The lazy week full of pets before a storm hits

I didn’t plan to play WoW during the week but I managed to squeeze a few hours in and played most of the weekend.

I finished Pandaria and Nothrend Safari . I was missing about 8 pets on each achievement so it only took some Wowheading (if “googling” can be a word, this works too, right?) and flying around those continents. Fortunately, Undead Val’kyr is not part of the achievement, I met her once but accidentally killed her before I could capture her. That was a bit of a fail.. Oh well, I’ll be more careful next time.

I had almost nothing done for Outland and Draenor Safari so that was a grind and after that, all I was missing for World Safari was Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. I’d been avoiding those because there was so much to do and those continents are annoyingly big but I knew I’d have to finish those achievements eventually so I did it. It was less fun than the previous ones but I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Eastern Kingdoms Safari is done and al I need for Kalimdor Safari is a sandstorm in Tanaris and summer (Qiraji Guardling is not available now).

I also did some fishing in the Underbelly for Underbelly Tycoon. I’d been occasionally doing some stuff there since the launch, mostly the quests, but not PvP, that PvP is bad.. You get a rat as a mount. I don’t hate rats IRL but this one is huge. Eww! I still added to my favourites because it is sort of cool even if it’s disgusting. Maybe I’ll get used to it.


We got confirmation that 7.2 is coming this week. I didn’t feel ready but the amazing trailer got me so hyped out I can’t wait to see it all. And flying is finally coming in a few weeks! I miss flying so much! It will still take us some time to finish the Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two achievement but it makes me so happy that I can start working on it! I can mostly manage (and enjoy the game) without it but especially if I spend some time in the older zones, coming back to the Broken Isles sometimes feel bad because I’m stuck on the ground. Now I can count down the days to the glorious moment when this is not an issue anymore!

I know that not everyone is happy about 7.2 coming so soon but I still hope we can all have a good time on the Broken Shore. See you there!

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