The weeks with having fun in 7.3.5

I managed to write this post on time! Go me!

The leveling changes in 7.3.5 are the best thing that’s happened to WoW since Legion launched. It’s just amazing! I started with my troll druid in Azshara, I’m level 24 and I still have quests there and I don’t have to worry about then going green or grey. The mobs hit hard but not too much. I’m feral for questing and resto in dungeons. Shadowfang Keep was stupid hard but I think they tweaked it. I only do dungeons to finish the quests in them and then go back to leveling in Azshara because I’m working on Loremaster. I will finish much less zones than I anticipated because the leveling is still quite fast but it doesn’t matter, I want to level more characters eventually. Maybe one of the cool allied races we’re getting later.

I did the whole Antorus on LFR with the lovely Laytis. Argus fight is really good and fun. And I saw the cinematic in all its glory in game. The last scene still hurts.

The quests in Silithus after killing Argus were interesting. It also reminded me that I never leveled my Horde mage to 110 in Legion (and I don’t want to because I already saw all the mage stuff) so I probably won’t have a max level Horde toon ready for BfA. But we’ll see when it comes out. I’m hoping for some announcements soon.

I got to prestige level 13 and I’m close to 14. I’m getting more and more worried I won’t make it to 18 for the title in time but that might be just paranoia. I hate when content goes away, especially without any info if/how/when it will be available again.

I finally leveled all the pets I needed for the Celestial Tournament and I went in there. And it took about two minutes until I got into trouble. The strategy for Taran Zhu from the Wowhead guide didn’t work so I had to experiment a bit. I eventually found one that worked really well and I beat it! I bought the Chi-Chi pet and I’m already looking forward to doing it again next week.

I started farming the world bosses in Tanaan Jungle for the mounts they drop (or don’t drop so far) and I finished Tiny Terrors of Tanaan. The fights also drop satchels that can have a pet in them so I think I need to add those to my list of pets I want to get. And by the way, I made a list! My 2018 bucket list. Let’s see how that goes, shall we?

4 thoughts on “The weeks with having fun in 7.3.5

    • I spent a LOT of time establishing my collection so it’s nice to put it to good use 🙂 And I’m having fun in the Celestial Tournament too 🙂 I’ve been seeing Chi-Chi in different strats so I got it first

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