Time flies when you’re.. not writing blog posts

I’ve been busy and lazy and taking care of some IRL stuff but I’m back now! I’ll try to write something more often but we’ll see how it goes.

So what happened in the last.. *checks the calendar*.. many weeks since my last post?


Second and third week of 7.3 was as much fun as the first! Mac’Aree looks amazing but all the ghosts made me sad. I liked getting orders from draenei instead of Turalyon (although I missed my sexy paladin <3) and seeing more of their story.

We finally got more of Alleria. I was waiting so long for this and it didn’t disappoint. She’s awesome.

I became exalted with Army of the Light relatively soon but had to wait a few more weeks to save up for the Lightforged Warframe. It’s such a cool mount! It’s quite big so I feel much safer when I’m running around Argus now.


The paragon caches give three more mounts but I’m not going to grind the rep for them. I can play through the story without flying but the rest is frustrating and mostly not worth it now for me. I’ll definitely come back here in a future expansion(s), when the mobs are easy to kill and hopefully get them then.

Mounts and reputations

I wasn’t going to buy the Blizzcon Virtual Ticket but then I saw the WoW in-game rewards and I just had to. The mounts are awesome and knowing myself, I would probably buy it anyway as the Blizzcon came closer. There’s so much amazing stuff in the virtual ticket, it’s worth it.

My hordie (still with the awful transmog, poor girl) is not sure how this thing works and what to do with her hands..


.. but my main is all about the baby ship and meeting the mama ship in Pandaria!


I was very lucky with my paragon mounts and got Leywoven Flying Carpet and Wild Dreamrunner! I was grinding the Nightfallen rep so much I was getting sick of it but I just had to have the carpet. I’m a tailor so I have the other ones and a carpet has been my main flying mount since I was able to fly. And now, no more withered training scenario! Ever! Or at least until I decide to get all the toys..


I went through most of the puzzles to get Lucid Nightmare and then got stuck on the maze. I gave up after a few hours but I’ll go back there and try again. Eventually. There’s an addon I didn’t use so that could help. Me and maps don’t go well together.

After a few weeks of doing dailies for Shado-Pan, I got exalted and bought these beauties.



All that paragon rep grinding gives a lot of Curious Coins so I finally had enough for Arcadian War Turtle! She’s a bit camera-shy though.


Other stuff

Kirin Tor finally gave me Khadgar’s head as a companion. I like to imagine he’s watching me and judging my life choices. He totally would.


I started doing the PvP world quests again every day, got to Prestige level 7 and I’m getting close to 8. I’ll see how many more I’ll have but it mostly depends on how much longer we’ll be in Legion. I guess we’ll hear all about that soon at Blizzcon 🙂

I randomly found out there’s a whole MoP quest line I somehow missed so I started working on that. It’s Alliance vs. Horde and Varian is there so it makes me sad. But it’s quite fun otherwise and I’m working with SI:7 which is always amazing!




Who do I cheat on WoW with?

Lovely ladies Z and Cinder are doing a blog challenge and anyone can join! Topic of week 25 is “Who do you cheat on WoW with?”. You can find other people’s posts on their website.

WoW is love, WoW is life but I enjoy other games occasionally. Usually on weekends when I’m done with my dailies, emissaries and mount runs and I’m not in a mood for achievements or PvP. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, these are the games I play:

Assassin’s Creed games

My flatmate played various Assassin’s Creed games a lot and they always looked gorgeous and interesting so one day, I tried it. I played through the first one and quite enjoyed it. It’s from 2007 and it didn’t age well (video games barely do, in my opinion) and I struggled with the combat system but the story was captivating and the main character, Altaïr, was a lovable bastard.

I started the second one, Assassin’s Creed II, but haven’t got far yet. It looks better and the combat system is much easier. The story seems interesting so far and I hang out with Leonardo da Vinci. The main character, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, is a dummy so I hope he’ll find a brain along the way.

I love the visuals of this game. It’s mostly because of the clothes. They have some pretty amazing clothes.



I used to play Counter Strike when my brother organised LAN parties in our basement. I was average at it and I’m pretty bad at Overwatch but I love it! I never thought I’d play first-person shooter but I loved the characters and visuals. Blizz occasionally does Overwatch Free Weekend when you can play for free so I decided to try it and bought the game two days later.

Next one is actually this weekend,  September 22–25, so if you haven’t played Overwatch, you can try. I understand it’s not for everyone but I have a lot of fun playing it. I usually play McCree (he’s voiced by my crush and obsession Matt Mercer) or Zenyatta who’ s a healer.


Look at him. What a bad-ass motherf*cker!

Divinity: Original Sin

A friend suggested we play this RPG together because it has a solid multiplayer mode. The combat is turn-based which I don’t like but the gameplay is fine otherwise.

I find the overall story confusing at times but the side quests are fun. My character can speak with animals and it’s always funny. The voice acting in this game is amazing! There’s also an interesting crafting system and I’m constantly trying to bind different items together to see if something happens.

I usually enjoy it but it’s not my favourite style so I hope we finish it soon. I think I’ll suggest Diablo III as another game we could play together. I played through the main story about two years ago and it was great.



I have a list of various other games I would like to play (The Sims 4, Warcraft games, Deus Ex, Dragon Age games, Mass Effect games, .. ) but I already don’t have enough time to finish the ones I started. I really should stop falling in love with franchises and series..

The first week of 7.3 (spoilers!)

This post containt spoilers for the first week of 7.3 content. 

I’m a bit late with this, sorry, I was busy both in game and IRL. I also don’t have any screenshots (except for Turalyon from my twitter), I’m publishing this on my lunch break and I forgot to add them to wordpress and I’ll probably be too lazy to add them later.. If you want to see some awesome pictures of Argus, check out Alunaria’s post “For Azeroth”, it’s so good!  

I was looking forward to 7.3 and it didn’t disappoint! I love it so much!

The initial quests were great, I was so excited about finally meeting Alleria and Turalyon! Their models look awesome (Turalyon is quite a handsome guy and I really like the voice actor, Travis Willingham, so I’m very happy he’s finally in WoW) and I love their story. Meeting their son broke my heart. But it’s definitely weird that Turalyon, a human, welcomes you on an old draenei home planet. I know he’d been there and fighting Legion for a long time but I’d still like to see more draenei. And more Alleria. And more anyone who’s not Turalyon. But also a bit of Turalyon because he’s cool. I basically want all the things and all the characters!


My newest crush, Turalyon. He’s even shining!

The mobs on Argus hit hard and take some time to kill so I equipped my Prydaz again and it helped a lot! And when I’m starting to feel frustrated, I do WQs on the Broken Isles and kill all the things in two seconds. I’m still farming rep for paragon mounts from Suramar, Azsuna and Val’sharah. It will be slower now that emissaries are on the Broken Shore and Argus too but I’m not giving up. And now that I’m not flying again, the awesome carpet from Suramar can wait. But I’ll get it eventually. I have to.

The secret finding discord community found a way to obtain the Lucid Nightmare. It looks fun but I heard it could take a few hours and I haven’t found the time yet. I hope to try it out this week. How awesome are the people who figured it out?!

Illidan had some disturbing experience with Xe’ra. I know people are mostly on his side in this, I am too, but I still think this could’ve been resolved peacefully. Basically, I still don’t like him. I don’t think I’ll ever like him. But the “I am my scars” line was breathtaking and so relatable!

I didn’t do all WQs on Argus but I’m already Friendly with Argussian Reach and Honored with Army of the Light. I have no idea how far are other people but this seems solid after the first week. And Darkmoon Faire is in town so it will help get me further.

We’re getting some more content tomorrow so I’m already excited to see what happens next! I hope everyone is having a good time in 7.3 🙂

Last week in 7.2.5

I was having nice lazy week in WoW until 7.3 release date was announced and I went into overdrive trying to prepare.

I’d been grinding  a few reps (Kirin Tor Offensive, Shado-Pan, Netherwing) but they have to wait until I have time for them again. I got exalted with Avengers of Hyjal but I clear Firelands for the mounts anyway.

I was looking for easy achievements I could do in my garrison, bought some blueprints and got Grand Master Draftsman and Garrison Architect and only now I noticed it gives the “Architect” title. Architect Anniy. That’s nice, I might use it sometimes.

I completely forgot about Garrion Invasions, they were too hard for me in WoD but they’re super easy now and they can drop one of four mounts! Thanks to Kristen for reminding me on Daughters Of Azeroth podcast. I got platinum rating easily with no mount drop so I’ll be doing them every week and hope for more luck in the future.

My mage was already finished on Saturday so I went to kill some stuff in Brawler’s Guild. I’d done the first few fights when it came out but I got stuck on Master Paku. It’s mostly about moving and positioning and I’m not very good at that so it took many more tries but I got through it eventually. I managed to kill some more stuff and get The Second Rule of Brawler’s Guild for reaching rank 4. Next boss was also about moving and positioning so I decided to leave and come back in a few weeks again. Solo content like this is fun but I get tired and frustrated too easily so I need breaks 🙂

I did a part of Suramar questline on my paladin for artifact power, got Power Ascended on Ashbringer and bought the Vengeful Charger. It’s so pretty!


Screenshot by legendaryw8forit on Wowhead because I forgot to take my own..

I still need to unlock all the traits on my prot and holy weapon for the remaining two mounts but that can wait until I have more Artifact Knowledge. And if I really like Argus questing, I might do it that way instead of finishing Suramar. I expect I’ll love Argus quests but Suramar was amazing too. And Suramar City is quite enjoyable with flying. They still know I’m hiding something but now I can fly away before they figure it out 🙂

That was all for this week, I hope you all enjoy new content and see you on Argus! 🙂


The week in which I dug up a bug

I am a mount collector. If there’s a mount I can get, I’ll eventually work on it. There’s only so much time I have in game but a significant part of it is devoted to mount collecting. Dailies in the Argent Tournament, circle of disappointment (killing raid bosses with weekly or daily lock-out), rep grinds, PvP, pet battling,.. Whatever I need to do to get my mounts.

Reins of Azeroth, podcast about mount collecting and other stuff, made a very useful spreadsheet with all the mounts in game (it hasn’t been updated in a few months so it’s missing the newest). I used this to make a list of mounts I WANT to get (it’s basically all the mounts I CAN get without doing serious PvP, spending real money or millions of gold on the Black Market Auction House or leveling new classes). Right now, it’s about 120.

Some of them are easier to get than the others. It would be smart to work on the easy ones first. But apparently, I’m not that smart so I spent more than a year doing archeology for Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank.  It’s a Tol’vir rare solve and those digsites only appear in Uldum so it’s more efficient to dig on Draenor (or in Pandaria) and use Restored Artifacts to buy Tol’vir fragments.

I tried to always use Tol’vir Hieroglyphics to speed things up and I mostly did but it cost me so much gold! I must have made several people rich by buying those on the Auction House. But finally, after 505 Tol’vir sloves, the mount popped up and I got it!


It feels great when I get a mount with low drop rate but it feels even better when I work hard for something and then finally get it. The sense of pride and accomplishment is priceless. This one is also mostly RNG but doing archeology felt more involved than just running a raid every week. For now, I’m using it in battlegrounds and it might be one of my main ground mounts on Argus.

I spent the rest of the week chilling and doing random stuff in Pandaria, mostly farming rares on Timeless Isle and doing dailies on Isle of Thunder.

I also gave up on farming pets for Raiding with Leashes achievements and bought the remaining ones on the Auction House. It only cost me about 10k gold and I got Raiding with LeashesRaiding with Leashes II: Attunement Edition and Raiding with Leashes IV: Wrath of the Lick King. I already had the third part.

Paladin got her class mount and eventually, she’ll work on getting Concordance for three more horsies but I’m waiting for 7.3 and more Artifact Knowledge before I get to it.


I killed Kil’jaeden on LFR, I was alive for the kill and even did nice dps so Argus in the skies is now officially deserved 🙂 It took as a few tries but people were getting better and we eventually killed him. And I really enjoy the fight.

Magni’s scenario was awesome and it made me excited about story progression and new content. I’m still not bored but I want to see what happens next!

Why do I blog about WoW?

Lovely ladies Z and Cinder are doing a blog challenge and anyone can join! Topic of week 23 is “Why do you blog about WoW?”. You can find other people’s posts on their website.

I’m finally doing a blog challenge again! I’m so behind! Sorry about that, I’ll try to keep up from now on.

So why do I blog? And why do I blog about WoW?

Last year, I was thinking about starting a blog and writing regularly. There was a number of reasons:

  1. Practise English. It’s not my first language and I should be getting better even when I’m out of school now.
  2. Keep a schedule. I’m very bad at keeping schedules and I thought that trying to blog regularly would help (it didn’t but I’m still hoping).
  3. Do something else than playing WoW (I know, irony..). Last year, playing WoW was all I did in my free time. I was enjoying it but I knew I should be doing something else too.
  4. Write! I used to write a lot. Short stories, fan fiction, movie scripts, poems (very bad poems), but mostly fan fiction.

I had a few ideas what my blog could be about: interesting people in my country’s history (mostly women and LGBQTIA+ people who often don’t get enough attention in our schools’ curriculums), my life with depression or WoW.

Then Z and Cinder started Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge and it was so awesome, I just had to start a blog about WoW and join. I’m constantly behind and a lot of topics ended up half-written and not published yet but I’ll come back to them eventually.

This blog is mostly a diary of my character(s). It’s a place where I can write up my accomplishments of last week(s) and then look at them and feel like I managed to do something. Playing WoW can feel endless but if I make a list of things I’ve done, you can clearly see it wasn’t a waste of time (if you think pixels have some sort of worth, but you’re reading this WoW blog so you probably do).

I have a few projects in mind I’d like to do here (vegetarian leveling being one of them) but I need more time! Someone nerf adulting, please!

I’ve used this platform to get angry at the playerbase or talk about my hopes for Anduin not becoming just another huge man with huge muscles and huge weapon but I don’t want this blog to be all about my opinions. I also try to be positive but if something bugs me too much, I’ll write about it. If it’s too angry and ranty, I’ll add a disclaimer on the beginning because I understand not everyone wants to read negative posts.

I also enjoy you, my fellow bloogers and readers in our nice corner of the internet. I don’t comment often (I should!) but I enjoy reading your posts. And you all make such awesome screenshots! I should work on that.



Two weeks with so much love!

I’m back! I’m in my new flat and I’m starting to think some of my stuff will forever stay in boxes because I’m too lazy to unpack. Maybe one day I’ll actually finish it. But not today. Today, I will tell you how my two weeks in WoW went. TL; DR: It was fun and factions were giving me their mounts.

I always save up my reputation tokens for Darkmoon Faire and the WHEE! buff so I got to open a number of paragon caches and one of them had a mount inside! Highmountain Elderhorn is now mine 🙂


I was so happy to finally get one! I don’t grind the reps too much but I do my emissaries and sometimes extra world quests in Suramar (I need that flying carpet!) so I thought it was about time I had one 🙂 I was doing the emissaries and a few days later, I got second! Valarjar Stormwing 🙂


I’ve been so lucky the last few weeks! I’m not having the best time IRL so I’m very happy the game is being extra nice to me 🙂 Thanks, Blizz!

I became exalted with Emperor Shaohao and got Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent. The only ways to get rep is one daily quest and killing NCPs so I spent a few days mindlessly killing stuff. I thought I wouldn’t like it but it wasn’t so bad. I’m a human so I have that extra 10% and Darkmoon Faire was in town which helped too. And the mount is gorgeous!


During that, I got an item which creates a snowstorm. So pretty!


I bought another mount from the Argent Tournament. I need two more for 250 Champion’s Seals but I hate that place (again) so I need a break (again) so that I could come back later (again).


I also played a bit with my transmog. I was going to change it completely but somehow I ended up only getting a hat. I have no idea how it happened but I like it.

I ran the last wing of LFR Tomb of Sargeras to kill Kil’Jaeden and earn seeing Argus in the skies. I died in the first few minutes so I still feel it’s not completely deserved. But I will do better next week.