The weeks with new and newly discovered alts

I wanted to play through the pandaren starting area for the first time so I created this lovely panda, Shanniy:


I made her a shaman not really thinking about why and then I realised I might have unconsciously copied Cinder‘s character after watching her stream on the weekend (and by the way, Cinder streams! here! watch her!) so that was a bit weird.. But I have a shaman now 🙂 And she’s a lot of fun to play so I’ll level her to 60 and then boost her.

After leaving the beautiful panda starting zone, I took her to Duskwood. It was my first time doing the full zone and it was so scary! That place is full of creepy stuff and stories. After killing all the dead stuff there, she went to solve a murder mystery to Westfall. I like that zone. Bad creepy stuff are happening there too but at least there’s sunlight. Shanniy’s now level 44 and next zone is going to be Redridge Mountains. If I remember the story correctly from the first time I was there, it will be fun.

I also discovered a gnome hunter I created and abandoned at some point. She was 48 so I did a few dungeons and massacred a lot of beasts to level her skinning and leatherworking. She’s now 60 and she’ll need to skin some more beasts in Eastern Kingdoms before moving on but I like the idea of eventually having all professions leveled up so it’ll be worth it.

I did some more stuff in Halfhill and unlocked child Nomi. I’m teaching him my cool tricks while his adult version keeps burning all my food in Dalaran. I’m not salty about that. Not at all. Really. Not. Salty. You. Little. Piece. Of. Guano!


He went from a creepy kid to an annoying adult. What a story progression..

I timewalked Ulduar! It was nice to see (at least some of) the mechanics and I didn’t suck too much. Except for the General Vezax fight where your mana doesn’t restore unless you stand in bad stuff that’s killing you. On the first pull, I was playing arcane as usual. It was a disaster. I ended up going to him and hitting him with my staff because it was the only way I could do any damage without making our healers panic. It was so stupid. I, Archmage, brave adventurer and heroine of Azeroth, wielder of Alu’neth, Greatstaff of the Magna, am hitting a boss with my staff like it is a mere stick. I switched to fire after that but it didn’t help much. What a failure. I really suffered as my pathetic magic betrayed me, Sindragosa would be proud. And I died on this boss with all the arms and lasers.


But I didn’t suck anywhere else, I swear! Almost anywhere else. There’s a reason why I don’t raid, okay?


Yep. Lasers. Lasers hurt. Avoid those.

I got prestige level 15! I only want to grind to level 18 so I’m getting closer. I still need to kill a lot of Horde but it’s nice to see the levels go up.


I was going to honor a bunch of elders to get the Lunar Lantern pet but I got lazy and bought it on AH. I’m bad. But I have the pet now so yay!

I pre-purchased BAzeroth (that’s how I’m calling Battle for Azeroth, I heard that on Girls Gone WoW podcast and I really like it so I’m borrowing it). I will do the quests to unlock the Alliance allied races next week and probably make them just to see their character creation options and get the mounts. That should get me to Mountacular!

2 thoughts on “The weeks with new and newly discovered alts

    • I don’t watch streams much because I don’t have the time but I try to catch Cinder streaming alpha BAzeroth if I can, it’s fun 🙂
      I think I could skin anywhere but I’m also leveling leatherworking so I need specific materials. I forgot to mention that in the post.

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