The week with ups and downs (mostly ups)

This week was dedicated to my pally and working for the class mount. I finished Broken Shore questline and even became exalted with Armies of Legionfall in the process. I started the questline for the mount… and found out I needed to do part of Suramar story to be able to continue.

I never know how to handle these things. At one point, I was thinking about looking up the questline to see what I would need to do but I didn’t want to spoil anything from the story. Someone probably mentioned it (I even listen to a podcast about mounts) but I must have missed it. Or I didn’t listen carefully because I only recently decided to get a class mount for my pally too.

I was disappointed at first but the Suramar questline gives a lot of artifact power and you can get extra mounts for Concordance on artifact weapons so it’s a good thing in the end. I just need to be patient 🙂 I am not patient when it comes to mounts.. But I will try. (Breathe, Ann, you will get your horsie eventually.)

I did get two other mounts though, first one being Grand Black War Mammoth from Vault of Archavon! I was very lucky again, the drop rate is low and I hadn’t been farming it for too long. Your faction needs to control Wintergraps to enter the raid and I don’t know how to win the battle so it was more complicated than other mounts I’m farming.


The second mount I got is Green Primal Raptor from Isle of Giants. Some of the mobs there drop eggs which take three days to hatch into one of three mounts and you can get duplicates but it took me only five eggs to get all three mounts so lucky again!


After getting Invincible last week, I decided to add more mounts to my circle of disappointment. Simple Armory is a great website to see your achievements and their mount planner will plan your mount farm for you.

This is what part of mine looks like:


It is handy and it showed me which raids and dungeons I should be running and I’m not. For example, did you know there are two mounts in Zul’Gurub? And that the place is confusing af and (if you’re like me), you need to find a guide because you have no idea where the bosses are?

The only downside is that I listen to Reins during my circle of disappointment on Tuesday afternoon and the circle is now longer than most of the episodes. I need to do parts of it some other day, probably during the weekend. Ulduar takes a lot of time because I’m working on the legendary for my pally so I run the whole place. It is a big place.

I discovered a message from injured hero somewhere on the Broken Isles and got Legion Medic which was the last achievement I needed for Heroic Skills to Pay the Bills meta. I’m pretty sure I spent more money to get it than I earned from those professions so the name of the meta-achievement doesn’t fit very well.

After not very succesful run last week, I went to Wailing Halls on LFR again, managed to kill everything and got Wailing Halls. Aluneth, my creepy talking staff, got all emo again. He’s either creepy or emo. I ❤ him so much!


I participated in Auction House Dance Party. It was fun! I liked dancing, watching other people (but not too closely because I’m on Argent Dawn and people there get naked a lot) and I especially loved the buff you got. It made my character randomly start to dance whenever she felt like it.




7 thoughts on “The week with ups and downs (mostly ups)

  1. Grats on your new mounts!

    I stopped in at the Argent Dawn AH party (that’s where my Alliance gals are), but the place was pretty deserted when I was there. Must have been the wrong time of day, or something.

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  2. Hey Ann, my first comment here, I really enjoy your blog 😉 I’ll add you to thebrutes’s blogroll 🙂

    Congratulations on the mounts.

    The dancing buff was the best part of the mini-event, I’ve been dancing while fishing the whole week-end…

    I must thank you for the link to Simple Armory, I didn’t know it and the mount planner is an amazing tool, a real savior!

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  3. What a neat website, that Simple Armory! Maybe I’ll put that to good use sometime. Thanks for showing 🙂

    Congratulations on your newest additions to your stable!

    Aluneth is beyond cool; it is so awesome, those little things that staff says. Like the commenting on when you make a portal etc. hah. Amusing 🙂

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  4. wow, oh, wow. Thanks for the tip on Simple Armory and the planner! That is awesome, fun, incredible and kind of blows my mind. In a single click, it plans my mount runs all over the world in a logical sequence.
    I owe you one.

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