The week with 7.2 release

What a week! I was busy and did a lot of stuff so let’s get to it, shall we?

Return to the Broken Shore

I was already hyped up by the 7.2 trailer but seeing it in game got me into the perfect mood to go there and kick some demon butt. The entry scenario was well balanced, wasn’t too long or too hard and nicely set us up on the Broken Shore.

I hadn’t been there since the Legion launched and I was surprised that the whole place is not very big. I was a little worried about exploring it and moving through there but it’s easy. With the whistle and the position of flight paths, I don’t have any issues, even when I’m trying to get to a rare quickly.

The world quests are fun and quick and I’m having a lot of fun with them. I haven’t done any Sentinax farming because that must be boring and there’s a lot of much more interesting stuff I can be doing and am actually doing. I’m glad I’m not a serious raider or serious PvPer or anything serious. I can just do what I want without having to farm for anything.

I want to get the rep with Armies of Legionfall soon so I’m doing all the WQs and occasionally killing the rares for Legionfall War Supplies. We’re bulding the Mage Tower (I think both regions are) and contributing to it gives a nice reward and a nice rep, especially with the Darkmoon Faire buff. I’m 2k into Honored which is not bad for first five days, although I had a plague and didn’t go to work on Thursday and Friday so next week is going to be slower.

I don’t usually read what’s coming so I had a lot to discover, for example Legion Disk. If you find it and click on it, you can fly for 2 minutes.


After that, you have amazing wings to get you safely to the ground. It looks so cool!


Empowering my artifact weapons

Those quests were fun! I enjoy all the class stuff in Legion and this didn’t disappoint. I had one issue though, there was a puzzle that instanly kills you if you screw up. I did screw up several times so I ended up getting naked to save up on repairs and it still took me a while. I’m not good with puzzles so it’s not entirely Bliz’s fault but it took me out of the story a bit. And the event when the Council of Six are empowering your artifact looks so cool!


I completed only the arcane and frost ones and kept the fire one for next week. I’m already looking foward to it.

Paragon reputations

I’m not sure I like this because it makes reputations look like an endless grind but you can get mounts so I’m doing it, at least for now. I’d stopped doing three/four WQs for a cache weeks ago but here we go again. It’s much easier now, mobs die quicker and even Suramar City is doable. And I suddenly have enough order resources again, which is handy because I have so many missions to complete!

Heroic dungeons

I went into the Cathedral of Eternal Night and it’s a great dungeon, very pretty. And the most amazing thing happens there if you’re an arcane mage, I think I’ll make a post about it later.

I’ve only done Karazhan on mythic once very soon after its release and I didn’t like the experience. It was very hard and took hours. But the place itself was awesome and felt special so I was looking forward to going there on heroic difficulty. I didn’t realise the “special” feeling wouldn’t really work on heroic. Instead of exploring, tanks just rush ahead as in any other dungeon. I don’t blame anyone, it’s probably just a daily run for them but I wanted to take my time, listen to the awesome music and enjoy the place. And you can’t do that on LFD heroic difficulty. I should’ve expected that. I’ll wait until I can solo the place and I’ll enjoy it then. That always works 🙂

Pet battles

It’s Pet Battle Bonus Event this week. I spent a few hours randomly going through the Broken Isles looking for rare versions and leveling the pets which were close to lvl25.

I also did the pet battle dungeon. It’s fun and the first run is easier than I expected. The daily and achievement are for going through the whole place without healing your pets which is definitely doable but I think it will be a challenge for me so I’ll wait until I have more time to spend there and come up with a strategy (or a list of pets I need to get and level).

And I ran Temple of Ahn’Qiraj for Anubisath Idol (still don’t have it) and got the last mount from there, Red Qiraji Battle Tank and Why? Because It’s Red achievement.

Balance of Power

I don’t raid except for LFR so I wasn’t going to do the questline but people are now running previous raids for artifact power and a chance of getting legendary so I decided to try. I went to Emerald Nightmare heroic and it was easy and quick. We are so overgeared that bosses die quickly and you don’t need to do know mechanics if you’re a DPS. I got 22 Corrupted Essences so I need 8 more, the drop rate is great now.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do the whole questline but this raiding doesn’t scare me so I might finish it eventually. The artifact appearence is quite nice.


Screenshot from wowhead.

Next week should be awesome too so let’s bring it, Burning Legion! 🙂

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