Tread softly, Blizz, because you tread on my dreams


I was looking forward to the Anduin questline from the moment I saw his disguised model. I love Anduin. In my mage’s RP story, they’re a couple. He’s a very interesting character and I always look forward to seeing him in game. And last week, I even got to go out on an adventure with him! A heartbreaking adventure, but still. It was awesome. Until he picked up his father’s sword.

The reason why I love Anduin so much is that he’s not like Varian. I loved Varian too, very much, but Varian was a huge man with huge muscles and huge weapon/weapons.

I’m tired of huge men with huge muscles and huge weapons. Warlords was full of them. Just look at the art from Blizz site.  It’s all huge men with huge muscles and huge weapons.


I hoped Anduin would be different. He was a tiny disabled priest who was not good in close combat and he believed in peace. He didn’t swing his weapon first as his father would, he wanted to talk. I’m getting tired of unnecessary fighting. I know I play a game called World of Warcraft and sometimes we have to fight (I’m obviously not letting Legion kill us all) but why the hell are we still fighting againts the Horde? Lorewise, it barely makes sense. I share a class hall with undead so why am I killing them in WQs?

I’d like this to stop. And I don’t believe it will stop if we keep huge men with huge muscles and huge weapons in charge. I need Anduin to keep being tiny disabled priest who’s not good in close combat and who believes in peace. I don’t need strong, sexy “Manduin” or whatever people are calling him now. He’d be a man even if was short and skinny. There are different kinds of maskulinity and WoW mostly keeps to the warrior archetype. I want something different. Maybe a king who’s a blond priest in robes with a staff? Please, Blizz?

I understand that he feels like no one believes in him. He hasn’t had a chance to prove himself. And it can’t be easy to be Varian’s successor. People respected Varian because he was strong. Anduin has a different kind of strength. I hope he doesn’t try to change now. I don’t want him to be become a huge man with huge muscles and a huge sword. At least once in my WoW life, I want my king to be wise, diplomatic, sensible and patient. I feel that Anduin has a potential to be all of that. I’d be very disappointed if Blizz ruined my hopes.

I know it’s still early in his story and I’ve only seen a first few quests but I just needed to write this. If Anduin remains Anduin and won’t go all huge Manduin with huge muscles and a huge weapon, I’ll be happy to thanks Blizz for giving me what I wanted. If not, I’ll be disappointed. And probably play my Horde toon more because if all our leaders are bloodthirsty monsters, I might as well serve a Queen instead of a King.





5 thoughts on “Tread softly, Blizz, because you tread on my dreams

  1. Great article!
    Along the same lines, I want Anduin to be a leader with plan, like on a chess board where he is setting up and is seven moves ahead of the Legion and they fall into their own traps.
    The best Superman stories (strong, muscles, etc.) are when he out-smarts his foes and uses their own folly against themselves.

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  2. Great post! I’ve always liked that Anduin is more diplomatic and contemplating than most characters in-game. Hopefully he, and the people around him, will stop comparing him to Varian. He’ll always come up short until they do. He isn’t the same type of leader his father was but that’s his strength, which he’s proved over and over again (in Pandaria and the Ironforge/Moira conflict just to mention a few).

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  3. That is very spot on, well written :). Let’s hope! I havent been given it much thought before, but I’m tired of the domination of huge men with huge muscles and huge weapons too!

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  4. Yes yes yes. That annoyed me too, although I do have a passing fondness for huge men with big muscles and even bigger swords. Having one or two in a game like WoW who don’t fit that stereotype would be amazing. It’s like they’ve done such a great job in dusting off the female characters for Legion but then taken a backward step with Anduin.

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