The weeks with defeating all the Argus pets

Family Fighter! F*cking finally! This took ages and a lot of that time was spent screaming at my screen in frustration. You need to defeat all the “corrupted pets of Argus” with teams made out of pets of the same family. All the corrupted pets and all the families. That’s 18 pets and 10 families so 18*10 which equals a f*ck ton of pet battles.  There are strategies on the internet so I didn’t have to do the hardest part (shout-out to Wowhead and Xu-Fu’s Pet Battle Strategies!) but I didn’t have all the required pets so I had to buy/trap them and level them and it was a lot of work. And I’m so damn proud of myself for completing it. I love when I finish a big project.

I felt so good about my pet battling skills that I went back to Pandaria to finish some old quests and achievements I had tried last year and quickly abandoned. Pandaren Spirit Tamer is incredibly easy now that I have the required pets and I added Beasts of Fable Book I-III dailies to my rotation to get all the pandas.

Mountacular! I was stuck at 249 mounts for so long! But now I have my own Felfire Hawk:


I got the previous achievement for 200 mounts on 23rd September 2017 so it took less time that I expected but getting another 50 mounts for Lady of the Reins is going to be a challenge. I need to expand my circle of disappointment and get back to the mounts I abandoned for various reasons (the maze for Lucid Nightmare, Ashran rep, ..). And I haven’t even started farming mounts on Argus! So much to do! So many pretty ponies and other creatures to get!

The 250th mount was Lightforged Felcrusher which you get for unlocking Lightforged Draenei. I thought you needed to roll the character to get the mounts but you get them as quest rewards for the final scenario in the questchains. I started with the Void Elves but the void chicken didn’t count for some reason, then I did the Lightforged Draenei and the felcrusher did count. It was weird.

I really liked the quests to unlock the Alliance allied races. Alleria and Turalyon are very interesting characters and I had quite an adventure with both of them. I’m not going to write about it now to avoid spoiling it for others but I’m going to say I enjoyed it very much.

I hit another prestige level and You Are Sixteen. The end of this grind is near(ish).

I finished making Sky Golem. I never realised how weird it looks when it’s flying. Is this how Iron Man feels?


I helped tiny Nomi make so many meals that he grew up and I got the Now I Am the Master achievement, which is really ironic now because we know how much he sucks at cooking. But his adult version gave me the last Legion recipe so we’re square now.

I bought Lost Mail on the auction house and did the Postmaster’s questline. It was so fun! I always enjoy when questgivers want me to do mundane tasks like deliver mail to an adventurer or carry a bag full of rocks around Dalaran. They’re much more interesting to me than saving Azeroth from world-ending threats. Sorting the mail was a struggle. I’ve spent almost no time on Kalimdor and I’m not very knowledgeable about the rest of the world(s) either. I managed to do Post Haste but the challenging version is indeed challenging. I couldn’t do it. My best result was 22. I’ll go back there eventually. And here’s my new little buddy!


I then sold the Lost Mail on the auction house for the same amount of gold I originally bought it so yay for free fun!

7 thoughts on “The weeks with defeating all the Argus pets

  1. Congrats!!! 😀

    I have no idea about what to do to get more mounts, I’m leaving those achievements to another time. Right now I’m trying to grind honor, on an alliance character….which is…..slowly damaging my sanity xD (just yesterday, during seething shore, a player on my team only decided to ask what he was supposed to do after 10min when we were losing 1400 to something). Any tips are greatly appreciated

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks 🙂

      I barely do BGs, they make me angry.
      I do the Warden Tower world quests every day and usually two or three free-for-all PvP WQs too (although I use my class hall’s ability to instantly complete one before I go to work). I avoid Black Rook Rumble because that one’s almost impossible to do without actually PvPing, others can be (usually) done with PvE only.
      I might do a post about it.

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      • I got it yesterday. Indeed several BGs make me angry, but mostly disappointed.

        I always ask, after hello and the niceties, “who else defends the flag?” And get ZERO REPLIES. And all of the sudden, when we are losing the damn thing, everyone is talking and blaming each other.

        8/10 BGs with no one else defending the flag. And I can only do so little against 4 enemies charging in.

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        • That’s exactly the reason why I pretty much gave up on BGs, Usually no one talks about strategy in the beginning but when people think it’s time to blame someone or shout angrily, there’s so much chatter all of a sudden.
          I don’t need that kind of toxicity in my life.

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          • Indeed, on days where I dont mind it I’ll do them. But if I’ve had enough during the day (like those days where I find myself saying “Im surrounded by idiots”) I’ll just stick to pve.

            Its a bit different if there is at least one person I know on the bg. When I do them with Princess we can focus on doing our own thing if the team is just running amok 🙂

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