turns me from peace-loving calm human to bloodthirsty killing machine. Not even WoW PvP can do that to me. But once in a while, I like it.

So if there’s no new post next Sunday/Monday, I probably spent the week being an assassin and not playing enough WoW for a weekly update. It’s starting to look like 7.2 is not far away so I want to play that a bit until I’m too busy with Legion again. And if 7.2 hits this week, then forget I said anything because I’ll be all over that. Either way, I’ll definitely be back in two weeks for weekly update and even sooner for a blog challenge. In the meantime, keep Azeroth safe for me, will you?

4 thoughts on “The week with all the falcosauring

  1. I believe that you can buy the Ghostly Skull in Dalaran which can do the job of the Unborn Valkrul.
    Keep with it, pet battles can be a ton of fun and running around with your favorite pet out is like a mini-parade.

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    • I didn’t know about the Ghostly Skull, I’ll have to check it out, thanks for the tip!
      I ❤ pet battling right now but choosing a favourite pet gets harder the more I have, there's so many pretties and cuties 🙂


  2. Wow that Courser … as beautiful as the PvP mounts are, I just cannot bring myself to suffer through PvP to get them. I’ve almost made it to Prestige level 1 … by using the daily cooldown to complete world PvP quests instantly without ever leaving my class hall. Mostly for the purpose of completing 20 of each of the 4 PvP brawls for the achievement that awards a mount. So congrats on that, I’d have long since given up in frustration! 🙂

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