Cute march of the cutest cuties ever!

Yesterday was the March of the Tadpoles micro-holiday and it was the cutest, most precious thing ever! You go to the Winterfin area in Borean Tundra and find out that for one day in a year, baby murlocs take over the village and go on a rampage.


There’s a lot of them, different sizes and colours, they have hilarious names and you choose one to have a little adventure with.

This was the one I got:


His name was Berbert (I don’t know much about murlocs’ gender identities but Berbert sounds like a boy, so let’s go with that). I choose him because other murloc babies were walking or running around but Berbert was standing in one place with his friend Birbit. Judging by their size, they were murloc teenagers so maybe they were too cool to behave like children or they were dating and having a little moment. Who knows?


He gave me a quest to get 10 Winterfin Clams (they also work as currency for a vendor in the village) and I apparently had 8 somewhere in my bank so it was quick. Then he wanted me to kill Mrrga, evil orca who was scaring poor murloc babies. Well, not anymore, I took care of it. Someone has to keep those adorable misfits safe and it’s a task I’ll gladly accept any day. Berbert gave me a reward, Tadpole Gift containing Winterfin Pearl which is actually a very nice pearl. Different murloc babies give you a different gift (Half of a Fish, Wet Rock, Winterfin Mud Pie and other great stuff) and it seems like the pearl is the most valuable because you can vendor it for 10g. I’m never selling it though, I will treasure it forever.

After this, I spent about an hour just watching murloc babies and had a great time! Not only were they cute as hell, they were also doing pretty funny stuff.

My favourite was Flops who ran a short distance, very dramatically “died”, laid down for a few seconds, got up and then did the same thing again and again. I have no idea what the hell was that about but it was hilarious!


There was one in the water called Ariel.


And one had something on their head.


The adults didn’t look very happy about this. I can’t really blame them, imagine you’re trying to chop up dead orca and there’s a baby murloc running over it. That’s not a safe work environment!


I wanted to get last picture of us before leaving but I guess Berbert didn’t like selfies. Me neither actually, I just wanted to try different angle that the screenshots. Or he was camera shy.


I loved this micro-holiday. It was a great distraction from all the evil Legion stuff and world on green fire. It was cute and heartwarming.  Look at the adorable little footprints they leave!


I can’t wait to do this again next year and to see other micro-holidays. I’ve been enjoying them a lot so far. More cute babies, Blizz!

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