The week with excitement over pretty purple disc

I’m leaving for a holiday soon so I might be inactive for two or three weeks. I hope to finally get back into Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge but I’ll see how busy I am.

I found a few hours to play WoW this week between all the packing and panicking and I’m very happy about that because class mounts are finally here!

I love my prismatic flying disc! It’s so pretty and purple!


And the trail it leaves behind is gorgeous!


I didn’t take screenshots of the other specs but Gnomecore has a great blog post about this mount so go read that if you want to know more.

I got to work with Kalec again and I like him more and more.


Last week, I picked up an egg on Isle of Giants and it hatched into this beauty, Red Primal Raptor. There are two more colours so I’ll them too eventually .


I spent rest of my time in game flying around on my disc excitedly, looking cool and feeling great. I’ve been waiting so long for it and now I have it ❤






Last month in WoW

I’m back and playing WoW a bit!

I didn’t write my weekly update before the break so this will be (mostly random) list of things I did last month.

Children’s Week. It wasn’t fun so I’m glad I got it and we will never talk about it again. I’m only missing The Flame Warden and Brewmaster for What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been so I think the worst is over.


I had huge amount of Shal’dorei Silk so I crafteda lot of items and then destroyed them for Mass Obliteration.

I spent some time running old raids for transmog and pets and I completed Ulduar for the first time! In my previous tries, I couldn’t solo Thorim or Yogg-Saron or I simply got too frustrated with the instance and gave up. Now I finally figured it out and I can farm it regularly.

I’m slightly obsessed with the Paragon mounts so I’m doing all follower missions for rep tokens and waiting for the Darkmoon Faire to use them. So at the end of a month, this is what at least one of my bags look like:


I got some new mounts because mounts are awesome!

Ironforge Ram and Gnomeregan Mechanostrider from the Argent Tournament



Swift White Hawkstrider from Magister’s Terrace while I was farming the rep (lucky me!)


Drake of the North Wind from the Vortex Pinnacle (thank Blizz gods for mounts that can be farmed on normal dungeon difficulty)


and Bone-White Primal Raptor from Isle of Giants.

I also worked on some more reputations and earned myself a lot of love ❤


The Beloved is one of my favourite titles in game, along with The Groundbreaker (for finishing 250 Legion digsites) and Seeker of Knowledge (for restoring pristine versions of Pandaren and Mogu artifacts) which I also got. I now have all archeology achievements finished. It was a lot of work so I’m happy it’s done but I still need the Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank from Tol’vir so I’m digging and probably will be digging for a while.

I’ve been doing the PvP world quests again so I’m slowly earning honor and prestige levels. After getting the first mount, I’m much less motivated to grind but the expansion is far from over so I’ll probably get to level 9 for the second mount.


The PvP Brawls are fun! It’s nice to try out new styles and strategies and possibly never queue again if you’re not having a good time. Tarren Mill vs. Southshore was a very enjoyable mess and I was giggling in the whole time in Deepwing Dunk because the jokes about balls were hilarious.


I’m going on a holiday on Sunday so let’s see what I can do before that. Class mounts should be coming this week and I’m so excited about that! I can’t wait to get my pretty prismatic disc.

Is it Wednesday yet?