The weeks with new and newly discovered alts

I wanted to play through the pandaren starting area for the first time so I created this lovely panda, Shanniy:


I made her a shaman not really thinking about why and then I realised I might have unconsciously copied Cinder‘s character after watching her stream on the weekend (and by the way, Cinder streams! here! watch her!) so that was a bit weird.. But I have a shaman now 🙂 And she’s a lot of fun to play so I’ll level her to 60 and then boost her.

After leaving the beautiful panda starting zone, I took her to Duskwood. It was my first time doing the full zone and it was so scary! That place is full of creepy stuff and stories. After killing all the dead stuff there, she went to solve a murder mystery to Westfall. I like that zone. Bad creepy stuff are happening there too but at least there’s sunlight. Shanniy’s now level 44 and next zone is going to be Redridge Mountains. If I remember the story correctly from the first time I was there, it will be fun.

I also discovered a gnome hunter I created and abandoned at some point. She was 48 so I did a few dungeons and massacred a lot of beasts to level her skinning and leatherworking. She’s now 60 and she’ll need to skin some more beasts in Eastern Kingdoms before moving on but I like the idea of eventually having all professions leveled up so it’ll be worth it.

I did some more stuff in Halfhill and unlocked child Nomi. I’m teaching him my cool tricks while his adult version keeps burning all my food in Dalaran. I’m not salty about that. Not at all. Really. Not. Salty. You. Little. Piece. Of. Guano!


He went from a creepy kid to an annoying adult. What a story progression..

I timewalked Ulduar! It was nice to see (at least some of) the mechanics and I didn’t suck too much. Except for the General Vezax fight where your mana doesn’t restore unless you stand in bad stuff that’s killing you. On the first pull, I was playing arcane as usual. It was a disaster. I ended up going to him and hitting him with my staff because it was the only way I could do any damage without making our healers panic. It was so stupid. I, Archmage, brave adventurer and heroine of Azeroth, wielder of Alu’neth, Greatstaff of the Magna, am hitting a boss with my staff like it is a mere stick. I switched to fire after that but it didn’t help much. What a failure. I really suffered as my pathetic magic betrayed me, Sindragosa would be proud. And I died on this boss with all the arms and lasers.


But I didn’t suck anywhere else, I swear! Almost anywhere else. There’s a reason why I don’t raid, okay?


Yep. Lasers. Lasers hurt. Avoid those.

I got prestige level 15! I only want to grind to level 18 so I’m getting closer. I still need to kill a lot of Horde but it’s nice to see the levels go up.


I was going to honor a bunch of elders to get the Lunar Lantern pet but I got lazy and bought it on AH. I’m bad. But I have the pet now so yay!

I pre-purchased BAzeroth (that’s how I’m calling Battle for Azeroth, I heard that on Girls Gone WoW podcast and I really like it so I’m borrowing it). I will do the quests to unlock the Alliance allied races next week and probably make them just to see their character creation options and get the mounts. That should get me to Mountacular!


Allied races

Lovely ladies Z and Cinder are doing a blog challenge and anyone can join! Topic of week 32 is “Allied races”. You can find other people’s posts on their website.

I haven’t pre-purchased BfA yet but I have some thoughts!

I’m a WoD baby and until recently, I didn’t play alts much. I still have things to do on my mage and not a lot of time to play WoW. I have draenei paladin (originally from WoD boost to 90), undead mage (originally from Legion boost to 100) (see the pattern here?) and a couple of (mostly abandoned) low level alts but I don’t play them much. So I feel like I don’t need new races. I’m still happy we’re getting them because there are quests to unlock them (I love quests!) and I know others have been playing much longer than me and might already have all the other races (or at least the ones they like). And having more choices is always nice! Let’s look at what we’re getting:

Void Elves, Highmountain Tauren – I’m not that much into elves and taurens.

Nightborne – Again, elves are meh. They have cool tattoos but you won’t be able to see them unless the character is wearing armorkini and I don’t want to do that. I like the idea of Nightborne mage but I already have two other mages. Maybe I could play a warlock, they’re basically evil mages, right?

Lightforged Draenei – From what I’ve seen, they look awesome. And I’ve been getting more into lore and the whole Light-Void-Alleria-naaru-universe thingy is very interesting. I can imagine rolling one for lore/RP reasons one day, probably a priest.

Dark Iron Dwarves – I like how dwarves went from “I have a funny accent and I’m drunk!” look to “Shut yer mouth or I cut ye..” look. I might play one if I ever want to feel dangerous and metal (I know undead are supposed to be the metal race in WoW but these look more metal to me). I think warrior would fit them but their playable classes haven’t been announced yet so we’ll see.

Zandalari Trolls – I’ve been leveling a troll druid and I love her so I think I’ll get a Zandalari troll eventually. I’m really looking forward to BfA and experiencing their story.


And what other races would I like to play?

Tuskarr – The lovely walrus people from Northrend. I imagine they are like pandaren – peaceful, cute and bouncy but when you mess with them, they will hit you! We’ll probably get another Lich King expansion eventually so they could join us because they’d be tired of all the Lich King mess that keeps happening near their home.


Mechagnome – Also ideal for a Lich King expansion. And they’d be perfect: they share models with gnomes, they already have a faction leader (Mimiron) and they are closely tied to the Titans which could lead to some very interesting stories. And they’re robots. I love robots.


Harpies – I know, I know! They are loud, obnoxious and evil. But we live in a patriarchy and sometimes, I want to play as a nasty woman who shouts at men and claws their eyes out, okay? Is that fair and helpful? No! Do I want to kill all men? No! I don’t want to kill anyone, actually. But damn, do I love harpies! They’re in multiple parts of Azeroth so it wouldn’t be hard to find some way to tie them into the story. I doubt we’ll ever get them but hey, I can dream and blog about my silly ideas, right? 🙂













The weeks with pet battling and new mounts

More PvP! I got Fourteen for the Team and I’m half way into prestige level 15. The Unrelenting title describes my relationship with PvP in Legion really well. I will get to level 18 for the title even if it kills me! At least I hope I will..

I got through the Celestial Tournament for the second and the third time and got Master of the Masters. All the strategies worked so it was nice and easy. It gave me courage for the pet battle dungeons and I completed both! Pet Battle Challenge: Wailing Caverns was nerve-racking but I managed to finish it and after that, Pet Battle Challenge: Deadmines was actually fun. Poor Deadmines never catch a break. It’s the third time we had to go there and kick some bad people/pets. I’ll need to do all these things weekly to get all the rewards but it’s great knowing I can beat them. Bring it on, you tiny cute petsies!

I’ve been working on Family Fighter achievement and this is my progress after about a month:


It was so many battles and I’m not even close to having half of it done. And these pets are on Argus and always up. I have no idea how people actually do Family Familiar. /bow to all of you who have that achievement.

I went through Stormheim with my undead mage and my crush on Sylvanas is getting bigger and bigger. I just love her. And Genn is so mean! I’m not switching to Horde but I’m looking forward to playing both sides after I finish leveling my troll druid. I was already told off for playing Horde but don’t worry, I still bleed blue 🙂 I just want to see the story from both sides. For now. Never say never to Horde and our their Banshee queen. And look at me! I’m so pretty!


I spent some time (and a lot of money) making engineering mounts I didn’t have so now I own this sweet bike


and this rocket.


I also started working on Sky Golem but one of the reagents have a daily cooldown so I’ll have it in 28 days. Or more than that because I’ll probably forget about it most days.

I’ve been doing Darkmoon Faire for the mount. I didn’t have a lot of tickets when I started saving them but I finally got to 1000. It’s so pretty!


I now have 249 mounts and it’s driving me up the wall! So close! I need to go through my list of mounts I don’t have. I might find something I could get soon. But I hope I’ll tell you about getting my 250th mount in another one of these posts.

ICYMI: I created a list of podcasts I listen to. I’ll try to keep it updated and I might add other non-gaming podcasts I enjoy. There’s a lot of them.

My Favourite Mount(s)

Lovely ladies Z and Cinder are doing a blog challenge and anyone can join! Topic of week 31 is “What’s your favourite mount?”. You can find other people’s posts on their website.

I love mounts. I’ve done annoying rep grinds, weird achievements, many circles of disappointment, a year of Argent Tournament dailies and I learnt to PvP just to get mounts. Worth it!

I hope no one actually expects me to choose just one because that’s not possible. I can do top 4 (in no particular order): Ultramarine Qiraji Battle tank, Archmage’s Prismatic Disc, Leywoven Flying Carpet and Prestigious Ivory Courser. No, wait, I forgot about Invincible! Top 5 then. And an honorable mention.

Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank


This was the hardest mount to get. It’s from Tol’vir archeology and I spent a lot of time and money to get it. But look at it! It’s awesome!

Archmage’s Prismatic Disc


I enjoyed the class specific content in Legion very much and this pretty mount was the cherry on the expansion cake. I even managed to put together a transmog I actually like a lot with doesn’t happen very often because I’m not very good at transmoging. And the colours fit into Dalaran so well!

Leywoven Flying Carpet


I love all the flying carpets so when I first saw this one, I knew I had to get it. It’s a great souvenir to always remind me of the gorgeous place that is Suramar City. And if I ever make a Nightborne, this will be her main flying mount.

Prestigious Ivory Courser


I killed so much Horde for the prestige rewards! This mount is my favourite out of the Prestigious ones. So elegant and fierce!



Does this really need an explanation? 🙂

Honorable mention


My tauren druid’s travel form. I’m enjoying playing druid much more than I expected and big part of it that I’m so pretty in all my forms. I can’t wait to be a bat!




The weeks with having fun in 7.3.5

I managed to write this post on time! Go me!

The leveling changes in 7.3.5 are the best thing that’s happened to WoW since Legion launched. It’s just amazing! I started with my troll druid in Azshara, I’m level 24 and I still have quests there and I don’t have to worry about then going green or grey. The mobs hit hard but not too much. I’m feral for questing and resto in dungeons. Shadowfang Keep was stupid hard but I think they tweaked it. I only do dungeons to finish the quests in them and then go back to leveling in Azshara because I’m working on Loremaster. I will finish much less zones than I anticipated because the leveling is still quite fast but it doesn’t matter, I want to level more characters eventually. Maybe one of the cool allied races we’re getting later.

I did the whole Antorus on LFR with the lovely Laytis. Argus fight is really good and fun. And I saw the cinematic in all its glory in game. The last scene still hurts.

The quests in Silithus after killing Argus were interesting. It also reminded me that I never leveled my Horde mage to 110 in Legion (and I don’t want to because I already saw all the mage stuff) so I probably won’t have a max level Horde toon ready for BfA. But we’ll see when it comes out. I’m hoping for some announcements soon.

I got to prestige level 13 and I’m close to 14. I’m getting more and more worried I won’t make it to 18 for the title in time but that might be just paranoia. I hate when content goes away, especially without any info if/how/when it will be available again.

I finally leveled all the pets I needed for the Celestial Tournament and I went in there. And it took about two minutes until I got into trouble. The strategy for Taran Zhu from the Wowhead guide didn’t work so I had to experiment a bit. I eventually found one that worked really well and I beat it! I bought the Chi-Chi pet and I’m already looking forward to doing it again next week.

I started farming the world bosses in Tanaan Jungle for the mounts they drop (or don’t drop so far) and I finished Tiny Terrors of Tanaan. The fights also drop satchels that can have a pet in them so I think I need to add those to my list of pets I want to get. And by the way, I made a list! My 2018 bucket list. Let’s see how that goes, shall we?

My bucket list for 2018

Lovely ladies Z and Cinder are doing a blog challenge and anyone can join! Second challenge of week 29 is “2018 Bucket List”. You can find other people’s posts on their website.

The bucket list for 2017 was much easier to write because we didn’t have an expansion coming that year so all of this may change based on when BfA comes out.

In 2017, I spent a lot of time in old content catching up on reps, achievements, mounts and pets and I finished most of the things I wanted to, at least on my main. From now on, I am going to do old content while leveling alt/alts.

Instead, I want to do the more challenging pet battles, like The Celestial Tournament and the pet battle dungeons. I made a list of pets I’ll need for the Tournament and I’m slowly leveling them up. I’d never done a research about pet battles before. It’s exciting 🙂

Things I want to do in Legion:

  • PvP prestige level 18 for “The Unstoppable Force” title (I might not get there before BfA but I’m still hoping and killing all the Horde!)
  • level my troll druid Tannyi and work on Loremaster in the process

Things I want to do in Legion and/or BfA if I have the time:

  • Mount farming
    • Karazhan – Fiery Warhorse
    • The Eye – Ashes of Al’ar
    • Firelands – Pureblood Fire Hawk
    • Isle of Thunder – Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent
    • Isle of Giants – Cobalt Primordial Direhorn
    • Kun-Lai Summit – Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent
    • Valley of the Four Winds – Son of Galleon
    • Throne of the Four Winds – Drake of the South Wind
  • get all the pets from The Celestial Tournament and the pet battle dungeons


It’s not actually a long list but I imagine I will be busy with BfA. And I might have to take a break from WoW because it looks I won’t have any money to spare this year. But we’ll see.

And I am going to turn this into a page where I will track my progress as I did for 2017. Crossing things off a list is still an amazing thing to do 🙂

Happy 2018, everyone!


First two weeks of 2018

New year, same me struggling to write a blog post. But hey, I did it eventually!

But I started the year right with 10000 Honorable Kills achievement on the 1st January! I’m almost prestige 13 now and I had to take a break from PvP because I was starting to hate it. I do all the Warden’s Towers world quests + 2 free-for-all PvP WQs (unless Black Rook Hold is up because I hate that one) every day and with my limited time to play WoW, it’s all I do in game some days. I can’t wait to get to level 18 for the title and then not do any PvP anymore. Ever. Or until I start to miss it which is eventually going to happen, let’s be honest, Ann..

All those WQs and honor leveling give me a lot of artifact power so I fillled up 75 traits on my creepy staff Aluneth and unlocked all the power of the Netherlight Crucible. I was in no rush to do it but the last thingy on he Netherlight Crucible was Everywhere At Once (Increases the window to activate Displacement by 5 sec, and reduces the cooldown of Displacement by 10 sec.) which is actually pretty good! I should read my abilities more often.

Darkmoon Faire is this week so I took advantage of the reputation buff and finished Fisherfriend of the Isles. That was a lot of fishing. A LOT of fishing. And I still need to do MORE fishing to max out Underlight Angler, the fishing pole. Getting that thing to full is harder than getting my artifact weapon to full. Fortunately, I still enjoy fishing 🙂 It just takes longer than I would like.

I got PetTracker addon which shows you which pets you are missing on the map, caught some and got So. Many. Pets. achievement. I also found a guide for Celestial Tournament and I’m leveling the pets which the guide uses. The Tournament has been on my list for a long time now and I want to finally get to it. That should be fun. Or terrible, terrible frustration. We’ll see.

The lovely Laytis took me to LFR Antorus because I was too scared to go there on my own and I got very lucky and this thing dropped for me:


It has cute paws but it’s very ugly overall. And I even had fun in the LFR! I didn’t mess up much and most of the fights were good.

I felt very melancholic on New Year’s Eve so I went to Varian’s grave for the first time ever. I was avoiding the place because I knew it would make me sad and I didn’t want to be sad but I finally found the courage. So 2018 came as I was crying my eyes out and mourning my king in a fictional story in a video game. That’s my life, I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/ÂŻ