The week with excitement over pretty purple disc

I’m leaving for a holiday soon so I might be inactive for two or three weeks. I hope to finally get back into Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge but I’ll see how busy I am.

I found a few hours to play WoW this week between all the packing and panicking and I’m very happy about that because class mounts are finally here!

I love my prismatic flying disc! It’s so pretty and purple!


And the trail it leaves behind is gorgeous!


I didn’t take screenshots of the other specs but Gnomecore has a great blog post about this mount so go read that if you want to know more.

I got to work with Kalec again and I like him more and more.


Last week, I picked up an egg on Isle of Giants and it hatched into this beauty, Red Primal Raptor. There are two more colours so I’ll them too eventually .


I spent rest of my time in game flying around on my disc excitedly, looking cool and feeling great. I’ve been waiting so long for it and now I have it ❤






2 thoughts on “The week with excitement over pretty purple disc

  1. Oh, double congratulations on mounts! That is a very cool looking one 🙂

    I really like Kalec too.

    Nice screenshots – have a wonderful holiday!

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