Podcasts I enjoy

I listen to podcasts all the time so I decided to keep a list of WoW related podcasts I enjoy.


WoW podcasts:

Girls Gone WoWE-J, Raven and a guest talk about WoW, cats (Raven’s Caprica and E-J’s Smokey), horses (Raven’s pony Dino), gin, topic of the week and other random things. They always try to be #teampositive. E-J is a collector like me and has been playing since Vanilla (as a WoD baby, I always enjoy hearing the perspective Vanilla players have on a game, especially with classic servers coming). Raven is a Wrath baby and swears a lot. There’s a lot of queer people in the community around the podcast which you don’t necessarily notice because it’s not what their podcast is about but it’s there.


Currently on a hiatus or dead:

The Geek CardRobbie Glow and Razerbug talk about WoW, gaming, tabletop RPGs, ecology, news and other geekery.

Reins of Azeroth – One of my most favourite podcasts ever! Spazz Wesson and Cinder (who also has a blog) and later Sirius talk about mounts and other collectibles in WoW. They’ve helped me so much in getting my precious mounts and especially What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been achievement.

Daughters of AzerothKristen and Avrenym talk about their weeks in WoW, Top 3s and news.  Kristen is one of many podcasters who have a crush on Ion Hazzikostas so when he does soomething, you know you are going to hear about it on Daughters.

Podcast of the WhaleJoe Hogan (who also does geektitude and State of the Geek podcasts) started a podcast about classic WoW. He talks about news (when we have any), current discussion in the community (there’s always some), how WoW changed from then (a lot) and anything else related to classic WoW. The sound quality in first few episodes is not the best but it gets better eventually.