The funniest way I have died (multiple times)

Lovely ladies Z and Cinder are doing a blog challenge and anyone can join! Topic of week 14 is “The funniest way you have died”. You can find other people’s posts on their website. I suggested this topic during Reins of Azeroth episode with Z from Z is for Zeirah and later realised that I didn’t actually have a funny story, I just thought it would be great to read other players’ experiences. But I have a noob story and it does make me laugh sometimes.

Trees are evil. Trees with their crowns, branches and twigs. Trees are smart. Tress move and then laugh at you when they kill you. You might think trees are innocent but they hate me. Especially those near the Warden Tower world quests.


I’ve been doing Warden Towers WQs a lot. They’re easy, give nice honor and they’re mostly PvE. You need to kill some normal mobs and an elite which is on top of the tower. So I usually run through the normal mobs, become Invisible, get to the elite, kill it, jump down and when I’m near the ground, I cast slow fall and elegantly fly to the ground. I don’t slow fall from the top because gods know where I would end up and I still need to kill mobs near the tower.


And that’s where the murderous trees come in. I could swear that when I jump down, nothing’s there, but then, I’m suddenly dead, lying on a tree which wasn’t there a second ago. They’re secretly moving and enjoy killing me.


Or maybe I’m just a noob who dies from falling damage despite of having a spell that slows the fall. But it’s probably the trees. Evil trees.

And this rock is evil too. It probably made a pact with the trees and is also after me.


Beware of the trees and rocks, my dear readers. They can very easily murder you.


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