The grind to flying

Disclaimer: this post contains some grumpy rumblings about Nazjatar. If you want to skip that, start reading this post at “Mechagon!”.

I wanted to get flying as soon as possible and I knew it would be a grind but damn, that was one hell of s grind! It took 12 days which is a great time but they were mostly not very fun 12 days, unfortunately, because of Nazjatar.

Nazjatar is a beautiful zone which I can now appreciate while I am flying and not dying every twenty minutes.


The first week was rough. Fortunately, it was only one week and by then, devs had listened to our feedback and fixed a lot of things I was struggling with. Also my bodyguard got leveled and he has solid abilities. I feel like he pulls mobs sometimes but overall, he’s helpful. It’s slightly annoying that his quests don’t give reputation but there’s an essence I’ll eventually get and it looks useful to me so it’s at least something.

This whole experience once again proved to me that hyped up, lore-important zones (Nazjatar, Argus, ..) are much better in my imagination than as actual zones in the game. Especially if they put reputation grind needed for flying on there and make them intentionally hard. I find it impossible to feel excited about all that lore while I’m dying all the time and just want my flying, ffs.. It’s partly my fault for not being able to enjoy the game as devs make it but I’m also a squishy mage and after finishing mythics+11 in time, having solid gear and feeling confident, I hated being so weak.


I knew I would like this zone but I love this zone! It looks amazing, there are funny, quirky gnomes, solid quests, interesting mechanics and a lot of fun things to do. And a mechanical kitten that can get be painted to a different colour!


I already had time for fun achievements like this one:


You fish up rare fish on Mechagon, get special goggles and then go around the world getting more rare fish from bubbles.


It’s a fun distraction from the daily grind and I love when current content takes me to older zones.

Raiding and mythic cheeses

We had finished Crucible of Storms before the patch dropped and the new raid wasn’t opened yet so we went back to Hellfire Citadel and did Glory of the Hellfire Raider for green puppies! And I played with the corgi toy again.


We also did a few mythic dungeons for achievements and some of those are a bit tricky and/or hard so I expect that to take a few more weeks in the future, probably between seasons again. This week, we’ll either do the Mechagon dungeon or start doing mythic+ dungeons now that season 3 started. We have a goal to get +10 in time in all of them and after seeing the changes, I am now less confident I’ll do it but we’ll see. I have a great group so even if it won’t happen, I’ll have fun in the meantime 🙂

New art

The lovely Sirius who did the original art for my human mage on this blog updated it to Kul Tiran and I love it! She’s so amazing!








4 thoughts on “The grind to flying

  1. Sadly by the time I get to Mech in the evening I just want to get it done and over with. I know it will get better, it does get better? But right now I’m just overloaded trying to get through it.


    • The dailies are so much faster with flying! It’s incredible! I usually start by getting Nazjatar out of the way and then I have fun on Mechagon. But to be fair, I’ve had a lot of time to play lately so it’s easier for me.

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  2. Wow very nice update on the art, well done Sirius!

    I imagine that Nazjatar is much more beautiful once one can fly; being able to “swim fly” through the zone together with the rays and such must be a nice experience 🙂

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