The weeks with all the dailies, reputations and achievements

I’ve been feeling a bit meh about blogging lately but I hope it will go away and I’ll go back to writing regularly soon. Until then, I’m afraid you only get long, chaotic posts about some of the stuff I do in game. So here we go:

I’ve been doing all the dailies for all the reputations and all the mounts.

After hundreds of dailies in Argent Tournament, I now have all the mounts and all the toys! It took me over a year and it was worth it but damn, it sucked! No wonder I got 5000 Daily Quests Completed. There are also pets and a paladin mount but I’m not getting them anytime soon, if ever.

I’m doing PvP WQs and slowly getting the prestige levels. I get about one level per month so  I wonder if I’ll get “the Unstoppable Force” title for reaching prestige level 18. I’d love to have it! I’m currently at 9 so I still have a lot of work to do and given my (relatively) slow progress, I might not have the time if the next expac comes out soon. (I assume the rewards will go away. They might not.)

I’m not doing all emissary quests anymore, only for the paragon reputation rewards I don’t have yet, so Wardens, Armies of Legionfall, Army of the Light, Court of Fandoris and Kirin Tor.

I finished a number of reputations: Argussian Reach, Klaxxi, Kirin Tor Offensive, August Celestials, CHolden Lotus, Keepers of Time and got 70 Exalted Reputations, Pandaren Ambassador and The Burning Crusader. I’m slowly running out of the easy ones and now I’m doing Netherwing which is not fun. I can clearly see that Burning Crusade did not age well when I’m doing BC content at the same time as MoP content. But there’s a mount so I have to do it.

I got lucky in a garrison invasion and Smoky Direwolf dropped! It’s nice to finally get a reward after doing them for a few weeks now.

Wrath timewalking was last week and I finally had enough badges for the pretty pony! I now have all the purchasable mounts and some of the toys so I need to do some more timewalking. But it’s still the expansions I never played so I like it 🙂


BlizzCon happened which led to 2 things: my new horde toon and doing random fishing achievements while watching the panels. I now have Outland AnglerNorthrend AnglerThe ScavengerThe Lurker AboveThe LimnologistThe Oceanographer and Tanniy, a troll druid.


Whatever happens in Battle for Azeroth, I need to see it from both sides of the story. I haven’t done much with her, only the first few quests and now I’m waiting for 7.3.5 and the world scaling. I can’t wait to level her without constanly leaving a zone because the quests don’t give XP anymore. And I’ve never done Kalimdor zones properly so Tanniy and I are going to have have a lot of fun 🙂


I’m a cat for now but I think I’ll be queuing for dungeons as a healer if it’s not too complicated.

Speaking of druids, I loved the Moonkin Festival so much! It was the cutest thing ever and “naptime instructor” is my new life goal.


Do you think someone’s hiring? I have many years of experience and true passion for napping and sleeping.