The week I mastered lore and was on a podcast

On Wednesday, my laptop decided to almost die. I’d been having issues with it for a few weeks and I think it ran out of patience. I tried to scan and repair but it didn’t work and it even completely froze during that so I reinstalled Windows and hoped it would help. So far, it looks like it did so fingers crossed.

The Team Easily Amoosed (my raid team) finished Crucible of Storms so we’re going to do some older raids for achievements until the new raid is opened. All the cheese!

I thought I didn’t need to back up anything because all my stuff is in cloud these days anyway but after I installed WoW back, I realised I had no idea what addons I was using. Oops. I’m still getting them back with the method of “This looks strange and hard to do. Did I have an addon for it?” and then looking up addons for it until I remember the name. It’s a good thing I have an excellent memory! (I don’t. My memory is terrible. I’m not recognising any of these addon names. Send help.)

I was missing about half of Icecrown for Loremaster so I prioritised it before everything else and fortunately finished it before the new patch!


The amount of times the Lich King popped up to threaten me and to tell me to go get him in his Citadel was ridiculous. I thought the rest of Northrend was bad but Icecrown has him in every other quest. I understand that they wanted to get me all hyped up for the raid and to make me want to kill him even more but I was just rolling my eyes instead. And I didn’t have time to go kill him so the poor guy is still waiting for me.

It was the last week of season 2 so The Moosketeers (the team I’m running mythic+ dungeons with) assembled to try and raise our score and hopefully get a good Atal’Dazar key because we only had lower scores on it. We fortunately got it for our last run and finished it in time so this is how I’m ending the season:


I only started doing mythic+ dungeons seriously about 7 months ago and I was very scared to even set foot in them, especially with people I knew, but I’ve had a lot of fun and seeing us get better and progress was amazing. My goal for the next season is to have 10 in all dungeons. It doesn’t feel doable saying it but looking at my results from season 2, I should be able to do it. I still can’t believe I’m doing these dungeons.

I’ll probably write a post about both my raiding team and mythic+ dungeon team (both from the lovely community around Girls Gone WoW podcast) later but for now, please bear with me if you have no idea who I’m talking about and how I got to them.

I was also on their podcast. That was a first. It was also scary and incredibly anxiety-inducing but I have anxiety so everything is scary and incredibly anxiety-inducing.. But I enjoyed it 🙂 Our whole team was there so less attention on me helped a lot and we had a lovely (and educational) chat about mythic+ dungeons. We also made fun of our healer and the Moose (our hunter’s pet) as we always do. It was almost as random as our runs but E-J managed to keep us in line. You can check it out here. I’m the nervous person whose first language is obviously not English. You can’t miss me.

Patch 8.2 is coming out today and I can’t wait to finally get my hands on it! New zones to explore! New quests to do! New reputations to grind for flying! New shinies, pets and mounts! All the things!

The Week with Cursed Sausages

I’m writing an update for this blog! I’m like a real blogger again! Go me!

Our healer was at a wedding instead of doing mythics+ last week so we had to find our own fun. We did enough island expeditions for the weekly quest and I got a mission for Azerite power which I was already capped on so that wasn’t useful but I also got some Seafarer’s Dubloons and a pretty transmog piece so in the end, it wasn’t that bad 🙂

We also did a bit of PvP which was new with this group but not terrible. We started with Warsong Gulch and people were actually doing mechanics and playing well so I could often just damage and slow people and all that and I got a lot of honor! Then we did Alteral Valley and even though we won, it was very long and I still don’t understand that battleground so it was less fun but it had its moments.

I was cleaning up my bank and found some cursed meat so I made some cursed sausages and I got cursed. I really should’ve seen this one coming..


In raiding news, we killed the first boss in Crucible of Storms in only six tries! It was so amazing! During our first five tries, we barely got under 50% but in the next attempt, things somehow clicked and we managed to finish the fight! I’d heard scary things about this raid so it was very encouraging to see that it was possible to do. Hopefully things go well tonight and we’ll either finish the raid or at least make some good progress on the second boss. We have time until the next raid so I’m not worried.

The date for 8.2 was announced today and it’s coming next week! Hype! There’s so much awesome stuff in the patch and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. New zones with new quests! Flying! New pets and mounts to collect! Flying! Two more reputations which will get me to 100 exalted reputations and I’ll get Pureheart Courser! Flying! You get the idea.

I wanted to finish Loremaster before 8.2 but I’m not sure if I’ll have the time. I’m only missing a few parts of Icecrown but it’s a big zone with long quest chains and they’re interesting and fun so I don’t want to rush them. I don’t think I need to do anything to prepare for 8.2 but I’m sure I’ll think of something. Planning.. Not my strong suit..

Warning! Rant incoming. Feel free to stop reading here if you don’t want to read my grumpy complains and see you at another blogpost!


I was stuck at 297 mounts for weeks and it was starting to bother me so I looked up what easy-to-get mounts are coming in 8.2 and I was a bit angry when I found out that they added reputation mounts that cost 90k gold each. I try to pay for my subscription with gold if I can and if the cost of these doesn’t change, I’ll never get them. I can’t justify buying 2 mounts when I could get a month of playing for the same price.

Expensive mounts had been discouraging me from mount collecting for the whole BfA and this killed off the last of my motivation. These are reputation mounts, I already worked to get them and while I understand why some expensive mounts exist, this seems excessive. I had about 110k gold so I decided to use it to get to Lord of the Reins and then never spent too much money on mounts again. I bought a few profession mounts and starting now, I will only farm drops, do achievements and make the rest of profession mounts myself.  I used to enjoy mount collecting very much (which is how I got to 300 mounts in the first place) but I don’t like how much new mounts cost these days. Fortunately, there’s still a lot of old mounts I can work on.

And a few hours after this, I got a mount from Darkshore which was a nice band-aid for my grumpiness 🙂


Battle for Azeroth and all the things!

Alright, let’s try this blogging thing again. I might not be able to keep to a schedule but I can make an attempt, right?

The last time I wrote any kind of week(s) in WoW update was.. *goes back to check* August 2018. Oops.

So.. Battle for Azeroth started! Yay! I went in first with my Alliance human mage as always (well, this is my second expansion so “always” actually means “once before” but you know what I mean..). Before BfA pre-patch, I was considering switching to my death knight but I couldn’t abandon my mage and I’m glad I didn’t. Looking at it now, it would’ve been a mistake.

Leveling was amazing. Drustvar was the best zone ever for my dark, witch-lore-loving Slavic soul. I loved hanging out with Flynn and Taelia in Tiragarde Sound (and Taelia has a huge potential as a character so I really hope they do something with her). Stormsong Valley was slightly creepy and had way too many random farms in need of saving but overall, I had fun there too.

I absolutely loved The Pride of Kul Tiras storyline with saving Jaina. One of the main reasons why I was looking forward to Kul Tiras was the potential for more Jaina stories and it delivered. I was in tears. (And not for the first or last time in BfA.)

(The war campaign happened and I don’t enjoy the faction conflict so let’s just move along and not talk about it, shall we?)

In November, I joined Girls Gone WoW discord and started raiding (if you don’t know GGW, it’s a lovely podcast with lovely Raven and lovely E-J and lovely guests and you should listen to it). I hadn’t done much raiding before so it was.. interesting but apparently, I am (usually) not a terrible raider! I sometimes stand in sh*t or forget about mechanics or miss some raid instructions because when more people talk at once, I can’t understand anyone (especially in English which is not my first language) but it’s working (and it’s “only” normal so it’s more forgiving than the higher difficulties).  We cleared Uldir, Battle of Dazar’alor and this week, we killed the first tentacle thingy in Crucible of Storms! Go us!

I’m also doing mythic+ dungeons with some of the people from there and we got Keystone Conqueror for clearing a mythic+ 10 in time! It was hard work but it was also very rewarding. When the mythic+ dungeons were first introduced, I knew I would like them if I had a stable group to progress with and it actually happened for me!

I love the GGW community. It’s basically the first time I have (friends!) people to play with in WoW and those chill raids and mythic+ runs are making BfA even more enjoyable 🙂

My human mage became a Kul Tiran! My mage has hips! I love my mage’s hips. Those are some good hips. I wrote my human mage a little farewell and she’s now a beautiful Kul Tiran (with hips!). Look at her!


Isn’t she gorgeous? I love her so much!

I’ve also been doing some old content because I’m getting slightly bored in 8.1.5 but I still gave a few things to do, for example the Loremaster! I feel like a terrible slacker for not having that already but I’m almost there. I did Dragonblight and for the first time in my WoW life, I saw the Wrathgate cinematic in-game. I’d seen it outside the game of course, it’s legendary, but it was even better with the build-up (especially knowing it was going to happen!) and the aftermath.


It was beautiful. And scary and sad. It gave me all the feels.

The last remaining zone for Loremaster is Icecrown so I’m now working on that. And then I’ll be done with Loremaster and will need to find some new fun until 8.2 hits. I could start doing the circle of disappointment again and smack some bosses until they give me their mounts. Or work on all those garrison achievements. Or finally try Wintergrasp.

Yeah.. I’m not getting bored anytime soon.