Anniy the Esteemed

My return to blogging is going as badly as expected but I wrote this post so yay for me! Baby steps. 

After the grind to get flying, I needed a little break from Nazjatar and Mechagon so I took a few days off and played The Sims 4, became an astronaut, built a rocket, went to space and met aliens (in The Sims, not IRL, unfortunately) and after that, it was time to grind to exalted in those zones. I missed my human reputation bonus a bit (my Kul Tiran’s hips are still worth it though!), I didn’t realise how spoiled I was by that but after a few weeks, I got both to max which also meant the achievement for 100 exalted reputations and the pretty Pureheart Courser pony!


I realised that 100 reps is quite a lot considering I hadn’t played WoW for that long. I did some math and found out I’d been playing for 50 months, so that’s 2 reps a month. It made me question my life a bit but I shared it with a friend and she made a very good point about other people spending a lot of time on things like drugs and straight prides and making mean comments on the internet so I decided that getting pixel people to like my pixel character in a video game is actually an acceptable way of spending my time.

It was my main WoW goal for a while so I need to find a new thing to work on. I still don’t have a big goal but I’m keeping busy with other things I want to accomplish. Now that I have flying, I did all the “Adventures of” and “Treasures of” in both Kul Tiras and Zandalar and a few other Exploration achievements. Flying all around those zones and enjoying the view was amazing. I love flying.

I looked into old achievements and realised garrison stables had mounts to raise and I hadn’t finished those quests. It took a few days of simple dailies and now I have six new mounts!


I really should go through old achievements properly to see if I’m missing something with good rewards I would really enjoy. I’m continuing with garrison buildings in the meantime.

I did a bit of leveling on my hunter and she’s now lvl 120. I got her Hati and benthic gear and she’s now working on her professions, skinning and leatherworking. I also made a Kul Tiran druid and healed a few dungeons. I still don’t know if I’ll stick to it, healing scares me and I’ve never been good at it but maybe with a bit of practise, I could get into it. We’ll see. I can always go boomkin and just pew pew stuff.

I fished up enough fish to make 50 Bountiful Captain’s Feasts for the “Catering for Combat” achievement and I still don’t have the Great Sea Ray which makes me a bit salty (sea pun not intended). I guess I’ll fish some more. To be fair, I would keep fishing anyway because we’re still using those feasts in raids but I want the mount. RNG deities, get on it!

I’m raiding with Team Easily Amoosed and doing mythic+ with the Moosketeers as usual and both is going well! We’re clearing The Eternal Palace one new boss a week and we’re starting to get mythic 8+ in time.

I also went on a deep dive on which is a site that tracks mythic+ progress and found out that I was 10th arcane mage on my realm (8th when I’m writing this, 6th on Alliance). It doesn’t actually say anything because not many people play arcane and I’m doing these dungeons with a team so it’s not just my accomplishment and the numbers are very different when I look at my rankings worldwide as a mage or a dps. But 10th or 8th on my realm was a good ego boost. Let’s not pick it apart too much and just enjoy it, shall we? 🙂 I’m awesome!

And last but not least, after months of using a wand, I finally got a good staff so I could transmog it to Aluneth (Legion arcane mage artifact)! I have my creepy friend back! He’s once again complaying when I’m out of mana, making mana buns for my friends and getting them a portal instead of letting them walk. I missed my creepy friend.

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