The week in which I dug up a bug

I am a mount collector. If there’s a mount I can get, I’ll eventually work on it. There’s only so much time I have in game but a significant part of it is devoted to mount collecting. Dailies in the Argent Tournament, circle of disappointment (killing raid bosses with weekly or daily lock-out), rep grinds, PvP, pet battling,.. Whatever I need to do to get my mounts.

Reins of Azeroth, podcast about mount collecting and other stuff, made a very useful spreadsheet with all the mounts in game (it hasn’t been updated in a few months so it’s missing the newest). I used this to make a list of mounts I WANT to get (it’s basically all the mounts I CAN get without doing serious PvP, spending real money or millions of gold on the Black Market Auction House or leveling new classes). Right now, it’s about 120.

Some of them are easier to get than the others. It would be smart to work on the easy ones first. But apparently, I’m not that smart so I spent more than a year doing archeology for Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank.  It’s a Tol’vir rare solve and those digsites only appear in Uldum so it’s more efficient to dig on Draenor (or in Pandaria) and use Restored Artifacts to buy Tol’vir fragments.

I tried to always use Tol’vir Hieroglyphics to speed things up and I mostly did but it cost me so much gold! I must have made several people rich by buying those on the Auction House. But finally, after 505 Tol’vir sloves, the mount popped up and I got it!


It feels great when I get a mount with low drop rate but it feels even better when I work hard for something and then finally get it. The sense of pride and accomplishment is priceless. This one is also mostly RNG but doing archeology felt more involved than just running a raid every week. For now, I’m using it in battlegrounds and it might be one of my main ground mounts on Argus.

I spent the rest of the week chilling and doing random stuff in Pandaria, mostly farming rares on Timeless Isle and doing dailies on Isle of Thunder.

I also gave up on farming pets for Raiding with Leashes achievements and bought the remaining ones on the Auction House. It only cost me about 10k gold and I got Raiding with LeashesRaiding with Leashes II: Attunement Edition and Raiding with Leashes IV: Wrath of the Lick King. I already had the third part.

Paladin got her class mount and eventually, she’ll work on getting Concordance for three more horsies but I’m waiting for 7.3 and more Artifact Knowledge before I get to it.


I killed Kil’jaeden on LFR, I was alive for the kill and even did nice dps so Argus in the skies is now officially deserved 🙂 It took as a few tries but people were getting better and we eventually killed him. And I really enjoy the fight.

Magni’s scenario was awesome and it made me excited about story progression and new content. I’m still not bored but I want to see what happens next!

Why do I blog about WoW?

Lovely ladies Z and Cinder are doing a blog challenge and anyone can join! Topic of week 23 is “Why do you blog about WoW?”. You can find other people’s posts on their website.

I’m finally doing a blog challenge again! I’m so behind! Sorry about that, I’ll try to keep up from now on.

So why do I blog? And why do I blog about WoW?

Last year, I was thinking about starting a blog and writing regularly. There was a number of reasons:

  1. Practise English. It’s not my first language and I should be getting better even when I’m out of school now.
  2. Keep a schedule. I’m very bad at keeping schedules and I thought that trying to blog regularly would help (it didn’t but I’m still hoping).
  3. Do something else than playing WoW (I know, irony..). Last year, playing WoW was all I did in my free time. I was enjoying it but I knew I should be doing something else too.
  4. Write! I used to write a lot. Short stories, fan fiction, movie scripts, poems (very bad poems), but mostly fan fiction.

I had a few ideas what my blog could be about: interesting people in my country’s history (mostly women and LGBQTIA+ people who often don’t get enough attention in our schools’ curriculums), my life with depression or WoW.

Then Z and Cinder started Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge and it was so awesome, I just had to start a blog about WoW and join. I’m constantly behind and a lot of topics ended up half-written and not published yet but I’ll come back to them eventually.

This blog is mostly a diary of my character(s). It’s a place where I can write up my accomplishments of last week(s) and then look at them and feel like I managed to do something. Playing WoW can feel endless but if I make a list of things I’ve done, you can clearly see it wasn’t a waste of time (if you think pixels have some sort of worth, but you’re reading this WoW blog so you probably do).

I have a few projects in mind I’d like to do here (vegetarian leveling being one of them) but I need more time! Someone nerf adulting, please!

I’ve used this platform to get angry at the playerbase or talk about my hopes for Anduin not becoming just another huge man with huge muscles and huge weapon but I don’t want this blog to be all about my opinions. I also try to be positive but if something bugs me too much, I’ll write about it. If it’s too angry and ranty, I’ll add a disclaimer on the beginning because I understand not everyone wants to read negative posts.

I also enjoy you, my fellow bloogers and readers in our nice corner of the internet. I don’t comment often (I should!) but I enjoy reading your posts. And you all make such awesome screenshots! I should work on that.



Two weeks with so much love!

I’m back! I’m in my new flat and I’m starting to think some of my stuff will forever stay in boxes because I’m too lazy to unpack. Maybe one day I’ll actually finish it. But not today. Today, I will tell you how my two weeks in WoW went. TL; DR: It was fun and factions were giving me their mounts.

I always save up my reputation tokens for Darkmoon Faire and the WHEE! buff so I got to open a number of paragon caches and one of them had a mount inside! Highmountain Elderhorn is now mine 🙂


I was so happy to finally get one! I don’t grind the reps too much but I do my emissaries and sometimes extra world quests in Suramar (I need that flying carpet!) so I thought it was about time I had one 🙂 I was doing the emissaries and a few days later, I got second! Valarjar Stormwing 🙂


I’ve been so lucky the last few weeks! I’m not having the best time IRL so I’m very happy the game is being extra nice to me 🙂 Thanks, Blizz!

I became exalted with Emperor Shaohao and got Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent. The only ways to get rep is one daily quest and killing NCPs so I spent a few days mindlessly killing stuff. I thought I wouldn’t like it but it wasn’t so bad. I’m a human so I have that extra 10% and Darkmoon Faire was in town which helped too. And the mount is gorgeous!


During that, I got an item which creates a snowstorm. So pretty!


I bought another mount from the Argent Tournament. I need two more for 250 Champion’s Seals but I hate that place (again) so I need a break (again) so that I could come back later (again).


I also played a bit with my transmog. I was going to change it completely but somehow I ended up only getting a hat. I have no idea how it happened but I like it.

I ran the last wing of LFR Tomb of Sargeras to kill Kil’Jaeden and earn seeing Argus in the skies. I died in the first few minutes so I still feel it’s not completely deserved. But I will do better next week.

The week with more mount luck

I have been incredibly lucky with mounts this week. Again. That’s third week in a row. First was Invincible from ICC. Then Grand Black War Mammoth from Vault of Archavon. Now Abyss Worm from Tomb of Sargeras AND White Polar Bear from Brunnhildar Village. They’re all pretty rare. And I have them!

This is the ugly worm from Mistress Sassypants:


And this is the pretty bear from Gretta:


I also finished reputation with Order of the Cloud Serpent and earned three more mounts: Jade Cloud Serpent, Azure Cloud Serpent and Golden Cloud Serpent.


Screenshot by Cymre at Bubbles of Mischief because I’m a dummy and forgot to take my own

With Order of the Cloud Serpent and Brunnhildar Village done, I’m thinking about starting a new reputation grind. I’ll probably do Netherwing because you get six mounts at exalted. I currently have 187 mounts so I’m very slowly (but surely) getting to 200.

I moved to a new flat yesterday and I don’t have the internet yet and everything I own is in boxes so it might take some time before I can play WoW again. Until then, have a great time in game and keep Azeroth save for me 🙂


The week with ups and downs (mostly ups)

This week was dedicated to my pally and working for the class mount. I finished Broken Shore questline and even became exalted with Armies of Legionfall in the process. I started the questline for the mount… and found out I needed to do part of Suramar story to be able to continue.

I never know how to handle these things. At one point, I was thinking about looking up the questline to see what I would need to do but I didn’t want to spoil anything from the story. Someone probably mentioned it (I even listen to a podcast about mounts) but I must have missed it. Or I didn’t listen carefully because I only recently decided to get a class mount for my pally too.

I was disappointed at first but the Suramar questline gives a lot of artifact power and you can get extra mounts for Concordance on artifact weapons so it’s a good thing in the end. I just need to be patient 🙂 I am not patient when it comes to mounts.. But I will try. (Breathe, Ann, you will get your horsie eventually.)

I did get two other mounts though, first one being Grand Black War Mammoth from Vault of Archavon! I was very lucky again, the drop rate is low and I hadn’t been farming it for too long. Your faction needs to control Wintergraps to enter the raid and I don’t know how to win the battle so it was more complicated than other mounts I’m farming.


The second mount I got is Green Primal Raptor from Isle of Giants. Some of the mobs there drop eggs which take three days to hatch into one of three mounts and you can get duplicates but it took me only five eggs to get all three mounts so lucky again!


After getting Invincible last week, I decided to add more mounts to my circle of disappointment. Simple Armory is a great website to see your achievements and their mount planner will plan your mount farm for you.

This is what part of mine looks like:


It is handy and it showed me which raids and dungeons I should be running and I’m not. For example, did you know there are two mounts in Zul’Gurub? And that the place is confusing af and (if you’re like me), you need to find a guide because you have no idea where the bosses are?

The only downside is that I listen to Reins during my circle of disappointment on Tuesday afternoon and the circle is now longer than most of the episodes. I need to do parts of it some other day, probably during the weekend. Ulduar takes a lot of time because I’m working on the legendary for my pally so I run the whole place. It is a big place.

I discovered a message from injured hero somewhere on the Broken Isles and got Legion Medic which was the last achievement I needed for Heroic Skills to Pay the Bills meta. I’m pretty sure I spent more money to get it than I earned from those professions so the name of the meta-achievement doesn’t fit very well.

After not very succesful run last week, I went to Wailing Halls on LFR again, managed to kill everything and got Wailing Halls. Aluneth, my creepy talking staff, got all emo again. He’s either creepy or emo. I ❤ him so much!


I participated in Auction House Dance Party. It was fun! I liked dancing, watching other people (but not too closely because I’m on Argent Dawn and people there get naked a lot) and I especially loved the buff you got. It made my character randomly start to dance whenever she felt like it.




I’m still here and I got an invisible pony!

I haven’t posted anything for a while, sorry about that. I’m still alive but playing WoW less because of life stuff. I also found a local DnD group, became friends with the DM and we’re playing Divinity: Original Sin together. It’s fun although I’m mostly useless in combat.

In WoW news, I got Invincible! I’m really lucky with the rare mounts. I’m still using the disk on my mage but my paladin is not riding anything else from now on.


I completed paladin class hall campaign. I enjoyed it. Now to finish Broken Isles and get the class mounts! I’m already at the last few quests so it’s coming soon.

I also did the Midsummer festival because I needed the meta for What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been (only Brewfest left to do!). I flew all around the worlds, honored Alliance bonfires, desecrated Horde bonfires (sorry!), stole flames from Horde capitals (sorry again!), killed Ahune, juggled torches and even danced at a ribbon pole (that was a bit weird..). It was fun and easy, exactly how I like my world events.

It’s summer time in game so I could finally catch a Qiraji Guardling and finish World Safari!


There’s still a lot of pet battling achievements I haven’t finished but they will have to wait. There’s so much content now, I need to prioritise. And probably stop sleeping because there’s not enough hours in a day to get it all done..

I found a good group and ran Timewalking Black Temple. We wiped a few times but people understood mechanics eventually and we killed everything. It took us around 3 hours. I don’t know how long other people spent there but it felt quick. And it was worth it. I didn’t play back then so it was great to hear everyone’s memories and stories.


I’m doing PvP again and I reached prestige level 6. The reward for level 18 is title “the Unstoppable Force” which I would love to have but I doubt I’d get it even if I started grinding out the levels now. It’s an awesome title though.

I’ll try to post regularly again and to catch up on Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge. There’s been so many great topics recently!

The week with excitement over pretty purple disc

I’m leaving for a holiday soon so I might be inactive for two or three weeks. I hope to finally get back into Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge but I’ll see how busy I am.

I found a few hours to play WoW this week between all the packing and panicking and I’m very happy about that because class mounts are finally here!

I love my prismatic flying disc! It’s so pretty and purple!


And the trail it leaves behind is gorgeous!


I didn’t take screenshots of the other specs but Gnomecore has a great blog post about this mount so go read that if you want to know more.

I got to work with Kalec again and I like him more and more.


Last week, I picked up an egg on Isle of Giants and it hatched into this beauty, Red Primal Raptor. There are two more colours so I’ll them too eventually .


I spent rest of my time in game flying around on my disc excitedly, looking cool and feeling great. I’ve been waiting so long for it and now I have it ❤