Last week in 7.2.5

I was having nice lazy week in WoW until 7.3 release date was announced and I went into overdrive trying to prepare.

I’d been grinding  a few reps (Kirin Tor Offensive, Shado-Pan, Netherwing) but they have to wait until I have time for them again. I got exalted with Avengers of Hyjal but I clear Firelands for the mounts anyway.

I was looking for easy achievements I could do in my garrison, bought some blueprints and got Grand Master Draftsman and Garrison Architect and only now I noticed it gives the “Architect” title. Architect Anniy. That’s nice, I might use it sometimes.

I completely forgot about Garrion Invasions, they were too hard for me in WoD but they’re super easy now and they can drop one of four mounts! Thanks to Kristen for reminding me on Daughters Of Azeroth podcast. I got platinum rating easily with no mount drop so I’ll be doing them every week and hope for more luck in the future.

My mage was already finished on Saturday so I went to kill some stuff in Brawler’s Guild. I’d done the first few fights when it came out but I got stuck on Master Paku. It’s mostly about moving and positioning and I’m not very good at that so it took many more tries but I got through it eventually. I managed to kill some more stuff and get The Second Rule of Brawler’s Guild for reaching rank 4. Next boss was also about moving and positioning so I decided to leave and come back in a few weeks again. Solo content like this is fun but I get tired and frustrated too easily so I need breaks 🙂

I did a part of Suramar questline on my paladin for artifact power, got Power Ascended on Ashbringer and bought the Vengeful Charger. It’s so pretty!


Screenshot by legendaryw8forit on Wowhead because I forgot to take my own..

I still need to unlock all the traits on my prot and holy weapon for the remaining two mounts but that can wait until I have more Artifact Knowledge. And if I really like Argus questing, I might do it that way instead of finishing Suramar. I expect I’ll love Argus quests but Suramar was amazing too. And Suramar City is quite enjoyable with flying. They still know I’m hiding something but now I can fly away before they figure it out 🙂

That was all for this week, I hope you all enjoy new content and see you on Argus! 🙂


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