The week in which I dug up a bug

I am a mount collector. If there’s a mount I can get, I’ll eventually work on it. There’s only so much time I have in game but a significant part of it is devoted to mount collecting. Dailies in the Argent Tournament, circle of disappointment (killing raid bosses with weekly or daily lock-out), rep grinds, PvP, pet battling,.. Whatever I need to do to get my mounts.

Reins of Azeroth, podcast about mount collecting and other stuff, made a very useful spreadsheet with all the mounts in game (it hasn’t been updated in a few months so it’s missing the newest). I used this to make a list of mounts I WANT to get (it’s basically all the mounts I CAN get without doing serious PvP, spending real money or millions of gold on the Black Market Auction House or leveling new classes). Right now, it’s about 120.

Some of them are easier to get than the others. It would be smart to work on the easy ones first. But apparently, I’m not that smart so I spent more than a year doing archeology for Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank.  It’s a Tol’vir rare solve and those digsites only appear in Uldum so it’s more efficient to dig on Draenor (or in Pandaria) and use Restored Artifacts to buy Tol’vir fragments.

I tried to always use Tol’vir Hieroglyphics to speed things up and I mostly did but it cost me so much gold! I must have made several people rich by buying those on the Auction House. But finally, after 505 Tol’vir sloves, the mount popped up and I got it!


It feels great when I get a mount with low drop rate but it feels even better when I work hard for something and then finally get it. The sense of pride and accomplishment is priceless. This one is also mostly RNG but doing archeology felt more involved than just running a raid every week. For now, I’m using it in battlegrounds and it might be one of my main ground mounts on Argus.

I spent the rest of the week chilling and doing random stuff in Pandaria, mostly farming rares on Timeless Isle and doing dailies on Isle of Thunder.

I also gave up on farming pets for Raiding with Leashes achievements and bought the remaining ones on the Auction House. It only cost me about 10k gold and I got Raiding with LeashesRaiding with Leashes II: Attunement Edition and Raiding with Leashes IV: Wrath of the Lick King. I already had the third part.

Paladin got her class mount and eventually, she’ll work on getting Concordance for three more horsies but I’m waiting for 7.3 and more Artifact Knowledge before I get to it.


I killed Kil’jaeden on LFR, I was alive for the kill and even did nice dps so Argus in the skies is now officially deserved 🙂 It took as a few tries but people were getting better and we eventually killed him. And I really enjoy the fight.

Magni’s scenario was awesome and it made me excited about story progression and new content. I’m still not bored but I want to see what happens next!

3 thoughts on “The week in which I dug up a bug

  1. Ooh, the mounts just keeps coming. You are on a roll! Congrats 🙂

    I really like the Kil’jaeden fight too. – and I find it great, that it’s not super easy as well. Gives a “LFR casual” like me, a sense of process, somehow.

    Me too!; Bring on the next part!

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