First two weeks of 2018

New year, same me struggling to write a blog post. But hey, I did it eventually!

But I started the year right with 10000 Honorable Kills achievement on the 1st January! I’m almost prestige 13 now and I had to take a break from PvP because I was starting to hate it. I do all the Warden’s Towers world quests + 2 free-for-all PvP WQs (unless Black Rook Hold is up because I hate that one) every day and with my limited time to play WoW, it’s all I do in game some days. I can’t wait to get to level 18 for the title and then not do any PvP anymore. Ever. Or until I start to miss it which is eventually going to happen, let’s be honest, Ann..

All those WQs and honor leveling give me a lot of artifact power so I fillled up 75 traits on my creepy staff Aluneth and unlocked all the power of the Netherlight Crucible. I was in no rush to do it but the last thingy on he Netherlight Crucible was Everywhere At Once (Increases the window to activate Displacement by 5 sec, and reduces the cooldown of Displacement by 10 sec.) which is actually pretty good! I should read my abilities more often.

Darkmoon Faire is this week so I took advantage of the reputation buff and finished Fisherfriend of the Isles. That was a lot of fishing. A LOT of fishing. And I still need to do MORE fishing to max out Underlight Angler, the fishing pole. Getting that thing to full is harder than getting my artifact weapon to full. Fortunately, I still enjoy fishing 🙂 It just takes longer than I would like.

I got PetTracker addon which shows you which pets you are missing on the map, caught some and got So. Many. Pets. achievement. I also found a guide for Celestial Tournament and I’m leveling the pets which the guide uses. The Tournament has been on my list for a long time now and I want to finally get to it. That should be fun. Or terrible, terrible frustration. We’ll see.

The lovely Laytis took me to LFR Antorus because I was too scared to go there on my own and I got very lucky and this thing dropped for me:


It has cute paws but it’s very ugly overall. And I even had fun in the LFR! I didn’t mess up much and most of the fights were good.

I felt very melancholic on New Year’s Eve so I went to Varian’s grave for the first time ever. I was avoiding the place because I knew it would make me sad and I didn’t want to be sad but I finally found the courage. So 2018 came as I was crying my eyes out and mourning my king in a fictional story in a video game. That’s my life, I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

6 thoughts on “First two weeks of 2018

  1. Congratulations are in order 🙂

    Yeah, I personally think that mount is ugly, but it kinda looks good on a warlock or demon hunter. I dont know why there isnt a version of it with fel green paws, would be cool too. And I hope Blizzard does those kinds of effects on more mounts.

    And about Varian… I can relate. I can honestly tell you that the end cinematic for the Icecrown Citadel raid always makes me tear up. I really liked the Lich King as villain, but what makes me sad is the death of Arthas. I was young and played Warcraft 3 and its expansion over and over, and I witnessed the fall of Arthas, going from a hero in shining armor, loyal disciple of Uther, into someone selling his soul to save his own people and turning into a monster instead.

    And for years I kept believing that deep down, even if it was just a small bit, Arthas was still in there. So that cinematic is something truly special to me.

    Would many people consider it silly, feeling emotional over a cinematic? Maybe. I dont. Playing a rich storyline in a video game, like WoW, is like living in a book of tales. And the fact that WoW can get this response from us proves why it is the greatest game in the world 🙂

    (Im sorry for the long comment, I get carried away sometimes)

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    • Thanks for the congratulations and commenting 🙂
      Looking back at the story of Wrath and how I’ve been handling Varian’s death, I’m so glad I didn’t play back in Wrath! I would be so heartbroken about Arthas. His story is so tragic. And how Jaina got caught into it.. It’s the worst.
      Since I was a kid, I was always emotional about stories, both in books and movies, so when I discovered gaming, I knew I would get hit right into feels many, many times. And WoW can do that very well 🙂

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      • Yeah, in the RTS games you play as Arthas and his army during the purge of Stratholme, and I remember how I felt back then. For so many parts of the campaign, you’d see how they interacted and made such a cute couple.

        Jaina was also one of the reasons Kael’Thas hated Arthas for (Nobbel87 has some pretty cool videos about this).

        The Lich King on ICC raid can drop a special locket. I dont want to spoil what it will trigger, but it’s related to Jaina and it’s worth it ^^

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  2. I still haven’t gone to Varian’s grave. I understand 😥
    Awwwww glad to know someone else loves Fishing as well! You’re way ahead than me, though, congrats!

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