Time flies when you’re.. not writing blog posts

I’ve been busy and lazy and taking care of some IRL stuff but I’m back now! I’ll try to write something more often but we’ll see how it goes.

So what happened in the last.. *checks the calendar*.. many weeks since my last post?


Second and third week of 7.3 was as much fun as the first! Mac’Aree looks amazing but all the ghosts made me sad. I liked getting orders from draenei instead of Turalyon (although I missed my sexy paladin <3) and seeing more of their story.

We finally got more of Alleria. I was waiting so long for this and it didn’t disappoint. She’s awesome.

I became exalted with Army of the Light relatively soon but had to wait a few more weeks to save up for the Lightforged Warframe. It’s such a cool mount! It’s quite big so I feel much safer when I’m running around Argus now.


The paragon caches give three more mounts but I’m not going to grind the rep for them. I can play through the story without flying but the rest is frustrating and mostly not worth it now for me. I’ll definitely come back here in a future expansion(s), when the mobs are easy to kill and hopefully get them then.

Mounts and reputations

I wasn’t going to buy the Blizzcon Virtual Ticket but then I saw the WoW in-game rewards and I just had to. The mounts are awesome and knowing myself, I would probably buy it anyway as the Blizzcon came closer. There’s so much amazing stuff in the virtual ticket, it’s worth it.

My hordie (still with the awful transmog, poor girl) is not sure how this thing works and what to do with her hands..


.. but my main is all about the baby ship and meeting the mama ship in Pandaria!


I was very lucky with my paragon mounts and got Leywoven Flying Carpet and Wild Dreamrunner! I was grinding the Nightfallen rep so much I was getting sick of it but I just had to have the carpet. I’m a tailor so I have the other ones and a carpet has been my main flying mount since I was able to fly. And now, no more withered training scenario! Ever! Or at least until I decide to get all the toys..


I went through most of the puzzles to get Lucid Nightmare and then got stuck on the maze. I gave up after a few hours but I’ll go back there and try again. Eventually. There’s an addon I didn’t use so that could help. Me and maps don’t go well together.

After a few weeks of doing dailies for Shado-Pan, I got exalted and bought these beauties.



All that paragon rep grinding gives a lot of Curious Coins so I finally had enough for Arcadian War Turtle! She’s a bit camera-shy though.


Other stuff

Kirin Tor finally gave me Khadgar’s head as a companion. I like to imagine he’s watching me and judging my life choices. He totally would.


I started doing the PvP world quests again every day, got to Prestige level 7 and I’m getting close to 8. I’ll see how many more I’ll have but it mostly depends on how much longer we’ll be in Legion. I guess we’ll hear all about that soon at Blizzcon 🙂

I randomly found out there’s a whole MoP quest line I somehow missed so I started working on that. It’s Alliance vs. Horde and Varian is there so it makes me sad. But it’s quite fun otherwise and I’m working with SI:7 which is always amazing!