Is it worth it?

I try to be optimistic. Even when I don’t like what’s happening in WoW, I try to trust Blizzard that they know what they’re doing. That they have a plan and this will all make sense eventually and we’ll appreciate all that’s happened even if we didn’t like it at the time.

We’re in pre-patch, we’re only seeing a beginning of a much larger story. I know this and I’ve been telling myself this nonstop since I saw Teldrassil burn on my Alliance character and had to participate in that on my Hordie.

But I’m still upset. It sucked. And my home in Azeroth is Stormwind so I don’t even have that very deep connection to Darnassus and Teldrassil which a lot of players have. There’s so much sadness and anger and so many people are feeling bad about the game.

I understand breaking a few eggs to make an omelette/great story. Blizz is definitely not the only one to do that, I recently rewatched Avengers: Infinity War and they smashed many eggs along with my heart to pieces and left us hanging for a year until the next part comes out. I understand this. But I don’t know if it’s worth it. And I won’t know until I see the whole expansion.

I originally didn’t want to make a post about Burning of Teldrassil because I don’t have anything nice to say but I want to do this. I want to publish a post about my feelings to remember the bad times we’re having now. And I will come back to it eventually to say if it was worth it or not.

I try to be optimistic and trust Blizzard. Always. But they made it damn hard with this pre-patch.

So I really hope it will be worth it.

10 thoughts on “Is it worth it?

  1. I am with you. I find it difficult to blog through this too, but it’s important that we do. Imagine you in ten years looking back, and seeing no blog posts during this time. It’s a good thing to get it out there.

    For me, no matter which kind of story they “pull”, I am deeply affected by this. All characters I own are Night Elves, all with Hearthstones set to Darnassus, forever.

    I am hoping that we will get another home before BfA ends. But it’s the not knowing it part, that really troubles me. And the history behind us show, that not many things in game are getting rebuilt. (Hello Loch Modan. How long can it take?)

    I am generally optimistic about the game, more than most, but this – the way the story is turning. No. I feel disconnected to the story.

    I think, somewhere in the HQs of Blizzard designers are sitting, happy about this, because it gets us all so involved, so worked up. I imagine they say “bad emotions is better than no emotions”.

    I don’t know what my point with this respond is, sorry! Just know,you are not alone in how you feel.

    I can’t imagine just going into BfA, meeting Jaina, doing whatever needs to be done there (I know nothing about BfA, just that Jaina is there) preparing to launch an attack on the Horde.

    What does it matter? I’m not a revenge kind of person. It does not bring back the dead, it does not bring back Teldrassil, it does not bring back AN ENTIRE ALLIANCE CITY. My city.

    If WoW was a movie right now, I would not be watching it.

    But maybe the story, maybe the game, is not written with a player like me in mind. Maybe it is indeed more for the Mythic+, go go go, war, war, war, caring little for others – player segment now.

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    • I also hope the night elves and worgen get a new home ASAP. WoW leaves too many stories unfinished.

      “What does it matter? I’m not a revenge kind of person. It does not bring back the dead, it does not bring back Teldrassil, it does not bring back AN ENTIRE ALLIANCE CITY. My city.” Exactly. I would be 100% behind Alliance just telling Horde to calm down their bloodthirsty Warchief and not retaliating at all. This doesn’t need to start a war. But that’s not how the world (of Warcraft) works.

      “But maybe the story, maybe the game, is not written with a player like me in mind. Maybe it is indeed more for the Mythic+, go go go, war, war, war, caring little for others – player segment now.” We didn’t have the faction conflict in Legion so maybe it’s time to make other people happy and have it? You can’t always make everyone happy. It just sucks when we’re the unhappy ones.

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    • The Mythic + idea is not go go go, dear Alunaria 🙂

      Its about devising strategy, controlled pulls, overcoming obstacles. Tell you what, we’ll schedule one when you want to see it as I see, I promise I’ll get a fun group 😀

      The faction conflict was a plot point meant to be developed in Legion (Greymane vs Sylvanas) but the largest part was removed to due being too much content.

      Think of it this way: you are not fighting for revenge. You are fighting to get a home for your people.

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      • I hear what you are saying sweet Lord- I just feel it’s all there is to it. Make it in time. Time, time time is running out, go, go, go. But is it not fair of me to judge it. I realize M+ is probably one of the best things Blizzard ever came up with, game wise. It’s just not my thing. (And I love challenges in game normally)

        Oh, too much content even? I did not know.

        I try. But, I want nothing to do with Undercity.
        Why do we not do World Quests in Stormwind, mending the wounds of the survivors?

        Why does Tyrande and Malfurion just stand there, silent, not a word to offer?

        Why do we not focuse on rebuilding Teldrassil in say, the Hinterlands.

        Invading Undercity (which is what will happen next as far as I understood, while staying as spoiler free as I could) does not give us Teldrassil back.

        Given history, rebuilding things in WoW is not happening. Loch Modan, for example. How long can it take? The Stormwind Park took, what, years and years, three expansions?

        Sigh. It’s all so horrific and upsetting, far more than I thought it would be! I cancelled my subscription today. Which is ridiculous. Because I am sure I’ll renew it. I guess it’s just a phase, I gotta get through.

        I’m sorry, I don’t mean to sound so negative at all. I’m just so sad and don’t see the point 😦

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        • The timer is there so there is a standard for all. Doing a mythic 15 in 10mins isnt the same as doing one in 5 hours. I’ve seen several bloggers complaining about the run run run who never did a high key, so it is a misconception or wrong idea caused by hearsay or bad groups 🙂
          Those who rush it all are either massively over geared, or clueless about tactics and affixes and so lose too much time.

          Alu, you are quitting after reading page one. “Why do we not focuse on rebuilding Teldrassil in say, the Hinterlands”- well, have you played the whole expansion? All the future patches too?.

          The movie Goodfellas starts with a man getting shot and stabbed in the trunk of a car. If I hadnt got past that first scene, I wouldnt have discovered one of my favourite gangster movies. (Drastic example, but it serves)

          As a community, WoW players are what is making me sad. Not the fact that Teldrassil was burned. People need to understand that they are not entitled to anything other than a quality game and an excellent service.

          Our contract with Blizz is this: If we want to play the game they’ve made, we pay X each month. This value assures constant content, great service, etc.
          It doesn’t make us screenwriters, devs, engineers, artists, and doesn’t give us the right to demand how the story goes. Sure, we may love it or hate it. The main story is what it is.
          Because we are supposed to live OUR story, the story of your characters. Don’t want to be part of the war? Then by all means, explore the islands, catch pets, do healing WQs 🙂

          You are supposed to play the game as YOU WANT. You can get to 120 without doing anything from the war.

          You knew it would burn, and yet you did the cinematic. Its not the end of the world, you can always be there with other characters and with Alunaria by talking to the NPC 😀

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