Two weeks with so much love!

I’m back! I’m in my new flat and I’m starting to think some of my stuff will forever stay in boxes because I’m too lazy to unpack. Maybe one day I’ll actually finish it. But not today. Today, I will tell you how my two weeks in WoW went. TL; DR: It was fun and factions were giving me their mounts.

I always save up my reputation tokens for Darkmoon Faire and the WHEE! buff so I got to open a number of paragon caches and one of them had a mount inside! Highmountain Elderhorn is now mine 🙂


I was so happy to finally get one! I don’t grind the reps too much but I do my emissaries and sometimes extra world quests in Suramar (I need that flying carpet!) so I thought it was about time I had one 🙂 I was doing the emissaries and a few days later, I got second! Valarjar Stormwing 🙂


I’ve been so lucky the last few weeks! I’m not having the best time IRL so I’m very happy the game is being extra nice to me 🙂 Thanks, Blizz!

I became exalted with Emperor Shaohao and got Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent. The only ways to get rep is one daily quest and killing NCPs so I spent a few days mindlessly killing stuff. I thought I wouldn’t like it but it wasn’t so bad. I’m a human so I have that extra 10% and Darkmoon Faire was in town which helped too. And the mount is gorgeous!


During that, I got an item which creates a snowstorm. So pretty!


I bought another mount from the Argent Tournament. I need two more for 250 Champion’s Seals but I hate that place (again) so I need a break (again) so that I could come back later (again).


I also played a bit with my transmog. I was going to change it completely but somehow I ended up only getting a hat. I have no idea how it happened but I like it.

I ran the last wing of LFR Tomb of Sargeras to kill Kil’Jaeden and earn seeing Argus in the skies. I died in the first few minutes so I still feel it’s not completely deserved. But I will do better next week.

8 thoughts on “Two weeks with so much love!

  1. Welcome back 🙂

    Glad to see you’re all settled in, and congrats on the mounts 🙂

    Yeah the Argent Tournament is quite the ride… I still need about 2000 Champion’s Seals for all the mounts, pets,… Now I just need to find the courage, I guess ^^

    Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Haha, even in LFR trying to kill Jaeden is pretty tough, our group wiped a few times yesterday 😉 I’ll try to do better next time too…

    Congrats on your moving, enjoy your new place 😉

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