Classic Adventures #2: Procrastination and Hogger!

Second part of my Classic series is here! It’s mostly screenshots again. I’m taking so many screenshots! And without the twitter integration, I can’t share them straight out of the game so now I’ll just dump them all on you.     

I played more Classic and even though I wanted to only play with rested XP, I cheated a bit because I was having a lot of fun.

I also made a Horde alt that I could play when my Alliance main is gathering rested XP but I still want to get some Classic fun. I was at the character creation screen for a bit and decided to go with… *drum roll* I’ll give you a screenshot to guess.


Undead! I don’t even know why. I made her, ran outside, took a proper look at her and realised that I couldn’t play Undead. The way she ran was weird and she just wasn’t nice to look at (being.. you know.. a corpse) so I deleted her after about 30 seconds. So that was a silly and very short life of.. whatever her name was. I already forgot.


After that nonsense, I actually thought about what I wanted to play and went with a much better choice.


Tauren shaman. She’s beautiful, I think shaman could be fun and the starting location was gorgeous. Look at this!


And this!


After appreciating the scenery for a few minutes, I got her through first quests, started her rites, killed some plainstriders and went back to my Alliance mage for now.

While I was in Stormwind, I thought I’d learn fishing and try that. There was a bit of a problem though..


Apprentice Fishing costs 1 silver. After buying my spells, I didn’t have 1 silver. And I didn’t even buy all the spells I could, I’m following a Wowhead guide for AoE build so I’m only getting spells for that. As an arcane mage on retail, it makes me sad that I won’t be using Arcane Missiles even though I knew I’d be mostly frost. I just love my arcane mage on retail too much.

I eventually had enough money to train fishing and I found out fifth thing I didn’t know about Classic. If your skill is not high enough, you don’t fish out anything. The fish either gets away or nothing ever bites into your.. fishing.. pole.. string.. thingy (I know nothing about fishing even IRL and in my own language, sorry).

I still want to level this profession eventually but it will be harder than I expected. There will probably be much more of this in my future:


I still wasn’t brave enough to go to the Fargodeep Mine so I procrastinated with different quests, for example with this lazy kid..


.. or the Romeo and Juliet storyline.


I killed some murlocs which was awesome because murlocs are such a typical WoW thing, it made me feel very legit that I was killing murlocs in Classic WoW like one of those cool, veteran kids.


I think they ate a Stormwind soldier or a guard or something so my excitement was slightly inappropriate but murlocs! Murlocs are awesome!

I explored Elwynn Forest from the ground and from height..


.. failed at picking flowers (that’s sixth thing I didn’t know about Classic – you can fail at picking a flower)..


..and pulled too many things and had to swiftly advance in the opposite direction. I still haven’t got used to the distance from which I can accidentally pull a mob.


After all those shenanigans and getting a few more levels, I finally stopped procrastinating and ventured into the mine. I had to kill a named mob, get candles and dust from the kobolds and also ” Scout through the Fargodeep Mine”. After several long minutes of running around the mine, being chomped by the kobolds and trying to find the place that would give me the credit for that part, I opened my questlog and found out that I had already got the credit. And I didn’t notice. Because it didn’t flash at me like in retail. And I apparently need things to flash at me. Because sometimes, I’m a bit dumb.


The Fargodeep Mine (Complete)

So that was a lesson in how to play Classic WoW. Stop expecting things to flash at you. They will not and you will spend ten minutes in an evil, scary mine even though you could’ve left after about two minutes. Not my brightest moment.. Let’s move on..

It got me to level 10 so I chose my first talent and my Frostbolt is now improved and takes less time to cast.


After that, I had all quests in Goldshire completed so I moved west to another typical and legendary Classic/Vanilla WoW thing. Hogger. I’d been seeing “LFG Hogger” in general chat since level 1 and I couldn’t wait to do this quest. I was looking forward to this since Classic was announced. And it’s such a silly thing, it’s just one quest but I had all the feels while I was doing it. And I was also feeling a bit silly that I was giggling like a child while killing a pixel gnoll in a video game but it was still awesome.

When I came there, there was another mage already killing him and kiting like a pro so I invited them in a group and we killed him together. Well, they did most of the work because they were level 13 and I was only 10 but Hogger still got a few of my fireballs right into his furry face.

You can’t see his corpse very well but he’s there! And he’s dead!


I stole his paw and brought it to Goldshire. That’s what you get for messing with people of the Alliance!


I went to celebrate to Stormwind and saw someone on a mount for the first time. You couldn’t miss them, they were bragging right in front of Stormwind. Good for you, buddy.


I bought new spells and still had some silver left so I trained more tailoring recipes and made myself a new chest piece. I wondered how much I would miss transmog but so far, I’m good. I would like to give her dress but I can deal with this. At least it’s not ugly.


After that, I ran to the auction house to hopefully sell a green two-handed sword I got and it was time for another break.


level 10, /played 4 hours, 38 minutes

4 thoughts on “Classic Adventures #2: Procrastination and Hogger!

  1. A tip if you did not know already. If you open your quest log you can right click and track up to 5 quests at a time which will list the objectives off to the right of the screen. Very handy if you get those collect 6 of these and 5 of those, and 20 of that other thing.

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    • I noticed that, I think the game automatically starts tracking a quest but only if I’m killing x out of x mobs or picking x out of x objects. It was tracking Gold Dusts and candles but it doesn’t let me start tracking quests with different objectives. So I just need to be careful about that in the future, I guess.

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  2. Isn’t Mulgore stunningly beautiful? I started classic with a forsaken warlock – but rerolled to a tauren druid – and I spent ages just screenshotting everything. Can’t wait to get to the parts of Azeroth that were different before Cata, since I’ve not seen those before 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Same 🙂 I spent much more time just looking around in Mulgore than Elwynn Forest.
      And I’ve loved exploring Stormwind and comparing it to retail so I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the zones.



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