The week with post-flying laziness

I started writing a blog post about the arcane mage artifact weapon Aluneth and during my research, I found out that it’s voiced by Matthew Mercer who’s done other great stuff and also Critical Role, an amazing and funny D&D campaign and I ended up watching that instead of writing the blog post. Damn you, Matt! So I did that a lot during the week. And by “a lot” I mean first few episodes because they’re so long! But awesome! And I’m sure I’ll write the post about Aluneth one day but right now I have a huge crush on Matt and I need to obsess over him until it goes away and I can be productive again.

Now that I’m flying, doing world quests is very quick, even quicker than I expected. I was going to do only 4 Broken Shore WQs a day (basically treating it like getting a cache) but I usually do more anyway because the Shore is such a small place.

I finished Balance of Power questline! Nighthold on normal is quite easy now and I found a nice pug group. The last two quests (except for RP and story) are to collect stuff from Nighthold bosses, turn in the quest in Shal’aran and then kill Gul’dan which is stupid because you either do it in more weeks or leave during the raid and get ported back in. I was lucky to have an understanding leader and a warlock who agreed to port me back but it seemed like such an unnecessary stress. The appearence is quite nice and I’m very happy I got to do this even when I don’t have a raid team. When I heard that one artifact appearance would be from raids only and not LFR, I was sad. But it can be done now and that makes me happy 🙂

alunethbalance By the way, why does my character looks so angry in these shots? Is that supposed to be serious face or what? It looks ridiculous.

I worked on some more pet battle achievements and got Taming AzerothTaming Pandaria, I Choose You, Fabled Pandaren Tamer and now I need to beat pandaren spirits. I tried the first one and it was hard so I’m keeping that for some other time.

I ran Emerald Nightmare normal for achievements and got all I needed for Glory of the Legion Raider from there. I’ll do the ones from Nighthold eventually too. I wonder, was is always this easy to go back to previous raids or are people running them just because artifact power is now a thing and they want more legendaries?

I got a new follower and parts of the questline were a bit shady and I don’t think I did the right thing but I guess I have to trust that I won’t cause the destruction of Dalaran and possibly the world. I really liked Marathal’s posts Something’s not right and Something’s not right cont. about the possibility of this huge conspiracy. I sort of wish that turned out to be truth but I’m not sure I want my character to deal with it.

I did invasions in all four parts of Broken Isles and earned Defender of Azeroth: Legion Invasions. They are fun and I quite enjoy doing them although I’m not very lucky to be playing when they’re up.

Noblegarden’s coming so I’ll be hunting for eggs and hopefully getting a lot of achievements and a new mount! I also crafted and sold a cloth legendary for a lot of gold so I’ll be buying at least one more mount next week. And I haven’t got the Riddler’s Mind-Worm. That will be nice 🙂

2 thoughts on “The week with post-flying laziness

  1. It is a good question. When our raid team had the building up (I don’t remember which), we blew through Nighthold normal for AP drops — so I guess a lot of players are doing the same. A pretty good design idea, I think.
    Grats on your lazy fun week!



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