The week with the bug

It’s not technically a week but time makes no sense in 2020 so who ever cares anymore?


Team Easily Amoosed (that’s the fancy name of GGW EU raid team) started working on HC bosses and got 6/12! That was definitely more than I expected. We were working on the football boss on Wednesday and almost got him. I still can’t play the stupid football..

Mythic+ dungeons

I did Atal on +16 which meant that I was only missing Tol Dagor on 15+ to get my Keystone Master. I was asking around in the guild if anyone had a key for TD and I wasn’t lucky and I was getting a bit sick of constantly asking my guildies for help so I decided to be very brave and pug it.

It went surprisingly well, no one was rude, actually no one was saying anything which felt a bit awkward but I’ll take that over rude people. We had only one death (not even me!) and we finished it with plenty of time to spare and I got my achievement..


.. and the mount but the mount is ugly.

My goal for the season was +10 across the board and one +15 in time so I’ve got much more than I expected which is great! I used to be so scared of +15 and I’m still a bit nervous but I proved to myself that I can run them with (almost) no issues. It was a great confident boost.

Visions of N’Zoth

I got the bug!


I was very close so I waited for Stormwind and ran it thrice with 4 masks. I’m so happy to be finally done with the grind. I didn’t think it was a pretty mount but after using it for a few days, it’s not that ugly as I thought.

I still need the mount from a mailbox but I can just run the vision with no masks, only open the mailboxes and not even finish it if I don’t feel like it. And there’s no rush so I’ll take a break from visions for a few weeks. I really need it.


RNGesus smiled upon me and gave me many, many drops lately.

Drake of the Four Winds from Ishak..


.. Everliving Spore from Wailing Critters much sooner than I expected..


.. and then on Wednesday, I got 3 new mounts! Blue Proto-Drake from Utgarde Pinnacle, Clutch of Ha-Li from.. well, Ha-Li and Ivory Cloud Serpent! I got the lasso and then spend about 3 hours in the air, spamming aggro to catch the serpent and fortunately was in the right spot.


My daily playing time is now all about farming the invasions and playing with auction house to sell stuff and buy some pets I’m missing (and can afford) so I’m hoping for new shinies soon.

I’m now mostly done with BAzeroth, we just need to get +15 in time with the Mooseketeers and I should finish some achievements I’ve been avoiding. I might play some Classic again.

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