The weeks with being distracted by Classic

This post doesn’t include anything from 8.2.5 so you don’t need to be worried about spoilers if you still haven’t played through it. Or 8.3 because it took me so long to write this that we now have info about that too. I’m so behind.. But I’m already working on a post about 8.2.5 stuff!

I’m still playing retail but it’s mostly raiding, doing mythic+ dungeons and occasionally old achievements.

I was going to do more WoD achievements but you need a specific daily to do some of them and it wasn’t up so I got grumpy and went to Pandaria instead. Pandaria is always lovely, right?

For some reason, I hadn’t finished the whole Operation: Shieldwall Campaign, I was missing last few quests (it was gated behind rep and I’d probably forgotten to come back after becoming exalted) so I took tiny Anduin for more adventures and after hanging out with the Monkey King, he ended up under a bell and almost died.


Yeah.. Fun times.. So lovely..

After that, I got to my garrison to sort out my buildings for the remaining achivements. Completionist’s life is hard, y’all..

Raiding is much more lovely, we cleared The Eternal Palace! Za’qul was a weird fight. I don’t really know what was happening, there were different realms and I was supposed to be in specific ones at specific times and I was very confused and at one point I ended up all alone with no one else in sight (oops) but we fortunately killed it. Let’s hope we won’t have to do this fight too many times.  You know it’s bad when conversation like this happens (and that’s the person who was telling me the mechanics):


Azshara was just busy and I kept dying to too many stacks but we defeated her in the end. It was great 🙂 We’re now going to try heroic or reclearing normal if we don’t have enough people.

Mythic+ dungeons are going well and we even got our first +10 in time! It was Freehold and we’re making good progress on other dungeons too. I unfortunately lost my 8th place in arcane mages on Argent Dawn and I’m 10th now. A dwarf called “Mysticbeard” and a human “Xrw” got ahead of me and I don’t mind the dwarf, they have amazing name so they’re forgiven, but I hope to beat Xrw. I’m not that far from them. Not that it matters to me that much, it started as a joke and I’m not a competitive person anyway but I might as well do it for the lolz 🙂