The week with excitement over pretty purple disc

I’m leaving for a holiday soon so I might be inactive for two or three weeks. I hope to finally get back into Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge but I’ll see how busy I am.

I found a few hours to play WoW this week between all the packing and panicking and I’m very happy about that because class mounts are finally here!

I love my prismatic flying disc! It’s so pretty and purple!


And the trail it leaves behind is gorgeous!


I didn’t take screenshots of the other specs but Gnomecore has a great blog post about this mount so go read that if you want to know more.

I got to work with Kalec again and I like him more and more.


Last week, I picked up an egg on Isle of Giants and it hatched into this beauty, Red Primal Raptor. There are two more colours so I’ll them too eventually .


I spent rest of my time in game flying around on my disc excitedly, looking cool and feeling great. I’ve been waiting so long for it and now I have it ❤






Last month in WoW

I’m back and playing WoW a bit!

I didn’t write my weekly update before the break so this will be (mostly random) list of things I did last month.

Children’s Week. It wasn’t fun so I’m glad I got it and we will never talk about it again. I’m only missing The Flame Warden and Brewmaster for What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been so I think the worst is over.


I had huge amount of Shal’dorei Silk so I crafteda lot of items and then destroyed them for Mass Obliteration.

I spent some time running old raids for transmog and pets and I completed Ulduar for the first time! In my previous tries, I couldn’t solo Thorim or Yogg-Saron or I simply got too frustrated with the instance and gave up. Now I finally figured it out and I can farm it regularly.

I’m slightly obsessed with the Paragon mounts so I’m doing all follower missions for rep tokens and waiting for the Darkmoon Faire to use them. So at the end of a month, this is what at least one of my bags look like:


I got some new mounts because mounts are awesome!

Ironforge Ram and Gnomeregan Mechanostrider from the Argent Tournament



Swift White Hawkstrider from Magister’s Terrace while I was farming the rep (lucky me!)


Drake of the North Wind from the Vortex Pinnacle (thank Blizz gods for mounts that can be farmed on normal dungeon difficulty)


and Bone-White Primal Raptor from Isle of Giants.

I also worked on some more reputations and earned myself a lot of love ❤


The Beloved is one of my favourite titles in game, along with The Groundbreaker (for finishing 250 Legion digsites) and Seeker of Knowledge (for restoring pristine versions of Pandaren and Mogu artifacts) which I also got. I now have all archeology achievements finished. It was a lot of work so I’m happy it’s done but I still need the Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank from Tol’vir so I’m digging and probably will be digging for a while.

I’ve been doing the PvP world quests again so I’m slowly earning honor and prestige levels. After getting the first mount, I’m much less motivated to grind but the expansion is far from over so I’ll probably get to level 9 for the second mount.


The PvP Brawls are fun! It’s nice to try out new styles and strategies and possibly never queue again if you’re not having a good time. Tarren Mill vs. Southshore was a very enjoyable mess and I was giggling in the whole time in Deepwing Dunk because the jokes about balls were hilarious.


I’m going on a holiday on Sunday so let’s see what I can do before that. Class mounts should be coming this week and I’m so excited about that! I can’t wait to get my pretty prismatic disc.

Is it Wednesday yet?

Too busy adulting to play games

Sorry for being quiet, RL has been demanding so I don’t have much time to play WoW and write about it here.

I’ve been feeling meh about WoW anyway so I could use a break. I don’t know why exactly, I think I got burnt out on WQs and PvP which were the two things I was doing in Legion content the most.

I was grinding Broken Isles reputations for the paragon rewards hoping to get at least one of the mounts soon but it didn’t happen so now I’m unproductively sulking like a child. That will get me a mount or two, right? /sigh

I might play my paladin more or finally continue my vegetarian leveling when I come back. We’ll see.

If I’m not back soon, I’m probably still adulting.

PS: I try to be positive on this blog and this post was whinny so here’s a cute picture to hopefully make you smile.


The week with four new mounts

I’m a little late with my weekly update, sorry about that. My obsession with Critical Role kept me from being productive.

I got Azure Drake from The Eye of Eternity! Two mounts drop there, Blue Drake and Azure Drake. I got the blue one early and it took some time to get the second one, 17 tries in total. Wowhead says the drop rates are about 4% so it was not that bad. I’ll be going to Firelands now for Flametalon of Alysrazor and Pureblood Fire Hawk. And I’m still trying for Ashes of Al’ar, Invincible and Fiery Warhorse.


And after more than 110 tries, Slabhide in Stonecore finally gave me the Vitreous Stone Drake!


I wanted the MoP disc mount for a while and I finally got around to doing the achievements you need for rep with the Lorewalkers. Mages are getting a disc as their class mount so I wanted to get used to the model. And it’s pretty!


I started doing Argent Tournament dailies again and got Darnassian Nightsaber who keeps yawning. I guess it’s not impressed by me..


I did a few games of PvP brawl called Gravity Lapse. It was Eye of the Storm but you got shot up into the air periodically.


It was quite fun but the strategics for the battleground changed too much for me to follow and it was a mess. I was trying to polymorph someone right before the gravity lapse because I thought a flying sheep would be hilarious but I could never time it right. Someone else was better at this and polymorphed me. And flying sheep is hilarious. Baa!


I’m looking forward to more PvP brawls, they’ve been great so far. I like the design. It’s not something I’d want to do all the time and they’re not up all the time so I can just occasionally have fun with new and weird ways to play a bg, if I want to. Or I don’t have to go there at all because they’re completely optional. It’s perfect.

I was slowly getting to exalted with Armies of Legionfall and then got it unexpectedly when I finished this week Broken Isles quest. I have 58 exalted reputations now so I’m almost Beloved.

I spent about an hour doing Volunteer Guard Day micro-holiday and I killed evil attackers in every Alliance city. It was fun.


Next week (which is this week now..) should be fun too, I hope to get another mount from Argent Tournament and work on some more reputations.

Tread softly, Blizz, because you tread on my dreams


I was looking forward to the Anduin questline from the moment I saw his disguised model. I love Anduin. In my mage’s RP story, they’re a couple. He’s a very interesting character and I always look forward to seeing him in game. And last week, I even got to go out on an adventure with him! A heartbreaking adventure, but still. It was awesome. Until he picked up his father’s sword.

The reason why I love Anduin so much is that he’s not like Varian. I loved Varian too, very much, but Varian was a huge man with huge muscles and huge weapon/weapons.

I’m tired of huge men with huge muscles and huge weapons. Warlords was full of them. Just look at the art from Blizz site.  It’s all huge men with huge muscles and huge weapons.


I hoped Anduin would be different. He was a tiny disabled priest who was not good in close combat and he believed in peace. He didn’t swing his weapon first as his father would, he wanted to talk. I’m getting tired of unnecessary fighting. I know I play a game called World of Warcraft and sometimes we have to fight (I’m obviously not letting Legion kill us all) but why the hell are we still fighting againts the Horde? Lorewise, it barely makes sense. I share a class hall with undead so why am I killing them in WQs?

I’d like this to stop. And I don’t believe it will stop if we keep huge men with huge muscles and huge weapons in charge. I need Anduin to keep being tiny disabled priest who’s not good in close combat and who believes in peace. I don’t need strong, sexy “Manduin” or whatever people are calling him now. He’d be a man even if was short and skinny. There are different kinds of maskulinity and WoW mostly keeps to the warrior archetype. I want something different. Maybe a king who’s a blond priest in robes with a staff? Please, Blizz?

I understand that he feels like no one believes in him. He hasn’t had a chance to prove himself. And it can’t be easy to be Varian’s successor. People respected Varian because he was strong. Anduin has a different kind of strength. I hope he doesn’t try to change now. I don’t want him to be become a huge man with huge muscles and a huge sword. At least once in my WoW life, I want my king to be wise, diplomatic, sensible and patient. I feel that Anduin has a potential to be all of that. I’d be very disappointed if Blizz ruined my hopes.

I know it’s still early in his story and I’ve only seen a first few quests but I just needed to write this. If Anduin remains Anduin and won’t go all huge Manduin with huge muscles and a huge weapon, I’ll be happy to thanks Blizz for giving me what I wanted. If not, I’ll be disappointed. And probably play my Horde toon more because if all our leaders are bloodthirsty monsters, I might as well serve a Queen instead of a King.





The week with getting drunk and killing turkeys

In my last weekly update, I forgot to mention that I’d done all the Legion exploration achievements (killed all the rares and found all the treasures in all the zones). I’ve seen a lot of people doing them so I guess I’m not the only one who waited for flying to finish them.

I thought I would spend a lot of time doing Noblegarden this week but I got the Noble Gardener meta-achievement and all the pets in four hours so that was nice and easy. I bought the mount from the Auction House because I was lazy and egg hunting was starting to get boring (which was not surprising after two hours of standing in the same spot and clicking eggs in three spawn points in range). Here’s my new shiny mount:


I went through my achievements to find something fun to do and noticed I was only missing one pet for Pest Control. After that, I needed to fix my karma by showing some /love to cute critters so I got To All The Squirrels I’ve Loved Before, To All The Squirrels Who Shared My LifeTo All the Squirrels Who Cared for Me and To All the Squirrels I Once Caressed?. I did the first three and then I got an idea. I wonder if you can do these by /loving your battle pets. And apparently you can! I don’t know how much help it would’ve been in the previous achievements but I got the last one in less than a minute, so probably a lot.. Well,  it was still nice to fly all around the world.

Another random achievements I completed were Drown Your Sorrows (I got terribly drunk during this one), Friend or Fowl? (being drunk helped because slaughtering innocent turkeys made me sad and also made me wonder what the hell am I doing with my life), Fish Tales for discovering each of the Jinyu lore objects in Pandaria (I don’t even know how that one happened but I got a quest out of it which I still need to do), Hot Couture for collecting a class armor set from Firelands and None Shall Pass for doing something (or not doing something, not idea) during a boss fight in Siege of Orgrimmar, which reminds me of another mount I got this week, Riddler’s Mind-Worm. It’s the secret one that you get by going all over the world and reading books with clues. It’s so ugly! I think I’ll use it on my horde toon, she’s undead and likes ugly things.


I also decided to spend some money I got from selling a crafted legendary and bought myself Champion’s Treadblade. I think I’m a cool kid now (I’m probably not..).


I got my sixth legendary, Mystic Kilt of the Rune Master. I still haven’t looked up which ones are best for me but this one seems to be great for mythics and raiding.

World Quest Bonus Event was this week so every day I did almost all WQs in at least two zones. I need all the rep for the paragon reputation mounts! It’s also nice for gold, order hall resourses and honor. I think I’ll do more PvP, I’ve been slacking since I got the mount and there are other nice rewards I want, especially the second mount!

And the best thing that happened this week was this:


The most amazing and lovely Sirius (@SuperSiriusXIII) made me this awesome art for this blog! I love it so much! She does gorgeous stuff so if you like it, check her out.



Why I love gaming

This was the first version of my Why I love WoW post but I realised it didn’t fit the instructions for the blog challenge. It’s about WoW but it could work for gaming in general, although WoW is my favourite game. 

I’m melancholic. My imagination runs wild. I dream of great adventures. I want to see new places, hear new stories, meet new people. I’m also a complete introvert so all these things need to happen without me having to leave my room.

My real life is stable, some people would (and do) say it’s boring (work, WoW/books/youtube/TV shows, sleep, repeat). I’m basically a hobbit. Not one of the famous ones who saved the world, I’m the one who always stays home because adventures are inconvenient and keep you from dinner and even if exciting things happen around them, they just make a cuppa and have a second breakfast. That’s what my life is and I love it.

In WoW, I can have amazing adventures and still be home for dinner. Actually, I can have dinner while I’m on an adventure! I always roll my eyes when I hear people say things like “why would you spend your time in front of a computer when you can go out and have an adventure?”. In my point of view, why would you go out when you can have an adventure in front of your computer? My room is the best place for adventures. (By the way, going out is healthy and also important, I just don’t need to do it very often and that’s okay.)

And WoW gives me a place where I can have my adventures. I don’t see it as just a game, it’s more of a platform for adventures and fun. I get to choose what I want to do and then do it. It doesn’t even matter if I kill Gul’dan, visit Anduin in Stormwind Keep, catch new pets, earn new mount or do enough for a faction they give me a reward. I’m having adventures and I love it.

And I get to do all of this with Anniy, my beloved mage. She’s my fantasy alter-ego with courage, magic and a creepy talking staff. What more could you want?