Too busy adulting to play games

Sorry for being quiet, RL has been demanding so I don’t have much time to play WoW and write about it here.

I’ve been feeling meh about WoW anyway so I could use a break. I don’t know why exactly, I think I got burnt out on WQs and PvP which were the two things I was doing in Legion content the most.

I was grinding Broken Isles reputations for the paragon rewards hoping to get at least one of the mounts soon but it didn’t happen so now I’m unproductively sulking like a child. That will get me a mount or two, right? /sigh

I might play my paladin more or finally continue my vegetarian leveling when I come back. We’ll see.

If I’m not back soon, I’m probably still adulting.

PS: I try to be positive on this blog and this post was whinny so here’s a cute picture to hopefully make you smile.


The week with four new mounts

I’m a little late with my weekly update, sorry about that. My obsession with Critical Role kept me from being productive.

I got Azure Drake from The Eye of Eternity! Two mounts drop there, Blue Drake and Azure Drake. I got the blue one early and it took some time to get the second one, 17 tries in total. Wowhead says the drop rates are about 4% so it was not that bad. I’ll be going to Firelands now for Flametalon of Alysrazor and Pureblood Fire Hawk. And I’m still trying for Ashes of Al’ar, Invincible and Fiery Warhorse.


And after more than 110 tries, Slabhide in Stonecore finally gave me the Vitreous Stone Drake!


I wanted the MoP disc mount for a while and I finally got around to doing the achievements you need for rep with the Lorewalkers. Mages are getting a disc as their class mount so I wanted to get used to the model. And it’s pretty!


I started doing Argent Tournament dailies again and got Darnassian Nightsaber who keeps yawning. I guess it’s not impressed by me..


I did a few games of PvP brawl called Gravity Lapse. It was Eye of the Storm but you got shot up into the air periodically.


It was quite fun but the strategics for the battleground changed too much for me to follow and it was a mess. I was trying to polymorph someone right before the gravity lapse because I thought a flying sheep would be hilarious but I could never time it right. Someone else was better at this and polymorphed me. And flying sheep is hilarious. Baa!


I’m looking forward to more PvP brawls, they’ve been great so far. I like the design. It’s not something I’d want to do all the time and they’re not up all the time so I can just occasionally have fun with new and weird ways to play a bg, if I want to. Or I don’t have to go there at all because they’re completely optional. It’s perfect.

I was slowly getting to exalted with Armies of Legionfall and then got it unexpectedly when I finished this week Broken Isles quest. I have 58 exalted reputations now so I’m almost Beloved.

I spent about an hour doing Volunteer Guard Day micro-holiday and I killed evil attackers in every Alliance city. It was fun.


Next week (which is this week now..) should be fun too, I hope to get another mount from Argent Tournament and work on some more reputations.