The first week of 7.3 (spoilers!)

This post containt spoilers for the first week of 7.3 content. 

I’m a bit late with this, sorry, I was busy both in game and IRL. I also don’t have any screenshots (except for Turalyon from my twitter), I’m publishing this on my lunch break and I forgot to add them to wordpress and I’ll probably be too lazy to add them later.. If you want to see some awesome pictures of Argus, check out Alunaria’s post “For Azeroth”, it’s so good!  

I was looking forward to 7.3 and it didn’t disappoint! I love it so much!

The initial quests were great, I was so excited about finally meeting Alleria and Turalyon! Their models look awesome (Turalyon is quite a handsome guy and I really like the voice actor, Travis Willingham, so I’m very happy he’s finally in WoW) and I love their story. Meeting their son broke my heart. But it’s definitely weird that Turalyon, a human, welcomes you on an old draenei home planet. I know he’d been there and fighting Legion for a long time but I’d still like to see more draenei. And more Alleria. And more anyone who’s not Turalyon. But also a bit of Turalyon because he’s cool. I basically want all the things and all the characters!


My newest crush, Turalyon. He’s even shining!

The mobs on Argus hit hard and take some time to kill so I equipped my Prydaz again and it helped a lot! And when I’m starting to feel frustrated, I do WQs on the Broken Isles and kill all the things in two seconds. I’m still farming rep for paragon mounts from Suramar, Azsuna and Val’sharah. It will be slower now that emissaries are on the Broken Shore and Argus too but I’m not giving up. And now that I’m not flying again, the awesome carpet from Suramar can wait. But I’ll get it eventually. I have to.

The secret finding discord community found a way to obtain the Lucid Nightmare. It looks fun but I heard it could take a few hours and I haven’t found the time yet. I hope to try it out this week. How awesome are the people who figured it out?!

Illidan had some disturbing experience with Xe’ra. I know people are mostly on his side in this, I am too, but I still think this could’ve been resolved peacefully. Basically, I still don’t like him. I don’t think I’ll ever like him. But the “I am my scars” line was breathtaking and so relatable!

I didn’t do all WQs on Argus but I’m already Friendly with Argussian Reach and Honored with Army of the Light. I have no idea how far are other people but this seems solid after the first week. And Darkmoon Faire is in town so it will help get me further.

We’re getting some more content tomorrow so I’m already excited to see what happens next! I hope everyone is having a good time in 7.3 🙂

9 thoughts on “The first week of 7.3 (spoilers!)

  1. No, it couldn’t have been done peacefully: despite his refusal to be reforged, she started doing it anyways, putting him in chains. The bitch deserved it. Quite a nazi behaviour, if you ask me: Greater Good and stuff.

    Which brings us to the question: who are Naaru? The Legion’s ultimate purpose is fighting the Void Lords, and naaru’s life cycle includes collapsing into the void… I think we shall await some revelations later. Maybe not in this expansion, but still.


    • The room was full of very powerful people, I think they could’ve stopped her before Illidan blew her up if they wanted to and acted quickly.

      I hope we get more of naaru’s part of the lore, it seems interesting and there is indeed quite a lot we don’t know yet 🙂 I wouldn’t mind an expansion about the naaru and void lords

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      • Khadgar, Turalyon, Velen – they’re all just naaru’s minions. They wouldn’t even assume something wrong was going on – it would take a huge work on their beliefs to let the thought sink. It would have been way late before they acted somehow.


        • I knew something wrong was going on so they sure as hell should’ve too. I also heard theories that Turalyon was basically being controlled by Xe’ra which would make sense.
          I just wish there was another way to resolve the conflict than death. We have a lot of enemies already, we shouldn’t need to fight among ourselves.

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  2. Glad to know I’m not the only one with a new crush on Turalyon. I’d mostly put my paladin away after the heartbreak of Tirion; we both needed time to mourn. But he’s back to lead my alt army into Argus.

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  3. No need to apologize for being late with a post 🙂 I had a great time too. I did use Prydaz at first, but ended up not, because that damn bubble is all over my screenshots!

    Which mount do you use on Argus then? 🙂

    Gosh yes, the Lucid Nightmare. The one thing i was the most hyped about. But the game it involves…Totally not up my alley at all. Ah well maybe someday 🙂
    I know! HOW they figure it out is beyond me. Wow.

    Yes those cinematics…Some certainly give me chills, so awesome.

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    • I wish we could turn off the Prydaz bubble effect, it gets annoying just looking at it.

      I use the favourite mount button for ground mounts, I have my favourite horses there (the Legion PvP ones, Invincible, Spectral Steed, .).

      I heard the game could take long so I want to have a few hours of interrupted playtime before I start and that’s possible only on weekends. I’ll see if I can do it then, there are some guides already so I’m hopeful 🙂

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      • I know! Me too! Its way too graphical for my taste, that bubble effect.

        Good idea, I heard that as well. And now that it’s been known for some days, hotfixes to it starts rolling in, so no harm in waiting 🙂

        Good luck to you!

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