The week when I got flying

Armies of Legionfall reputation

Since the Broken Shore area came out, I’ve been doing every WQ and killing quite a lot of rares. Getting their rep to revered is the only requirement for flying (and Broken Shore Pathfinder 1 of course) and I wanted to get it as soon as possible. I missed flying so much! Darkmoon Faire was also up this week so I made sure I always had the WHEE! buff on me. I also got two missions for the rep tokens.

It was a lot of work and totally worth it. And this was something I wanted to do since Legion launched:


Originally. Defender of the Broken Isles was also part of the flying meta but with the invasions coming randomly and often in very inconvenient times, Blizz removed it as a requirement. I’m glad they did because with my schedule, I’ve only been able to finish two of them and getting the other two could take some time. RNG can suck and it usually does when it’s something I really want but that’s just my luck.. 🙂


They are fun! And longer than I expected but not too long. The first one I did was in Highmountain. I was doing WQs there for a cache and just after I finished my third WQ, the invasion started. I wasn’t sure if the fourth one for a cache which was also first one for the invasion would count towards both but I think it did. I killed a few demons and even got to save puppies!


Balance of Power

I did the first three bosses in Emerald Nightmare heroic for remaining Corrupted Essences and got quests to run mythics, Court of Start, The Arcway and Vault of the Wardens. I hadn’t done those a lot so I barely remembered the strats but managed to get through it. And I even got some small upgrades. I’m not actively farming AP but I had enought for my 41st trait after this which was nice.

Next parts of the questline is Nighthold and I wasn’t sure I’ll be able to do it any time soon but I found a very nice group in the LFG tool and we cleared it on normal without much trouble. I was lucky and collected 12/20 Nightshards so I might be finishing this soon (maybe in two weeks, you need to collect the shards and then you get a quest to kill Gul’dan and this all might be tricky to do in one week).

Other random stuff

This week, I got angry at players and played with baby murlocs. I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that my most viewed post is a negative one but I’m glad it resonated with people and they shared their thoughts. And I guess no one feels this strong about cute murlocs. Although they were incredibly cute.

I’ve been using my class hall ability to instantly finish a pet battle WQ for Battle on the Broken Isles and I finally got it this week! I did some of those for the falcosaur mounts but the rest of them are too hard for me.

Burning Crusade timewalking was up so I ran that with my holy paladin alt, had a nice time, got gear and also bought The Consortium reputation tokens for my mage so now I have that on exalted and also got 55 Exalted Reputations. You get “The Beloved” title for 60, I’m looking forward to it. I’ll get 56th next week from Molten Core and eventually 57th from the Broken Shore so I need to find 3 more somewhere.

PvP brawls are finally here and the first one is Arathi Blizzard. It’s Arathi Basin with snow so you can’t see much. I’m only doing random battlegrounds so I didn’t notice if it changed the strats too much but it was gorgeous. Z wrote a great post about it with beautiful screenshots so if you want to know more or just look at pretty pictures, go read it.


I got my fourth legendary, Sephuz’s Secret. I won’t be using it much but it might be good for the mage tower challenge. I’ll need to do more research. The Activity Feed on website tells me I got it from LFR Grand Magistrix Elisande but I don’t even remember running Nighthold on LFR.. I’m tired.. But I’m flying!

This week was busy so next week, I’ll be playing less and sleeping more. And with the holidays coming up, I want to take is slow and enjoy the game even more 🙂

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