Vegetarian leveling

Note: if you’ve read my Showing off my alts post, there’s not a lot of new info, I just needed this as a separate page to be able to link it better.

What’s vegetarian leveling?

It’s leveling a character without killing animals.


WoW has a lot of incredibly cute animals and you often have to kill them for quests. I realise that they’re just pixels and not real animals, of course, but it still makes me sad sometimes and I want to level a character without murdering all the cuties for once.

What counts as an animal?

Anything that’s not a playable race. I didn’t want to determine what counts as animal based on their perceived intelligence because it wouldn’t work. For example murlocs don’t seem very intelligent when you first meet them, but in Legion, we find out they get married! I don’t want to kill some murloc’s partner..

There are races which are obviously intelligent but are not playable (for example ogres or naga) but I’m excluding them too.

Both players and mobs of playable races can be killed so PvP and PvE are available for leveling.

So it’s a challenge!

It’s not a challenge like Iron, Pacifist or Bloodthirsty. The character is wearing normal gear (no heirlooms though), dying as much as she wants and can group up with others. Dungeons and scenarios are allowed, those where you only kill playable races. Most of battlegrounds and peaceful professions are allowed too, mining and herbalism will help with leveling.

Which dungeons and scenarios are you allowed to do?


  • Trial of the Champion     – Wrath
  • Gate of the Setting Sun   – MoP
  • Grimrail Depot                   – WoD
  • Auchindon                           – WoD

MoP scenarios

  • A Brewing Storm
  • Assault on Zanvess
  • Dagger in the Dark
  • Battle on the High Seas

DISCLAIMER: I listed these here based on the information from Wowhead. I’ll need to check them with my main to make sure they really there’s no “animal” before I run them. 

These are dungeons and scenarios that don’t have “animals” at all. There’s a number of dungeons which have “animal” later in the run or at the end, but I’d have to leave the dungeon early and that’s usually not nice so I won’t be doing that. But it’s a little frustrating that quite a lot of dungeons get ruined by one of two mobs. How come Blizz didn’t know I’d be doing this one day and didn’t make my life easier? Damn it, Blizz!

Which battlegrounds are you allowed to do?

All of them except for Alterac Valley (rams and wolfs). There are critters in Temple of Kotmogu and Arathi Basin but I’m not sure what I’ll do about that yet because I can only black-list two BGs and I don’t like leaving instances. I’ll see when I get there.

All that just for cute pixels?

Have you ever looked at the creatures you’re killing? Truly looked at them? Isn’t your heart breaking when you have to kill them? Mine does. And leveling this way could be fun!

What race and class are you playing?

Human monk, Pannyi. I chose monk because I’d never played it before and a human because I like them and I know their starting zone very well. It’s not the ideal combination but I’m just having fun, not min/maxing, so it’ll do.


Art by super awesome @SuperSiriusXIII 

Will you tell us how it’s going?

Yes! I’ll be writing about Pannyi’s adventures and linking the posts back here.

This will obviously take a lot of time and it will be repetitive so I’m not sure if I’ll always be able to write an interesting update. This is an experiment for me (both playing this way and writing in RP-ish style) so we’ll see how it goes.

“Part 1 – Are orcs intelligent?”